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Sydney Harbour Hospital – Finn, the King of Alpha’s meets his match! by Amy Andrews

SHHSo, in 10 days the UK release of the long-awaited finale (I know that cos it says it on the cover 🙂 ) to the Sydney Harbour Hospital series – Evie’s Bombshell – will be upon us. Eight Down Under authors toiled away at the series last year and we’re thrilled that it’s been so well received by readers.  Below is the full continuity booklist –

SHH #1 Lilly’s Scandal – Marion Lennox

SHH #2 Zoe’s Baby – Alison Roberts

SHH #3 Luca’s Bad Girl – Amy Andrews

SHH #4 Tom’s Redemption – Fiona Lowe

SHH #5 Lexi’s Secret – Melanie Milburne

SHH #6 Bella’s Wishlist – Emily Forbes

SHH #7 Marco’s temptation – Fiona Mc Arthur

SHH #8 Ava’s Re-awakening – Carol Marinelli

And here are some links if you want to check out/buy any of the ones you’ve missed before you get to #9 in case you’re like me and have to read a series chronologically or the world explodes!



I know many of you have been hanging out for Finn and Evie’s (the two continuity characters) story and I was stoked to be asked to write it because, even when I was writing Mia and Luca’s book (#3), my emotional investment in Finn and Evie was far greater (but shh, you didn’t hear that from me!)

And I have to say, I think a lot of that had to do with Finn. Honestly, I have never ever written such an awful, rude, callous, bloody-minded, exasperating man in all my writing years – I just had to give the stubborn man a HEA!! The authors who worked on the continuity were given Dr Greg House as an example of Finn’s persona and I think without that, I would have been lost because I just don’t write men like that. So, every time I had to write a Finn-being-a-bastard-again scene I would think – how/what would House say?

There are some great examples of Finn’s razor tongue in this fabulous review. Yes! Evie’s Bombshell already has a 5 star review!   🙂


If you’re interested, pretty soon Harlequin UK should be posting a short scene I wrote last year which is the “prequel” to Finn and Evie. It’s a snapshot of their first meeting and I had a lot of fun with that scene 🙂

Oh and if you love continuities as much as I do there’s a fab new one out this year from our US authors centred around a NYC children’s hospital nicknamed Angels . It also has an Aussie spinoff of 4 books (set at the Gold Coast) of which I’m writing the last. The first Angels book (there are 8)  is out in March and maybe one of our US authors will come and tell us all a bit more about that if we ask real nice and promise them chocolate 🙂

But, in the meantime, tell me about you. Did you read/like the SHH books? Got a favourite (and no, it doesn’t have to be mine – my ego can stand it, trust me). Do you like your Alpha’s alpha like Finn or Alpha with a nice big slice of beta to keep him tamed?