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‘Tis The Season To Be Romantic!

Some of you may have already met me – as the overly excitable new Harlequin employee – but if you haven’t, I’m Soraya. The new associate editor to the sensational, vibrant team full of romance enthusiasts! I have quiet the hectic publishing history, so just hold on with me! Before joining this amazing team, I was at a literary agency working with some brilliant fiction and non-fiction authors, before that I was a literary scout. 

For those not familiar with scouting, it is this incredible space that sits between publishers and agents, you read – very quickly – through all the manuscripts that are either on submission, or have been bought by a publisher, to report back to foreign publishing houses. This way, our reports can help a publisher decide whether the current ‘hot book’ in publishing, is something they’re looking for in their country, and whether it has any appeal in the foreign market. It also helps if you love publishing gossip in this role! 

Before that I worked as an editorial assistant for a children’s publisher, learning all about the trade and working on middle-grade and YA fiction! All these brilliant jobs have made me the editor I am today and give me the sort of insight and understanding of making a book that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. 

We all love Christmas – at least I hope we all do! – but I’m a specific brand of Christmas crazy. Even though I’m Muslim, I love getting into the Christmas vibe because it’s a feeling of togetherness and joy. Putting the tree up in November, putting on Christmas playlists at the first sign of cold weather and, of course, reading Christmas themed romance. 

We’re all here because of romance after all; that sensation of excitement, nervousness, and a slither of fear it elicits before the characters take the plunge is almost like a drug. In this case, we’ll call it that sweet, sweet serotonin rush! So, here’s my list of Harlequin Medical Romances that really get me into the Christmas mood! Enjoy a classic grumpy grinch/sunshine romance in Traci Douglass’ A Mistletoe Kiss In Manhattan, read about these two hurt doctors finding the joy and love in Christmas again – and each other – in Saving Christmas For The ER Doc by Kate Hardy, and if you love forced proximity, enemies to lovers romances give Snowbound With Her Off-Limits GP by Annie Claydon a go!


And those are my recommendations, with many more amazing books to come, Harlequin Medical Romance has an amazing line for all you readers in the next coming months. Keep your eyes peeled, you won’t want to miss it! 

If you have any suggestions for me, leave it in the comments! I always love a recommendation! 

Soraya x

New Releases

November New Releases!

Happy November! Is it me, or did October just fly by?

We have a bunch of brand new releases for you this month!

We also have a huge milestone to celebrate! Congratulations to Alison Roberts on her 105th book!

The Prince’s One-Night Baby by Juliette Hyland

The prince is shocked when he unexpectedly meets the beautiful midwife again, but he’s yet to find out the biggest surprise of all… Find out what happens in this captivating royal romance by Juliette Hyland.   

A passionate encounter…

…with royal consequences!

Meeting midwife Calla on his flight home makes Dr. Kostas’s long journey far more exciting. Especially when their instant attraction leads to a red-hot layover! But Kostas can offer only one night of pure passion. Because, unbeknownst to Calla, he’s also a prince—with no intention of inflicting the pressures of royal life on anyone again. So it’s a shock to discover they’ll be colleagues at his new clinic…and an even bigger shock is heading their way…

The Doctor’s Christmas Homecoming by Alison Roberts

In the latest Harlequin Medical Romance by Alison Roberts, will the doctor’s fake-boyfriend-for-Christmas ruse end in their happy-ever-after?

When running from her past…

…leads to an unexpected future!

ER specialist Dr. Matilda Dawson is returning home. Her father is sick, and she’s determined to prove she’s settled and happy by accepting colleague Dr. Harry Doyle’s offer to come, too—as her “pretend” boyfriend! Harry has left his roots behind him, so with nowhere to go this year, Christmas with Matilda’s family could be fun! Except when the lines blur, feelings they didn’t believe were possible make this homecoming hard to walk away from…

Snowbound with Her Off-Limits GP by Annie Claydon

In this heartwarming Harlequin Medical Romance by Annie Claydon, the connection between two heartbroken doctors heats up when they’re unexpectedly snowbound together…

As the snow starts to fall…
…their connection heats up!

Since she was forced to cancel her own wedding, Dr. Eloise Grant knows “I do” can’t guarantee love or happiness. So celebrating her grandfather’s upcoming marriage at his beautiful Norfolk manor house is bittersweet. Especially as it involves meeting dark, equally hurt and brooding GP Sam Douglas. Yet when a blizzard sees them snowbound and working together, the connection between them quickly goes from frosty to flirtatious!

Festive Fling to Forever by Karin Baine

Is this midwife ready to risk her heart on a daredevil helicopter paramedic? Find out in the latest Carey Cove Midwives story for Harlequin Medical Romance by Karin Baine.

The paramedic’s return…

…could turn her world upside down!

Daredevil helicopter paramedic Roman Callahan storms back into midwife Sophie’s sheltered life ten years after he left. The unquestionable chemistry between them is still there, and giving in to a one-off fling is inevitable. But after Christmas, he’s due to leave again… Sophie has spent a lifetime protecting her heart. Is what they share worth taking her first ever risk on?

From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Carey Cove Midwives

 Book 1: Christmas with the Single Dad Doc by Annie O’Neil
Book 2: Festive Fling to Forever by Karin Baine
Book 3: Christmas Miracle on Their Doorstep by Ann McIntosh
Book 4: Single Mom’s Mistletoe Kiss by Rachel Dove

Christmas with the Single Dad Doc by Annie O’Neil

n the first story of the Carey Cove Midwives quartet by Annie O’Neil, a midwife is determined to bring the magic of Christmas back into the life of a single dad and his son! 

Can she prove to him…

…the magic of Christmas still exists?

Determined to forget her cheating ex, Kiara moves to a new job in Cornwall. She intends to throw herself into her favorite things: Christmas and midwifery! Working closely with widower GP Dr. Lucas and meeting his little son, Harry, make Kiara long to bring festive cheer ­into their quiet lives. But she doesn’t expect an innocent mistletoe kiss with this off-limits single dad to change everything…

From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Carey Cove Midwives

 Book 1: Christmas with the Single Dad Doc by Annie O’Neil
Book 2: Festive Fling to Forever by Karin Baine
Book 3: Christmas Miracle on Their Doorstep by Ann McIntosh
Book 4: Single Mom’s Mistletoe Kiss by Rachel Dove

A Mistletoe Kiss in Manhattan by Traci Douglass

Can a magical Christmas kiss in Manhattan melt the icy heart of the surgeon? Escape to New York for the holidays with the latest Harlequin Medical Romance by Traci Douglass.

The surgeon grinch who stole…

…her heart!

Tasked with granting a sick child a special Christmas wish, ER nurse Emma Trudeau can think of no better person to help her pull it off than wealthy New York cardiothoracic surgeon Thad Markson. His reputation as a real-life grinch precedes him, but Emma is undeterred! And as much as Thad tries to resist Emma’s persuasive charms, it’s not long before she begins to melt his icy heart—with a magical kiss…

Happy Reading!

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

August New Releases!

Happy August! Here are your brand new releases for this month!

Their Marriage Worth Fighting For by Louisa Heaton

Will an unexpected chance to work side by side save an estranged couple’s marriage? Find out in Louisa Heaton’s emotional reunion romance, the third book in the Night Shift in Barcelona series!

A chance to mend their marriage…

…for good?

After experiencing three devastating miscarriages, midwife Grace and neonatal surgeon Diego find their marriage hanging by a thread. But on one summer night at Santa Aelina University Hospital, they are forced to work together on a challenging case. Now, with nowhere to hide, they must finally confront their heartbreak… Can they also rediscover the joy and love that made their marriage so special?

From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Night Shift in Barcelona

 Book 1: The Night They Never Forgot by Scarlet Wilson
Book 2: Their Barcelona Baby Bombshell by Traci Douglass
Book 3: Their Marriage Worth Fighting For by Louisa Heaton
Book 4: From Wedding Guest to Bride? by Tina Beckett

The Midwife’s Nine-Month Miracle by Shelley Rivers

Meet a husband and wife in need of a miracle in Shelley Rivers’s latest touching Harlequin Medical Romance.

A baby…

to heal them?

When nurse Gila said “I do” to a lifetime of love with Dr. Leo, she never imagined that their one-of-a-kind connection would be ripped apart just as she discovered she was expecting a baby. Now Gila is eight-months pregnant—and stunned to learn that her estranged husband has become her temporary colleague! While Gila and Leo are determined to co-parent their child, will a workplace reunion lead them to the happily-ever-after they once dreamed of?

Stranded with the Island Doctor by Annie Claydon

A storm is raging…
…between them!

With her daughter now grown up and married, dedicated doctor Mel is finally taking some me time. Until a tropical storm interrupts her much-needed Maldives break. She doesn’t hesitate to help. But working alongside the only other doctor on the island—insufferable yet handsome widower Rafe—isn’t without its challenges. Especially when the tension between them turns into chemistry. Neither expected a second chance, but will that stop Mel from taking a leap of faith?

One-Night Fling in Positano by Ann McIntosh

Can one night of passion…

…change her whole life?

Nurse Kendra lives a jet-set life. Who needs a home and family when they only let you down? So when meeting gorgeous Massimo in Positano results in one unforgettable night, Kendra has no regrets—until he turns out to be her new boss! Continuing their fling is risky, but also irresistible… Under the red-hot Mediterranean sun, will Kendra realize it’s not her fling that’s at risk but her no-strings-attached relationship rule?

From Wedding Guest to Bride? by Tina Beckett

Love was not on the doctor’s mind…

…until now!

When wedding guest Elena shares a mind-blowing kiss with sexy stranger Santiago, it’s wholly out of character for the diagnostician… Elena shut her heart off to love when her childhood sweetheart walked away just as she faced a life-changing diagnosis. Still, she can’t deny how refreshing it is to be with widower Santiago, who understands heartache more than anyone. Will he become her heart’s safe haven?

From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Night Shift in Barcelona

 Book 1: The Night They Never Forgot by Scarlet Wilson
Book 2: Their Barcelona Baby Bombshell by Traci Douglass
Book 3: Their Marriage Worth Fighting For by Louisa Heaton
Book 4: From Wedding Guest to Bride? by Tina Beckett

Falling for the Village Vet by Rachel Dove

Welcome to Puddle Lake, where you can sink into Rachel Dove’s cozy vet story!

Keeping her distance…

is harder than she first thought!

After a painful divorce, hospice nurse Susannah Harkin finds solace in a Yorkshire village with rescue pup Hendrix by her side. Until Dr. Chris Jennings disturbs her peace. Straight-talking Susannah clashes with the brooding new vet, and the fallout has the locals gossiping for weeks! Then, thrown together to host a charity drive, they find their sparks of anger turning into flames of attraction. Can Susannah’s sunny nature thaw Chris’s guarded heart?

Happy Reading!

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, Quirky Stories

Do you believe in Monsters?

A newly released video has revived an age-old question.  Is there really a monster living in the unexplored depths of Loch Ness?

Of course when I read about the video, I had to click, and watch it.  And… well there’s definitely something travelling across the water, because there’s a pronounced wake.  Which moreover changes direction, making a ninety degree turn.  But it’s sadly not possible to make out what’s causing that v-shaped trail in the water.

All the same, I really want to believe in Nessie and so I will.  Despite pictures that sometimes look a lot like floating logs or old pieces of lead pipe, theories about plankton or freak tidal events, I’d really like to think that she exists.  Better still, since the stories about Nessie reach back a long way in time I’m open to the possibility that there’s a Mr Nessie, along with a whole gang of Nessie juniors ready to take up monster duties when their parents retire.  Since Loch Ness is so deep, it’s not possible to say for sure.

Every country has its own stories.  There’s Bigfoot in America, the Yeti in Nepal… I’m not sure what the Australian equivalent is but I’m sure there must be one – perhaps someone can fill me in?  A little closer to London, there’s the ‘Beast of Essex’, which is variously characterised as a panther-like creature or a large black ghost-dog, although some people believe that it’s really next door’s cat in the magnifying glare of the moon.  Whether or not we believe in them, monsters are an acknowledgement that this world contains more than we know, which is undoubtedly true.

Of course monsters can be terrifying.  Perhaps it’s this that explains the frustratingly shaky quality of monster photography.  Faced with a large mythical creature my first instinct would be to run, so those brave souls who stop to take a picture can’t be blamed if they’re a bit out of focus.   

The scariest monsters though are the ones from our childhoods.  When I was little I was afraid of wolves – I’d seen some at the zoo and hadn’t liked the way they looked at me one bit.  Worse still the notion of a wolf lurking in the shadows followed me home on the bus, lying in wait for me under the bed and on top of the wardrobe at night.  My mother, who was an intensely practical woman, found a book in the library which reassured readers that wolves were really cowards and that the waving of a white flag would scare them away.  So for years I trusted the authority of the written word and took a home-made white flag to bed with me, along with a glass of water, since I’d got the idea from somewhere that wolves didn’t like being drenched either.  

In hindsight the wolves were probably just a symbol of all my childish fears rolled into one – if wolves hadn’t caught my imagination then something else would have done. And the simple remedies that calmed my fears were a reassurance that everything in life could be fixed if you found the right answers.  I like to think that I apply a little more logic to my fears now, but in truth perhaps the monsters we create are the ones that we need.      

And maybe, one day, these monsters might venture from their hiding places.  Who knows we may find that they’re not really monsters at all but gentle creatures who will bask in the sun and share our sandwiches with us, on the shores of Loch Ness.  There’s something about the idea which reminds me of the themes of so many books that I’ve read, venturing into the unknown and maybe finding that things are not always as we thought they were.

But in the meantime, I’m keeping an open mind 🙂

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Falling in Love (with a Secondary Character)

There are times when I just can’t help falling in love with a secondary character.  My first love may be my hero and heroine, but there are those secondary characters that just seem to sneak up on me and capture a little bit of my heart.

I know that Ann McIntosh will forgive me for mentioning Cerise at this point.  When we were planning our recent duo together, Cerise was intended as a little bit of background – Ann’s hero David Kennedy is the father of my hero Josh, and Cerise is David’s mother and Josh’s grandmother.  For me, the love affair started when Ann suggested a name, because who wouldn’t be bowled over by a glamorous grandmother called Cerise?  Particularly when she’s a songstress who started her career in 1960’s and whose first hit record was called ‘Love in Pink’.  When Ann wrote some wonderful lyrics for the song (look out for them in her book!) I became well and truly smitten.  A little bit of fictional scandal from the 1960’s surfaced in my book, my hero and heroine dance to an impromptu performance of ‘Love in Pink’ and…  What can I say?  Both Ann and I have some love to spare for Cerise 🙂

And there’s another secondary character, in my current release, that had my heart from the very start.  But this time it’s not a person…  ‘From the Night Shift to Forever’ features a building that I’ve become rather fond of.

Let me explain.  When I was plotting this book, I decided to include a theme of ‘Hidden London’ – those parts of a city that you never knew were there and just stumble across every now and then.  So my heroine’s charity, which delivers after-hours medical supplies, has found a home in a self sufficient Thames-side community of riverboat dwellers and operates from a little-known architectural gem on the river bank.  A Tin Tabernacle.

I first discovered Tin Tabernacles many years ago.  I’d lost my way – which is a pretty common thing for me – and I came across a building so unusual that I had to stop and take a photograph.


Afterwards I discovered that I hadn’t just stumbled across a one-off oddity, but that Tin Tabernacles exist all over the country.  Originally intended as churches and community centres for isolated or moving communities, they date back to Victorian times and were the first mass-produced examples of a prefabricated building, which could be dismantled and move with the communities they served.  They’re usually painted in bright colours – shades of blue, pink or yellow – and the corrugated iron walls and sturdy wooden doors and windows are a standard feature.  Many of them look like the one that I came across because they were made to a standard pattern, although some are a lot more elaborate, and they’re often tucked away at the side of rivers and railway lines.  And although I imagine that they were probably very noisy when it rained heavily, hot in the summer and chilly in winter, I was captivated by their charm.

marmed3So… I should mention my hero and heroine, Robbie and Joel, because the book’s really all about them!  But if along the way I stop to admire my fictional Tin Tabernacle, I hope you’ll understand 🙂

A relationship was the last thing on her mind. So why is the new doctor all she can think about? Find out in Annie Claydon’s latest Harlequin Medical Romance!  Night-shift encounter—tempted by the brooding doc!

Children’s doctor Robbie Hall has learned it’s best to keep people at a distance. It’s why working the night shift and running a charity that delivers after-hours medical supplies suits her so perfectly. So Robbie is not prepared to catch the eye of brooding new ER doc Joel Mason. Because experiencing the powerful connection she’s always dreamed of will make resisting it all the more difficult…

New Releases

March New Releases!

Happy March! February seemed to fly by.

Here’s a bunch of new releases to read. Like a March Madness of Medical Romance if you will. 😉

Alison Robert’s 100th book is releasing this month! Be sure to check it out and huge congratulations!

And congrats to Luana DaRosa on her debut Medical Romance!

The Vet’s Unexpected Family by Alison Roberts

In Alison Roberts’s unmissable 100th book for Harlequin, the arrival of an unexpected baby will help a vet find the family he didn’t know he was missing!

A baby… …to change the vet’s life!

When a baby is left in celebrity vet Finn’s waiting room, he can’t believe that it’s his granddaughter, and that he has a secret daughter! With his emotions running riot and feeling utterly out of his depth with a newborn, Finn needs help…and kindhearted colleague Hazel is the perfect candidate! Hazel has always been just a friend. Now she might be becoming someone that he can’t live without…

From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Two Tails Animal Refuge

Book 1: The Vet’s Unexpected Family by Alison Roberts
Book 2: A Rescue Dog to Heal Them by Marion Lennox

One Night with the Sicilian Surgeon by Tina Beckett

Escape to Sicily with this page-turning surprise-pregnancy story from three-times Golden Heart® Award finalist Tina Beckett!

A Sicilian night to rememberA consequence that changes everything! The first day at a new job is never easy. But the realization that the heart surgeon you will be working in close proximity with is also the man that you spent an unforgettable night of passion with…well, that’s a complication too many for perfusionist Bree Frost! Yet Bree is about to discover a second complication of her night with Diego that could bring their worlds crashing together—for good!

From the Night Shift to Forever by Annie Claydon

A relationship was the last thing on her mind. So why is the new doctor all she can think about? Find out in Annie Claydon’s latest Harlequin Medical Romance!
Night-shift encounter—tempted by the brooding doc?

Children’s doctor Robbie Hall has learned it’s best to keep people at a distance. It’s why working the night shift and running a charity that delivers after-hours medical supplies suits her so perfectly. So Robbie is not prepared to catch the eye of brooding new ER doc Joel Mason. Because experiencing the powerful connection she’s always dreamed of will make resisting it all the more difficult…

Florida Fling with the Single Dad by Deanne Anders

n this dramatic story from Harlequin Medical Romance author Deanne Anders, a fresh start in Key West is just what the flight nurse needs—but is a fling with a single dad?

Is she the missing piece……they’ve been looking for? As flight nurse Katie lands in sun-soaked Florida, she wants just one thing: to leave the painful memories of New York behind. So hardworking Katie is ready to throw herself into her new job. What she isn’t ready for? Her new—and gorgeous—colleague, Dylan…and his adorable daughter! Katie was prepared to make a fresh start alone. But what if this single dad wants to help her?

Falling for Her Off-Limits Boss by Luana DaRosa

In Luana DaRosa’s debut Harlequin Medical Romance, a doctor faces her greatest challenge yet: resisting her surgeon boss!

The flaw in her plan:
The surgeon she must resist! Walking into her new Chicago hospital, locum anesthesiologist Emma Santos is ready to take her career by storm. She’s spent too long neglecting her own goals for someone else. She’s not ready for widowed surgeon Mark Henderson. Her new boss is hard to please…and heart-stoppingly handsome! And that makes him a threat to both Emma’s medical ambitions—and her determination not to be ruled by attraction!

A Rescue Dog to Heal Them by Marion Lennox

Meet the rescue dog that will steal your heart in Marion Lennox’s emotional tale of three people and one dog trying to find their feet again.

Can one special dog……help them become one happy family?

Kiara has dedicated her whole life to caring for animals in need. So when the vet is tasked with finding the perfect pet for neurosurgeon Bryn and his orphaned niece, Kiara has just the rescue dog in mind… Adorable Bunji has a story as powerful as little Alice’s, yet he brings hope back into this little family’s life. But what if Kiara does, too?

From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Two Tails Animal Refuge

Book 1: The Vet’s Unexpected Family by Alison Roberts
Book 2: A Rescue Dog to Heal Them by Marion Lennox

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

February New Releases

Happy February and Happy Ground Hog Day for those in North America. I’m writing this as a massive snowstorm tracks across my area. Schools are closed, black ice and just BLEH. However, new releases means I can cozy up and read some great books!

Congratulations to Annie Claydon on her 35th book!

Wed for Their One Night Baby by Karin Baine

Shock #1: their baby
Shock #2: his proposal!
Pediatric nurse Emmy and consultant pediatrician Sam put their friendship on the line the night they just couldn’t resist their long-standing desire anymore. The resulting baby bombshell has truly turned their world upside down! Emmy’s turbulent childhood means she would do anything to ensure her baby’s happiness. Still, she doesn’t expect Sam to propose! Can Emmy risk a convenient marriage when all she wants is a real happily-ever-after with him?

Their Marriage Meant to Be by Louisa Heaton

The only thing that can heal them?
Each other!
The day they lost their son, veterinary nurse Bex’s and vet Ethan’s worlds were left shattered. Struggling to cope, their marriage fell apart. Now, five years later, Ethan is back in Bex’s life…to treat a critically ill horse in her care. Being in each other’s company again reminds Bex of every single thing that she loved about Ethan. But will it prove they are meant to be together—forever?

The Perfect Mother for His Son by Emily Forbes

A doctor and his son…
…could she be the nurse to complete this family?
Pediatric nurse Daisy has never reacted to anyone the way she does to new doctor Ajay. She’s stunned by their outrageous chemistry—and ­the way he instinctively understands her on a level she’s never experienced before. It has perfectionist Daisy throwing her usual checklist straight out the window! Are this single dad and his adorable son the ready-made family she’s never allowed herself to want?

Bondi Beach Medics quartet
Book 1 – Rescuing the Paramedic’s Heart
Book 2 – A Gift to Change His Life
Book 3 – The Perfect Mother for His Son
Look out for the next book
Coming soon

The Midwife’s Miracle Twins by Caroline Anderson

Special delivery…
…for the midwife!
Midwife Georgie loves her job. But the belief that she’ll never hold a baby of her own makes her life on the maternity ward bittersweet. So, while the arrival of obstetrician Dan is a distraction Georgie isn’t looking for…it’s exactly the distraction she needs. After a difficult delivery, they find comfort in each other’s arms. Yet just as they try to dial their relationship back to purely professional, Georgie discovers the incredible consequences of their night!

Risking It All for a Second Chance by Annie Claydon

Can a charity car rally…
…drive these exes back together?
A week with an ex sounds like a nightmare, but it’s Dr. Emma’s reality when her partner in a charity classic car rally bails last minute. Now, with surgeon Josh acting as her replacement navigator, the confined space forces them to confront just what went wrong between them. And as tensions mount, so does the temptation to start right where they left off!
Miracle Medics duet
Book 1 – How to Heal the Surgeon’s Heart by Ann McIntosh
Book 2 – Risking It All for a Second Chance by Annie Claydon

How to Heal the Surgeon’s Heart by Ann McIntosh

Is this surgeon ready…
…for another chance at happiness?
For billionaire Dr. David, his transplant foundation means everything. It’s how he battles against the painful past that torments him. But when a special case brings him together with nurse Valerie, she has his attention—and his heart pounding… Trust isn’t something that comes easily to either of them, but a secret romance to explore their mutual attraction could be the perfect place to start!
Miracle Medics duet
Book 1 – How to Heal the Surgeon’s Heart by Ann McIntosh
Book 2 – Risking It All for a Second Chance by Annie Claydon

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

New Year. New Beginnings. New Books!

It’s Hannah, here. I’m Mills & Boon Medical Romance’s Assistant Editor and delighted to be back on Love is the Best Medicine. I hope that you have had a wonderful start to 2022! Do you have any New Year traditions? I do! My favourite way to say hello to January is to pore over bookseller and book bloggers’ ‘The Books You Need to Read This Year’ lists.

So, I would love to share my New Year tradition with you! During the first three weeks of January, I have been busy creating a list of great miniseries to read at the start of 2022 from Mills & Boon Medical Romance. From new families to new jobs, the miniseries I’m about the mention offer the ultimate in that ‘New Year, New Beginnings’ feeling!

Nashville ER

After a busy shift at Nashville’s Saint Dolores Hospital, AKA St Dolly’s, Avery Whittacker and Lia Costa love nothing more than meeting up for gossip, guacamole and a pitcher of Margarita. The friends agree on almost everything, including that neither have room in their lives for romance…But the New Year brings two new doctors to their busy ER, who make waves in the department and set the friends’ hearts fluttering!


Miracle Medics

Now celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, Dr David Kennedy’s GDK Foundation organises a classic car rally through the UK countryside to raise funds and awareness for transplant surgeries. It will also give David a chance to spend some quality time with his adopted son, Dr Josh Kennedy, a transplant specialist, as they work together as navigator and driver. Or, at least, that was the plan…


Two Tails Animal Refuge

Welcome to Two Tails Animal Refuge, in Australia’s beautiful Blue Mountains! Vets Hazel and Kiara have one goal: to rescue and re-home vulnerable animals. The refuge staff work around the clock. So, there’s no time for Hazel and Kiara to think about love. Until a vet and a surgeon lead them to ask: “Is it time for my Happily-Ever-After?”


What miniseries are you excited to read first in 2022? I would love to know!

Lots of Love,



Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Excerpt: The Doctor’s Reunion to Remember

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of working with Louisa Heaton in creating a scenario for our two-book series ‘Reunited at St Barnabas’s Hospital’.  Louisa and I decided that we wanted to follow patients through from when they first entered the hospital until they left, and so Louisa’s book – the first in the duo – is set in the Surgical Neurology Unit, while mine follows on from that, and is set in the Neurological Rehab Unit.

So to whet your appetite, here’s an excerpt from my book, which is the second in the duo.  And don’t forget to check out Louisa’s book, ‘Twins for the Neurosurgeon’, as well!


Second chance at forever!

In this Reunited at St Barnabas’s Hospital story, Dr Gil has adapted to a slower-paced life and his partial memory loss, following his traumatic brain injury. But when Dr Clemmie arrives at his rehabilitation centre, he can’t shake the feeling he’s met this captivating yet cautious doctor before…

Chapter One

It was a brisk uphill walk from Richmond Station, and Dr Clemmie Francis was a little out of breath by the time she got to St Barnabas’s Hospital. The large modern building sparkled in the sunshine, and Clemmie turned left at the main entrance as she’d been instructed, walking towards the older building that stood next door.

The neurological rehab unit was an example of a previous reincarnation of Barney’s. Grand in quite a different way, with high arched windows and fancy brickwork, that would have been a state-of-the-art example of a modern hospital in Queen Victoria’s reign.

Clemmie was a little early, so she crossed the road and sat down on a bench that was placed on the border of Richmond Park. She imagined that the windows of the neurological rehab unit afforded a magnificent view of the park, and that it would be possible to see for miles from the top floor of the building. A smile found its way from her heart to her lips. Seeing for miles was exactly what she wanted to do.

For too long now, she’d taken each day as it came, facing each new challenge as it presented itself. It had been a matter of self-preservation, a way to ignore a future that seemed to hold only jarring reverberations from the past. But slowly she’d made a new start. Found a place to live, scraped old paper from the walls and made it home. Found a new job, at a neurological rehab unit attached to a central London hospital. She’d been determined to shine, and she had.

And now she was on a fast track to promotion. The head of the unit was due to retire in six months, and Clemmie would be his successor. Spending six weeks here at Barney’s, which was recognised as one of the best neurological rehab units in the country, was an opportunity to learn and prepare herself for her new role.

Clemmie filled her lungs with air. The future really did seem to be waiting for her, sparkling in the early morning sun. She took a moment to appreciate the feeling of anticipation, and then got to her feet. Turning up early on your first day was never a bad thing, and she just couldn’t wait any longer.

The entrance of the older building gleamed in quite a different way from the main hospital complex. No vast sheets of glass or shimmering automatic doors. Here the pace seemed a little slower and quieter, and it was the polished wood of the lobby that caught the light. Beyond that, a large, bright space, where Clemmie could see a woman sitting behind a reception counter.

‘Dr Clemmie Francis. I’m here for the director of the unit…’ Clemmie handed over the letter from her hospital’s administrator, who had dealt with her placement here at Barneys, and which instructed her to be here at nine this morning.

‘Ah! Yes, we’re expecting you.’ The receptionist grinned. ‘You wouldn’t believe how many people have turned up here this morning instead of where they’re supposed to be. You’re in the right place though. I’ll give Dr Alexander a call. Sit down right there.’

Dr Alexander? A name from the past, which even now had the power to send shivers of agitation down Clemmie’s spine. She turned, obediently walking over to the seat that the receptionist had indicated and sitting down.

It was nothing. How many Dr Alexanders were there in this world? More than one, clearly, and this one would probably be middle-aged and avuncular, if the welcoming style of the reception area was anything to go by. Or a woman, maybe…

Clemmie took a deep breath, going through all the reasons that this couldn’t be the Dr Gil Alexander that she knew…scrap that, the one she’d met seven years ago, had a brief fling with, and clearly hadn’t known at all. He’d be somewhere in the fast lane, getting his kicks from emergency medicine. That, or sitting back in a comfortable leather seat with private patients hanging on his every word. Maybe back in Australia…

Enough. Wherever Gil Alexander was, he was part of her past now. She’d moved on and she didn’t need to wonder about him every time something happened to remind her of that mistake. The first domino to fall in a succession of others that had brought her world crashing down.

‘You’ll be with us for a while…?’ The receptionist’s voice came to her rescue and diverted her attention.

‘Yes, six weeks. I work at the Princess Victoria Hospital in north London.’

‘Ah. Nice.’ The receptionist shot her a blank look. ‘You’ll like it at Barney’s, everyone’s very friendly. And if there’s anything you need, just come and ask me. I’m Maggie.’

‘Thanks…’ There was one thing. ‘Could you tell me where the ladies’ is, please?’

‘Back there, turn left and the lockers and the ladies’ room are right in front of you.’ Maggie jerked her thumb, pointing behind her. ‘If you want to pop there now, Gil said he’d be five minutes.’

Dr Alexander. Gil. Dr Gil Alexander. Shock must have impaired Clemmie’s reasoning ability because she was already on her feet and halfway over to the door that the receptionist had indicated before she put it all together. And even then she was groping for some reason not to believe it. Maybe this Dr Alexander was Dr Gillian Alexander… No, Maggie had said he.

By the time she got to the washbasin in the ladies’ room, her hands were shaking, and she turned on the cold tap, dangling her fingers in the stream of water.

A warm summer, much like this year’s. Sticky heat. Sweat. Gil doing things with her body that she couldn’t forget, however hard she tried. She’d met him at a two-week conference and liked him…a lot. Fallen into bed with him with embarrassing speed, and then believed him when he’d said that he couldn’t wait to see her again. That business with the photo booth, where they’d had their pictures taken and written their telephone numbers on the back, had been just cruel. He’d never called her and when Clemmie had called him, excited to hear the sound of his voice, he hadn’t picked up. She’d been embarrassed and belittled, as well as hurt.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror above the basin. What if he recognised her?

What if he didn’t? That could cut both ways: it would be a blow to her pride, but it would make things easier. She could pretend that it had never happened. If he started to make her nervous she could employ the old interview trick of imagining him naked…

Which wasn’t going to work. Imagining someone naked was supposed to empower you. The Gil she’d known was far more powerful naked than he was clothed.

Imagine him as a liar. Someone who breaks his promises.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

October New Releases

Happy October! Here in Canada we’re gearing up for our Thanksgiving (it’s a month earlier than our American friends to the south) and Spooky Season is upon us. It’s my favourite time of the year.

We have six fabulous reads for you.

Congratulations to our milestone authors this month. Juliette Hyland with her 5th book Reawakened in the South Pole and Me (Amy Ruttan) with my 30th Falling for His Runaway Nurse.

Falling for His Runaway Nurse by Amy Ruttan

Could a runaway bride…
…be the one to tempt him?
Brooding Thatcher Bell enjoys the anonymity of life as a cruise ship doctor. But when beautiful Lacey Greenwood storms into his life—wearing a wedding dress!—to take up the vacant post as nurse, he’s shocked by their instant chemistry. Lacey is obviously escaping something, and Thatcher recognizes some of the pain she’s hiding behind her dazzling smile. But as they set sail, there’s no way of running from their real and ever-growing feelings!

Reawakened at the South Pole by Juliette Hyland

An antarctic adventure
and a reunion of a lifetime…
ER nurse Helena Mathews wants just one thing: to show her parents that she’s no longer the fragile, premature baby they cradled in the NICU. So her new South Pole–based job is the perfect way to break free! But Dr. Carter Simpson’s arrival proves that you can’t just erase the past. Her one-time best friend may have left without a trace after a life-altering discovery, but he never left Helena’s heart…

Reunited by Her Twin Revelation by Shelley Rivers

“I just want to talk.”
Is he ready to hear her secret?
Nurse Thurza had pictured this day thousands of times. The day that Dr. Logan would return. Still, nothing could have prepared her for the real thing… Why? Well, when a mix-up led a brokenhearted Thurza to falsely believe that he had abandoned her and their unborn babies, she said goodbye to Logan—forever. But, as their past and the truth begin to unravel, will Thurza let Logan back in?

Starting Over with the Single Dad by Tina Beckett

A past kiss…
…A happy-ever-after?
For former army surgeon Mysti, a return to Forgotten Point was not in the cards…until a tragic accident while on duty leads her home. Her physical wounds may have healed, but it’s the invisible scars that remain. So the last thing that Mysti needs is to bump into Dr. Jesse: her unexpected new colleague and the one that got away. Now Jesse’s a single dad with his own hidden pain. Can they heal—together?

The Doctor’s Reunion to Remember by Annie Claydon

A forgotten past…
An unforgettable future?
In this Reunited at St. Barnabas’s Hospital story, former workaholic Dr. Gil Alexander is happy with the slower-paced life he was forced to adopt following his traumatic brain injury. The only things missing are his memories of just before the accident. But when Dr. Clemmie Francis is temporarily assigned to his rehabilitation center, he can’t shake the feeling he’s met this captivating yet cautious doctor before…and that this isn’t the first time he’s experienced their explosive chemistry!
Reunited at St. Barnabas’s Hospital duet
Book 1 – Twins for the Neurosurgeon by Louisa Heaton
Book 2 – The Doctor’s Reunion to Remember by Annie Claydon

Twins for the Neurosurgeon by Louisa Heaton

Two tiny heartbeats…
…will change their lives forever!
In this Reunited at St. Barnabas’s Hospital story, top neurosurgeons Samantha Gordon and Yanis Baptiste spend one unforgettable night together in Paris. Their reunion in London proves even more explosive when they discover Sam is pregnant with twins! Neither Sam nor Yanis is prepared for parenthood, but those two tiny heartbeats could help them find the family neither of them believed they would ever have…
Reunited at St. Barnabas’s Hospital duet
Book 1 – Twins for the Neurosurgeon by Louisa Heaton
Book 2 – The Doctor’s Reunion to Remember by Annie Claydon

Happy Reading!