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That time Amy turned 40…

I realized that it’s been since February that I wrote something. It’s been a bit crazy around my neck of the woods. I had a deadline (when don’t I?) and my youngest son needed surgery. He’s 8 and he had a hernia. He just had his surgery in May and is on the mend.

And in April, I turned a big milestone and hit FORTY. I don’t know why I was dreading this so much. It’s been a month since I turned 40 and I feel good actually.


Still, as it was approaching I got a bit bummed out. And the weather in Canada didn’t help. That winter held on for a long, long, long time. So, to cheer me up and celebrate my 40th the DH & I decided to go to Disney World for my 40th so I could hit that milestone with Mickey.


I love Disney World. I went when I was 14, on my honeymoon and a couple years ago we took the kids for the first time. The first time we took the kids my youngest couldn’t ride many rides (he’s on the shorter side even though my husband and I are super tall). This time around he got to ride Space Mountain and you can see this picture is worth the whole trip!

Youngest’s first time on Space Mountain!

So this trip was my 4th time and my first time celebrating my birthday there.

ALSO we decided to go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. I had never been to Universal Studios before and I love, love Harry Potter. OMG it was amazing! Although, my DH gets bad motion sickness on virtual reality rides and I hate rollercoasters. Sadly the Escape from Gringotts was a virtual reality with a rollercoaster. I had to go on with the kids. I thought I was going to die a few times and my kids just laughed at me. They think it’s hilarious.

Meanies! Oh and the wands my kids are holding are TWO Elder Wands (the boys of course wanted the most powerful wands in the world) and Malfoy’s wand. My daughter wanted Malfoy’s wand. I chose Harry’s.

While in Florida, I got to see my critique partner of many years again. She used to live in my town and then moved away. *sob* She also just sold to Medicals. So I was so happy to see Ann McIntosh again and bring her Red Rose Tea as they don’t have Red Rose Tea in the States.

She wasn’t the only one I got to meet. I got to meet Laurie! A long time medical reader and the sweetest person EVER. I brought her a bunch of treats too. It involved a lot of maple syrup.

Eyes are closed because I’m not used to bright sunlight coming from the north! 😉

It was a great 40th. And yes, I let the kids dress me up like that because I’m a good Mom or just a sucker.

Honestly, I don’t know what I was so worried about by turning 40. I’m pretty dang lucky and it felt a bit freeing to hit that milestone! Mostly, because I realized I don’t really care about stuff I worried about when I was in my twenties or thirties. I’ve come this far and I’m enjoying myself!

My kids got to dress me on my 40th. 

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Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Why I love being a December Baby.

So, according to Google it’s my birthday today – doncha just love how they not only know but they make your page all special for you for the day? When I hover over the image it says Happy Birthday Amy!


Most people I know who don’t have a December birthday always take a moment to sympathise with me when I tell them my birthdate.


But I’ve always loved having a birthday really close to Christmas and being a December baby. It’s such a special time of the year and I feel extra special for being born amidst it all.


People are happy and festive and smiling wherever you go. There are parties to attend and carols in the shops and lots of pretty lights everywhere.

Not to mention that there are 3 December birthdays in my house so if you can’t beat them, join them, right? My hubby’s birthday is the 4th and my daughter’s is the 31st. Throw in Christmas and its one long (expensive) month of celebrating and cheer.

I love that the flower for December is Holly (of course!) and also that I’m a cusp baby. A Sagittarian born on the cusp with Capricorn. I really dont know what the hell that says about my personality etc as I’m not into astrology but I like it 🙂 I’m also born on the winter/summer solstice (depending in which hemisphere you live) which makes me feel just a little bit pagan 🙂

Maybe I’ll go out and dance naked in the moonlight tonight.


But probably not….

I also share my birthday with Samuel L Jackson, Keifer Sutherland (who is older than me by 3 years so that makes him 50 today!) and Jane Fonda!

But mostly I love that I’ve got to go one more time around the sun. That I’m alive and l live in a lucky county in a blessed part of the world. That I don’t want for anything. That I have food in my belly and clothes on my back and shelter and world class health care if I need it. That I get to write books that make people happy for a living!! I love that I don’t live under the constant threat of bombs or tanks or bullets. That the treat of tyranny is remote.

Because there are much, much worse things to be than a December baby!

How about you? When is your birthday? What’s your star sign and was there anyone famous born on your birthday?