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Summer Of Love – Medical romances on sale!


Who’s up for some Summer Loving? The good folks at Harlequin Australia (where it is currently summer) have discounted a bunch of books – including 12 medical romances – for your holiday reading pleasure. Some are 99c, some are $1.99 – bargain or what?

The details of the books are below as well as a link to the page where you can check out ALL the books included in the sale with their associated buylinks!

Doctors In Flight – Meredith Webber

Breaking The Playboy’s Rules & A mother To Make A Family – Emily Forbes

Outback Bride & Single Dad, Outback Wife – Amy Andrews

Career Girl In The Country – Fiona Lowe

Her Holiday Miracle & His Bride In Paradise – Joanna Neil

Falling For Her Mediterranean Boss – Anne Fraser

Italian Surgeon To The Stars – Melanie Milburne

Mediterranean Resuce – Laura MacDonald

Breaking All The Rules – Sue MacKay

Click HERE for the link!

What a way to kick off 2020! So go check it out and get clicking ūüôā


The Writing Life

Hints of Spring and the Birth of Books by Fiona Lowe

snowdropsDown here in southern Australia, August is an odd month. We’re still in the grip of winter on most days but then we get a warm sunny day to remind us winter isn’t forever and then it’s gone again! But what those warm days do is to prompt the plants. My garden is almost devoid of color, all we’ve had for weeks are the white of snow drops, ¬†but the pink blossom is starting, the camellias are dripping and the azaleas are budding.








Soon the bulbs will flower and the garden will be filled with color again. I LOVE spring although am always happy to have a late one if it means the snow sticks on the mountains a bit longer.

Your medical romance authors write a variety of different books. Today, two of our authors ¬†have new books out! ¬†Anne Fraser, writing as Emma Fraser has an historical medical romance out on Wednesday ¬†And I’ve got Picture Perfect Wedding out today, Monday! ¬†Aren’t the covers of these books awesome and evocative of the type of book they are?

What makes me smile about Anne/Emma’s book is that my student nurse’s uniform in 1980 didn’t look a lot different from that! My cap was modern but I had that starched apron and collar that scratched my neck! I used to have to sprinkle water on the back of it to soften it so I didn’t get a rash! Anyone else ever have to wear something like that?

The blurb for When the Dawn Breaks is intriguing and says,

Skye, 1903. Jessie, the young daughter of a local midwife, is determined to become a nurse one day, but family loss and heartache jeopardise her dreams. Isabel, the doctor’s daughter, is planning to follow in her father’s footsteps – even though medicine is not considered a fitting career for a woman. And then there’s Archie, Jessie’s older brother, whom Isabel just can’t stay away from.

Taking in Skye and Edinburgh, France and Serbia, When the Dawn Breaks is a sweeping wartime story of two determined women and the dark secret that will bind them forever . . .

It’s available from Amazon UK & The Book Depository and UK bookshops.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy novel, Picture Perfect Wedding, is book two in my Wedding Fever trilogy. I confess there isn’t a lot of medical content in this book BUT there is a birth scene…of a calf! It’s my dairy farm book with a sexy farmer and a geographically challenged photographer. I can guarantee it will make you laugh and smile. Set in rural Wisconsin, it’s full of cute dogs, cows and sunflowers and a steal at $2 You can track it down at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booktopia, and all ebook stores.

When you’re not reading medical romances, what else do you enjoy to read?

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Writing competitions and tips

First of all huge apologies to everyone. I was supposed blog on Monday and I didn’t realise. My spot is always the first Monday in a month, but seriously, I could hardly believe a whole month had passed since I last blogged.

Anyway I’m here and talking about writing. I have done a series of mini blogs about my road to publication if anyone wants to check it out. coincidentally my first two books Dr Campbell’s Secret Son and Her Very Special Boss (my second book set in the rural African hospital where my husband worked) have been re- released as part of anthologies. You can find my blog here.

Anyway with that shameless plug over, I have been following the global Harlequin competition So You Think You Can Write. As always I am stunned by the writing talent out there, but I do see the same mistakes too. (That’s one of the reasons I did a blog about my road to publication. I think it’s easier to point out mistakes that you made and let people learn from those. (If they want)

So as a writer my best tip to would be writers is: Expect it to be hard work, but keep at it and don’t give up. I know I’m still learning my craft- trying to improve all the time- and therefore I’d love to know what tips readers would give writers. (And we are all readers) What disappoints you? What do you love in a book? What makes you keep the book? What makes you turn the page?

Personally I love plenty of action blended with lots of emotion and an ending that I didn’t see coming. I want a book that I can’t wait to return to.

What about you?