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Excerpt and Giveaway from Emily Forbes

The Doctor Next Door, emilyforbes-72dpi-1500x2000I’m celebrating the end of winter in Oz with a free book for Kindle readers in the USA and Canada. The Doctor Next Door  ebook will be available to download for free from August 31 to September 4.

One Night that Changed her Life, USAA Sept 2017 I’m also really pleased to share an excerpt from my current Harlequin release,  One Night That Changed Her Life  Click the link for availability. It is also available through Mills&Boon , Harlequin and  Mills&Boon UK



Brighde hid behind a conference banner as she stabbed her finger at the screen of her phone. Her hand was shaking as she tried to end the call and it took her two attempts to press the right spot. She took a deep breath, fighting to remember her yoga breathing as she fought back the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes.

She was happy for Nick, really she was, but her brother’s phone call had confirmed her worst fears.

Good news for him could only mean bad news for her.

She struggled with the clasp of her bag, eventually managing to open it and shoved her phone inside before snapping the clasp shut. She needed a drink. A strong one.

There were plenty of free drinks on offer in the hotel ballroom where one of the major pharmaceutical drug companies was hosting the end of conference party but Brighde didn’t feel like going back into the crowd. She needed space almost as much as she needed a drink.

The ballroom was on the hotel’s mezzanine floor but on the floor below she knew there was a bar adjoining the lobby. She looked at the staircase, the expanse of carpet between her and the stairs looked immense and she wasn’t sure if she’d make it. Her knees wobbled as she took the first step and she focussed on putting one foot in front of the other until she could reach for the banister. She clutched it tightly, steadying herself for the descent. The simple task of negotiating a staircase suddenly seemed to require enormous effort. Was that a sign? She knew difficulty with motor skills was often one of the first obvious symptoms of the disease, impaired voluntary movements like gait and balance were hard to ignore, but surely that would be too much of a coincidence.

Get a hold of yourself, Brighde, she admonished herself, you’re only twenty-eight, you’re not about to fall apart yet.

She hoped she was right but it was hard to discount the feeling of mounting panic. Her chest was tight and she was finding it hard to breathe. She was surprised by her reaction to Nick’s phone call. She’d always suspected that she would be dealt the bad hand and she hadn’t expected to be so shocked.

This was what she’d always dreaded. It wasn’t exactly a surprise but, at the end of the day, it obviously didn’t matter how prepared she thought she was, the truth of it was no one wanted to know they were going to an early grave.

Somehow she managed to get down the stairs and into the bar on her wobbly legs without taking a tumble. She perched on a stool and ordered a vodka martini. She had no idea if she liked martinis, she drank vodka but she felt she needed something more potent. Something that would numb the pain and a martini sounded like it might do the trick. She didn’t want to ask the bartender for suggestions, she just wanted to anaesthetise herself.

She plucked the olive from the toothpick as she drained her glass.

Martinis weren’t too bad she decided as she ordered another.

‘Brighde! What are you doing down here?’

Brighde turned at the sound of her name and found Sarah, her best friend, colleague and room-mate all rolled into one, making a bee line for her across the room.

‘Just collecting my thoughts.’

‘Looks like you’re collecting more than thoughts,’ Sarah said as the bartender put a fresh cocktail on the bar.

Sarah was watching her closely as she pulled out another bar stool and sat down.

‘Who was on the phone?’ she asked. She’d been standing next to Brighde when she’d taken the call.


‘Is everything ok?’

‘He got his test results back.’

‘At nine o’clock at night?’

Brighde shook her head. ‘No. But it took him a while to figure out how to tell me.’

‘Was it bad news?’

‘Not for him.’ Sarah and Brighde had been friends for ten years since meeting at university where they both studied nursing. Brighde had no secrets from Sarah.  ‘He had ten repeats.’

‘He tested negative?’

Brighde nodded.

‘That’s great news.’

‘Yes. It is,’ she said, fighting to speak past the lump in her throat. She still felt like crying even though nothing she’d heard in the phone call should make any difference. Nothing had really changed. She had her reasons for not getting tested and those reasons hadn’t altered. She could go on just as before. Nick’s results didn’t affect her future plans but she knew they solidified her fears. His results didn’t confirm her suspicions but they definitely strengthened them.

‘You don’t seem happy,’ Sarah said.

‘We each had a fifty-fifty chance of inheriting a faulty gene. There’s only two of us,’ Brighde explained. ‘What do you think the chances are of both of us dodging a bullet?’

‘You know the answer to that. It’s still fifty-fifty. Just because Nick is clear doesn’t mean you won’t be. The chance of you inheriting the gene or not hasn’t changed. Nick’s results have no bearing on you.’

Brighde knew Sarah’s facts were correct. The reality was her chances of inheriting the mutated gene hadn’t changed but she still felt the odds were not in her favour. She’d always felt that. Which was why she never intended to get tested. Who wanted to know that you were going to an early grave? Who wanted that fear confirmed?

Not her.

‘I know you’re right. In theory. But I’ve always felt that I was going to draw the short straw and knowing Nick is ok just reinforces all those feelings. Huntington’s Disease is dominantly inherited and I can’t believe we’d both dodge the bullet. I don’t think we could both be that lucky.’

‘And I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it tonight,’ Sarah said as she shook her head at the bartender who was clearing Brighde’s glass and asking if she wanted another. ‘Come and dance, have some fun. You know Nick’s results have no bearing on you. The band’s playing some good music, dancing will take your mind off it.’

Brighde let Sarah convince her to vacate the bar in favour of the dance floor. She didn’t really feel like dancing but she felt less like going back to the hotel room and staring at the walls. She was feeling miserable enough already.


Xavier nursed his beer as he watched the dance floor. It was taking him a little while to get back into beer drinking. He hadn’t realised he’d acquired such a taste for whisky in his years of living in Scotland but when in Rome…. Or Edinburgh.

What he was getting accustomed to far more quickly was the plethora of attractive young women at the conference. The band had been playing for some time and the dance floor was full. His eyes were drawn to a petite blonde in a sapphire dress. He’d been watching her for a while now, she’d been late onto the dance floor but even among the crowd she’d stood out. He’d tried to look elsewhere but his gaze continued to return to her. He believed you could tell exactly what a woman was like in bed by the way she moved on the dance floor. The blonde had rhythm and energy. Her dress shimmered under the lights and her hair shone, contrasting brightly against all the black outfits in the room.  She was striking to look at. She wasn’t smiling, she looked focussed, but she danced like she enjoyed it and he’d put money on her enjoying sex too. She looked fit and flexible and carefree, all admirable traits in his opinion, and he was hooked.

He waited until she left the dance floor. He wasn’t going anywhere until he’d spoken to her. He could dance but he wasn’t about to dance in front of hundreds of his fellow medicos. He’d rather dance a deux and so he waited.


The band were playing a love song that was impossible to dance too without a partner. She needed pop music. Something she could lose herself in. She gestured to Sarah – she was going to grab a drink – and made her way to the bar at the side of the ballroom.

She had intended to get a water, dancing had taken her mind off the earlier phone call, but once she stopped dancing and reached the bar all her doubts returned. She’d have a water later.  She needed another drink to numb the pain.

‘Can I buy you a drink?’

Brighde’s skin tingled as she felt, rather than saw, someone behind her. His voice was deep and quiet and although she couldn’t see him she knew he was addressing her. She closed her eyes, imagining a face to go with the voice, before she turned around, hoping she wasn’t going to be disappointed.

She wasn’t.

She turned to find the most gorgeous man she’d seen in a long time at her side. How had she not noticed him in the room? Okay there were hundreds of people at the conference but seriously, he was magnificent. She must have been more distracted than she’d realised.

He watched her as he waited for her answer. His dark eyes studied her, captivating her in his gaze.

‘The drinks are free, you know,’ she replied.

‘In that case, I’ll get you two.’ He grinned at her, lightening the seriousness of his dark stare and Brighde lost the last remnants of her composure.

He looked like European royalty. No, He wasn’t clean cut enough for royalty. His dark hair was slightly too long, exploding around his oval face into soft curls that just begged her to reach out and touch them. His jaw was covered in designer stubble, his eyes were dark and his forehead was strong. He was dark and swarthy and sexy as hell. Confidence oozed from him. He was impeccably dressed, his dark navy suit hung from his shoulders and fitted his frame, the pants were slim, encasing powerful thighs. He looked like a European polo player. Something out of a Jilly Cooper novel. He looked rich and successful, although of course she had no idea if that was the case, and he wanted to buy her a drink. If there was a downside to his offer she couldn’t think of one.

‘What are you having?’ he asked. He didn’t wait for her to accept his offer. He just assumed she wouldn’t refuse. Was that confidence or was it simply an assumption based on the fact it was an open bar? She didn’t know but she also didn’t care. She wasn’t going anywhere. Not now.

She shouldn’t mix her drinks but the bar wasn’t offering martinis and she knew she needed more than water if she was going to be brave enough to keep up her side of the conversation with this gorgeous man. ‘I’ll have a white wine,’ she said as she perched on a bar stool. She didn’t need to sit down but she needed to take a step back. He was standing close to her, that wasn’t a problem but she wanted to get a good, second look at him and she needed a bit of distance to do that.

He ordered and handed her a glass. His fingers brushed hers and a spark arced between them, setting her already nervous heart racing. It had been several months since she’d shared a drink with a man but she knew it wasn’t the length of time making her react this way.

Was the touch accidental? She wondered as he tapped his beer glass against her wine and made a toast. ‘To new experiences.’

He held her gaze a fraction longer than was polite and her stomach flipped and she knew his touch had been deliberate. Her body was responding to him in a way it never had before. She’d never felt such immediate attraction or, if she was honest, such blatant lust before. He made her think of naked bodies and tangled sheets and raw, amazing sex and and she knew exactly how this night would end. ‘Indeed,’ she replied as a sense of delicious anticipation flooded through her. She smiled and added, ‘I’m Brighde.’


She didn’t need to know any more than that.

‘Have you enjoyed the conference?’ he asked her.

So he was part of the conference and hadn’t just snuck in for the free drinks.

‘It’s been really good,’ she said as she put her glass on the bar and crossed her legs, pleased that she’d had a little bit of free time to lie by the hotel pool and work on her tan. ‘But I could do with a few days off to recover before I go back to work. I’m heading home tomorrow, back to work on Monday.’

‘That’s a pity. I’ll be here for a few more days.’

‘Work or pleasure?’ she asked.

‘Purely pleasure.’ He kept his dark eyes fixed on her as he reached past her shoulder, picking up a napkin from the bar. His arm brushed against her skin and she could feel his words on her cheek, soft little puffs of air. She knew he didn’t need the napkin, she knew it had just been an excuse to lean in but she wasn’t complaining. She could feel the electricity surging between them. They could power the room with the heat that was being generated between them. She wasn’t aware of the music, the dancing, of anything that was going on around them. She was lost in the sensation he was evoking in her. She could feel his charisma wrapping itself around her as his pheromones enveloped her. Her nipples hardened and she squirmed in her seat. She pressed her thighs together as heat pooled low in her belly.

‘I’ve been working in Scotland,’ he told her, ‘but the conference seemed like a good way to keep the tax man happy and visit my family.’


‘My parents live here.’

‘You’re travelling alone? No partner? No wife?’ She played with the ends of her hair, feigning casualness. She had to know the answer. She had rules and standards. She knew she would have sex with this gorgeous stranger, having sex would be a far healthier, and much more entertaining, distraction than drowning her worries with alcohol, but first she needed to establish some ground rules. She didn’t want to make any mistakes.

‘No wife. No girlfriend. No significant other.’

Now it was her turn to smile. ‘Good to know.’ She kept her gaze fixed on him now, wanting him to know where she stood. What she wanted. She didn’t need to know anything else about him. She knew she wouldn’t see him again. He was only visiting; she was leaving tomorrow. She hadn’t had sex for ages and a one-night stand with this gorgeous man was a good option all round. No commitment, just a bit of fun and a good way to keep her mind busy. She didn’t want time to think about her brother’s phone call. She wanted something to take her mind off her situation. This was perfect.

She wanted Xavier.

And she wanted him to know that.

But Xavier was looking to his right.

Sarah had joined them.

Brighde watched her friend looking from her to Xavier and she knew she was taking in the distance, or lack of, between them. She watched as Sarah, quite blatantly, checked him out.

‘I’m off,’ Sarah said when she’d finished her inspection. ‘Are you coming?’

Brighde thought about it for a second, okay to be honest, a millisecond, she didn’t need any longer than that when Xavier was looking at her with his come to bed eyes. ‘No, I think I’m going to stay here for a bit.’

She knew Sarah’s question had been rhetorical. She knew her plans for the rest of the evening were written all over her face but she didn’t care. She wasn’t even looking at Sarah as she answered, she couldn’t make herself tear her eyes away from Xavier. He oozed sex appeal and she knew it was only a matter of time before she would be in his bed. She could feel it. She knew he wanted it too. She could feel the desire coming off him in waves and he was just what she needed to take her mind off the phone call she’d had earlier. Taking gorgeous men to bed ticked all the right boxes and it was a habit she had no intention of breaking. Okay, so she didn’t do it all that often, she could barely remember the last time she’d even had sex, but a one-night stand was the perfect way to scratch an itch.

She needed sex but she didn’t need a relationship. One night was enough. There was no need to go into details, no need to reveal anything personal about herself. She didn’t consider sex to be personal, sex with a stranger couldn’t hurt her, not as much as revealing her fears. She could happily share her body but not her mind. Her body was going to let her down one day, she owed it nothing.

Sarah nodded and smiled. She lent forwards and kissed Brighde’s cheek. ‘Have fun,’ she whispered into Brighde’s ear.

Brighde watched her go and when she turned back to Xavier she found he’d moved closer to her. His thigh pressed against her knee. She shifted forward on the bar stool, sliding her knee against the inside of his thigh. Their intentions were perfectly clear.

She looked up at him to find his dark eyes watching her. Her reaction was immediate and primal and she could feel her nipples jutting against the cool silk of her dress. She saw his gaze drop lower, saw him take in the peak of her nipples against the fabric of her dress. When he looked back at her his gaze was so intense and full of heat she thought she might melt into a pool of desire at his feet.

‘Can I offer you a night cap upstairs?’ he asked as he lifted her empty glass from her hand. He reached across her to put her half-finished drink on the bar and the back of his hand brushed across her chest, grazing her nipple. Brighde felt like she might climax on the spot.

She swallowed and nodded as she licked her lips. Despite everything she’d had to drink her throat was suddenly dry and she was having difficulty breathing, let alone speaking. She was experienced in the art of seduction but not in relationships. She didn’t communicate with words. She sought the comfort of sex when she needed it, emotionally or physically. Tonight she needed it to distract herself. It had worked in the past and, looking at Xavier, she was sure it would work again today.

He took her hand and helped her off the stool. Once again her legs had turned to jelly but she barely noticed this time. She was too aware of the tingling in her belly and the intense weight of expectation and excitement in her groin.

Xavier held the door for her as she stepped into the lift.

He reached out one hand and his fingers rested on her waist. She could feel his heat through the thin silk fabric of her dress. He pulled her closer until she was pressed against him. She could feel his desire now, a thick, hard bulge pressing into her. She tipped her head back and looked up at him as the lift stopped and the doors slid open.



One Night That Changed Her Life  is also available through Mills&Boon , Harlequin and  Mills&Boon UK

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Emily-Forbes-240066392783405/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmilyForbeswrtr

Website: http://www.emily-forbesauthor.com/


The Writing Life

Make Mine Plucky! The book winner is Alisha!

Congratulations to Alisha Woods.  You won a copy of my book – The Medic’s Homecoming.

The Pert and Plucky Heroines of Romance by Lynne Marshall


Who they are

  • If you’ve read one or a hundred romances, you’ve probably already been introduced to a particular character type presented by Tami Cowden and      cohorts named The Spunky Kid in their Sixteen Master Archetypes book Heroes & Heroines. This spirited underdog not only has to sort out her messy life, but win the guy along the way.
  • These characters are the unsinkable Molly Browns of the world where “I ain’t down yet” is their mantra, and they are my favorite kind of character.

Who does them best?

  • My absolute favorite author of these types of characters is Susan Elizabeth      Phillips. She manages to strip her plucky heroines down to the bare bones in the beginning of her stories, force them to lose everything, and leave them dangling over a cliff without a foothold. Yet she still manages to bring them back to life…one step at a time, until they conquer all, including the hero, before the end of the book.
  • Isabel Favor watches her self-help empire come crashing down around her in the opening pages of Breathing Room.
  • Blue Bailey begins her journey wearing a beaver suit in Natural Born Charmer.
  • Meg Koranda is down to her last few bucks and, as Maid of Honor, manages to ruin a perfectly planned wedding before the end of chapter one in Call Me Irresistible.

Hmm, this makes me think of a certain young woman dressed for her wedding, standing in a strange American town in Wisconsin holding her decomposing wedding cake.  Fiona Lowe wrote a splendid plucky heroine in BOOMERANG BRIDE.  🙂  Which just happens to now be available in mass market paperback at Harlequin website.

Why do we love these spunky heroines?

  • Because we can relate to them.
  • From where they’re standing, there is only one way to go – UP! These plucky,      pert, minxes pick themselves up, dust themselves off, head into battle, and conquer both their lives and the most unlikely heroes. As readers, we believe every step of their paths. We cheer as they rebuild their lives and themselves into the women they were meant to be.
  • When these pert and saucy underdogs conquer obstacle after obstacle, we believe we can do the same in our own lives. If they can come back from “there” (whatever major fix or disappointment they must overcome) so can we!

I like to think Polly Seymour, the character I wrote for this year’s NYC Angels continuity, in Making the Surgeon Smile, is also a good example of the spunky kid.

Who is a favorite spunky heroine in a book you’ve recently read?  What did you like about her?

 If anyone is interested, I’d like to give away a copy of The Medic’s Homecoming, to one commenter.  This book is my July 2013 Special Edition, and I like to think Jocelyn Howard is one such plucky chick.

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Foreign Covers are the Tops! by Lynne Marshall

I have to admit that I get more excited about receiving copies of my foreign book covers than I do about my actual books sometimes.  Odd, right?  I can’t explain it, but there is something about seeing my stories translated into other languages—going out to stores in other countries—that sends me over the moon.

I guess that makes me feel like I’ve got fingers around the globe without leaving my office computer chair.  I don’t have a clue if the foreign editors have done my books justice with their translations or not, but the thing that strikes me the most is the fact they found something about my story they felt was worth sharing.  Wow.  This is the blessing above all blessings in the writer’s world.  Not to sound like the actress Sally Fields at the Academy Awards when she won best actress for Norma Jean, but – they must like my story, really like my story to go to the trouble of translating it into French, Finnish, Italian, Polish, etc.  It’s funny, but sometimes the only way I can identify my foreign editions is when I see the character’s names in the back cover blurb.Scan0004

Recently I receive two beautiful book covers of foreign releases.  This first one is for the Finnish Laakariromaani line. It is a story near and dear to my heart, but the topic is such a delicate one—a young woman gives up a child for adoption in her teens, only to confront the real father thirteen years later—that I feared it wouldn’t go over well with a lot of readers.  The original title was, Temporary Doctor, Surprise Father, and it came out in 2009.  (I’m also lucky enough to share this “Tupla” book with Joanna Neil.  >waves to Joanna<

This book never made it to the North American audience, and I keep hoping it will find a way across the pond in e-book form at least.

The Finnish editor re-titled this book:  Erikoismies.  The Google translator calls it:   Special Male, which I think is cute and that is exactly the kind of guy Beck Braxton is.


The second gorgeous book cover is the French version of my debut Harlequin Special Edition – original title – Courting His Favorite Nurse – the new title for the Passions line is: Soupirs interdits.  Translations: (which really stumps me) Sighs Prohibited.


Most recently, I discovered this Australian (or is it the New Zealand version?  Do they have separate covers too?) book cover for my soon-to-be-released book #7 in the NYC Angels continuity – Making the Surgeon Smile.  What do you think about my silver fox?  (Amy Andrews, any thoughts?)




If you or anyone you know can speak Finnish, French, Italian or Danish, I have a book for you!  Leave a comment – that’s all you have to do.  I’ll choose a name and you send a book in whichever language you or your friend speaks.


For the rest of you – Do too many book covers confuse or delight you?

I’m thrilled to say that Making the Surgeon Smile has gone live on the Mills&Boon website, and is also available for preorder at Amazon.com.

All the best, Lynne www.lynnemarshall.com 71Df2-EMNfL__SL1500_978-0-263-89896-5

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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie + Giveaway

Cartoon mouse baker.By Lynne Marshall

The other day I took my puppy to the pet store where he’d gone through obedience training to buy more food.  We ran into his trainer, and it was like a puppy love reunion.  Milo!  Dustin said, bending down for some puppy lovin’.  Milo’s tail wagged like it might fly off his bottom.  Before we left, Dustin gave Milo a cookie—a dog cookie that looked like a real cookie to me, like an Oreo with cream filling but pink outer cookie wafers instead of chocolate.  Dustin promised it was indeed for dogs, that it had peanut butter filling and practically zero sugar.

I wondered why a dog needed a cookie when they had biscuits, but maybe I’m old school.  It’s part of my aversion to anthropomorphism of our pets.  Though our beloved pets have distinct personalities, they are not human.  But I digress…bigstock-Let-S-See-What-Aisle-Is-It-On--920167

The way Milo went after that cookie, I had to smile and enjoy it along with him.  No, I didn’t try it, but Dustin swore he’d eaten one to see how it tasted.

A side note:  We have discovered that Milo loves small bits of apple, carrot, and cantaloupe.  I’d rather reward him with stuff like that, but I’m not one to be rude and refuse a gift obviously given with affection for my dog.

I let Milo have about half of the cookie and put the other half in a plastic bag on the counter for another treat time.

Flash forward to eight o’clock that night.  I took Milo out back for a potty break and left the sliding door on our patio open.  Later, while my husband and I were watching TV, we heard some scurrying.  Bill followed the sound into the kitchen and discovered mouse droppings on our counter and a mouse hiding behind our microwave.

EEEEK a mouse!  I cannot participate in such events and covered my eyes. Lalalalala.

The mouse—let’s call him Merlin—had his disappearing act down to perfection, and as we cleaned our counters with disinfectant I noticed that Merlin had eaten through the plastic bag with Milo’s future treat, and had gotten the top wafer of the cookie halfway across our counter before dropping it on the windowsill once the chase was on.

Hmm, for a dog cookie that wasn’t supposed to be sugary, it sure got the attention of a backyard mouse in record time.

At the time of writing this blog post, the ongoing saga of man versus mouse continues.  Droppings, droppings everywhere, but ne’er a mouse to find.

*update at publishing date:  Husband – 1:Merlin – RIP.

The moral of this story is – Never leave the back sliding door open when peeing your dog at night, especially when you’ve left dog cookies on the counter.

How about you, do you give your dog treats that look like human cookies?  Do you have any fun mice stories to share?41ZG+0yBhmL__SS500_

I’d like to give a copy of Dr. Tall, Dark…and Dangerous? My last Medical Romance, and which recently received the Cataromance Reviewer’s Choice Award, to one commenter.

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Winners of our Prize Packs!

Thank you so much, Everyone !  You made our Blog Warming Party such huge fun!  We had a fabulous time and hope to see a lot more of you in our regular Monday and Thursday blog-clinics!

And now it’s time to announce the winners of our prize packs!

This was done incredibly scientifically with pieces of scrunched up paper in a bucket!  So without further ado… :::except for a small drum roll please:::  our winners are:

  • Michele Stegman
  • Tammy  Stoneman Yenalavitch
  • Booksaver – Linda
  • Lissakerry

Congratulations!  Can you please contact me on sharon (at) sharon-archer (dot) com to organise an address for the postage of your books and we’ll get them speeding on their way to you!


Coloured parcels – http://www.wpclipart.com

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Blog Warming Party!!

Welcome to our new cyber clinic! Today is the official launch of our new blog so we’re having a blog-warming party and you’re all invited!

New posts will be up in Love Is the Best Medicine clinic on Mondays and Thursdays and we’ll be cruising by to consult with you!

So, what can you expect when you pop in for an appointment?
We’ll be talking about love and hunky heroes and their wonderful heroines! Doctors… specialists… nurses… paramedics… surgeons… midwives… naturopaths… but most of all – romance!

Join us for news and interviews, slice-of-life articles and celebrations!

We want you to

  • come with us on our travels,
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  • share tips and suggestions and stories
  • laugh with us and
  • maybe, occasionally, cry with us.

We want you to enjoy your visits here and feel at home with us!

So today we’d like to introduce ourselves! We’ve collected photos and made slide shows of some of our Specialists On-Call

Meet Amy and Fiona Lowe and Kate and Lynnehow to make gifs

And Fiona McArthur and Louisa and Sharonmake animated gif

And Tina and Annie and Scarletcreate an animated gif

And Susan and Anne and Conniecreate an animated gif

And we’ve saved even more fun until last… to celebrate our launch today, we have prizes! Lots and lots of books donated by our Specialists On-Call and our Locums!

We have 4 prize packs so we’ll have more winners!

We’d love you to choose to “Follow” us but all you have to do to be in the draw to win is leave a comment before Sunday evening (4 March 2012)! Just say hello or tell us what sorts of things you’d like to read when you visit!

with love

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The Prize Packs!

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