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Summer Plans

Me again! I’m suffering through a sinus infection, but I’m here and I’m really looking forward to summer. I’m going to RWA in NYC in July and then I’m headed to Ottawa for one of my favourite Reader events Romancing the Capital, but also I’m looking forward to camping! Especially now that we’re the proud owners of this:


I spent many happy summers as a kid in my parents Coleman camper. And I love camping, but haven’t been able to do a whole lot. It was fine when our kids were little and we were able to all fit in our tent, but as I get older and they get bigger, it wasn’t feasible.

And I missed camping.

So the DH and I have been talking about this step since we got married. We toyed with the idea of a more permanent trailer in a park, but the thing is we love travelling. We didn’t want an RV because first they cost $$$ and like a car depreciate a bit more than a tent camper or a travel camper.

We did start looking, but we’re overly impressed at the dealers with what we saw for our price range. Then my DH got word from a work buddy. He’d upgraded to a hybrid travel trailer and this was in our budget, in awesome shape and we were helping out a friend.


It has a slide out. My parents didn’t. It also has heated mattresses and a furnace so we can camp right up until the Provincial Parks close in October.

Since, we were SO late starting a lot of the popular northern parks and our vacation time was already taken, so we’re doing some weekends. Next year we can do a week. And I’m already planning.

On the top of my list next year is Algonquin Provincial Park:


Arrowhead Provincial Park:


And finally, Neys where famed Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris painted Pict Island from this park:


This year our plan is just to stay close to home and we’re hitting Inverhuron and Point Farms.

So those are my plans for the next few summers. 🙂 It’ll be nice to unplug and relax. One thing I learned about travelling to Wood Buffalo in the summer of 2017 was that it totally recharged my muse being disconnected and being up north. We’re all looking forward to it and I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with my kids before they get too old. Best part, we can bring the dog!

What are some of your plans for summer? Or if you’re heading into your winter season, what did you do for your summer?

And if you’re going to be in NYC for RWA in July 2019 I would love to see you! I’m signing at the Harlequin Signing and the big RWA signing. 🙂

And if you’re going to Romancing the Capital in August 2019 in Ottawa, I’ll see you there too. ❤















The Writing Life

New School Year, New Book!


I’ve been off the air-ways on vacation/holidays in a tent. Cue a heatwave!

Yes, folks, we had four days of temperatures over 43C/108F (!!) and I was under canvas. Fortunately,  we were by the sea so although it was stifling hot, most days we could catch a breeze or just sit in the ocean.

Now, the Southern Ocean is a freezing place and most summers,I am in a full length wetsuit just to survive ten minutes in the water. This year, the water was like a bath! I didn’t get the wetsuit out of the bag.  On the hot days, not even the sea could summon up any energy and it was flat-as…no surf for us 😦


The rest of the time was pleasant weather. We cycled, we read, we canoed, we ate, we sailed, we slept, we played board games and ‘bare foot bowls’ (too much fun) and the boys’ friends visited.IMG_1066

In the middle of all that, my latest book, Runaway Groom launched so there was a mad dash to the library to do some promo!

I got home to a new contract for two medical romances so they will appear in 2015 and 2016. Meanwhile, I hope you can indulge me while I tell you about Runaway Groom.

It’s also my 24th novel and it’s just as exciting as my first or perhaps even more so because now I have dear readers who know me and write me asking when the next book is coming out 🙂  I was thrilled to get an email from a reader with an advanced copy who said, “Dear Fiona, You are not helping my insomnia!” She read Runaway Groom in one sitting :-)Just in case you don’t know what Runaway Groom is about, it features an Aussie guy on the run, a lawyer hiding out and a heap of well meaning people in Whitetail. I t’s a stand-alone book BUT if you’ve read Saved By the Bride and Picture Perfect Wedding, you get to revisit with old friends too.

I have a Pinterest board so you can peek in and see the log cabin Amy and Ben are forced to stay in ;)This is what the blurb says…..

Runaway Groom; Book three of Wedding Fever

Amy Sagar’s life is in ruins. Fired from her fast-track job and dumped by her double-crossing boyfriend, she retreats to Whitetail, Wisconsin, to lick her wounds and regroup. Meeting an impossible, sexy Australian isn’t part of her strategy for getting back on track.

Ben Armytage is running away. After being left at the altar and publicly humiliated, he’s taking his vintage motorcycle on an extended road trip from Argentina to Alaska. Having his journey interrupted by a breakdown and sharing a house with a curvy, redheaded lawyer in a town obsessed with weddings was never on his itinerary.

Though being stuck in a luxury log cabin isn’t really a hardship, livingtogether with their broken hearts isn’t easy. When the attraction between Amy and Ben proves unstoppable, they’ll both begin rethinking their plans…

For more weddings in Whitetail, check outSaved by the Bride andPicture Perfect Wedding, available now!

So that’s what I’ve been up to! What board games do you play on holidays/vacation?

Travels Around the World

Camp Cookin’

I’m taking you on a pictorial camping trip to the Murray River.  The river is in northern Victoria and there are still places along the banks where you can free camp.

Only the most basic facilities but a fabulous view, even water frontage if you’re lucky. (Our GPS – pic above – seemed to think we were actually camping in the river!)

Towering gum trees, eucalypt-scented campfires, frosty nights.

You need to be careful when you’re camping around red gums – any gums trees really.  They’re self pruning and can lose anything from twigs to large branches with no warning at all.

The camp’s a great base to explore the local wineries if you want to or just kick back and enjoy the slow pace of the camp. I’m a fan of the slow pace – a great chance to catch up on reading and the odd cryptic crossword lesson!

Or maybe some fishing – if you look closely, you might be able to spot our patient fisherman near the base of one of the trees!

The spot used to be almost without mobile phone reception – a real escape from the world.  I remember standing on top of the car to make an important call one year – but now new towers have extended the coverage so it’s no longer as patchy.  Being a bit of a technophobe, I’m not sure if this is an improvement or not!.

We were on dinner duty for Friday night!  With fourteen to feed we had: –

o    4 litres of marinara sauce
o    1 kg prawns
o    1 kg scallops
o    1 kg monk fish
o    2 kg pasta
o    Salad vegetables

Anyway, we’re in the process of planning The Big Camping Trip – which made our annual Easter camp with our friends, the perfect opportunity to try some things out.

Sooo, we went with goals!

1.    Christen the new camp oven – CHECK

2.   Bake bread and cook a cake – CHECK (and they were edible!  BONUS!)

3.    Christen the new billy and give it a respectable black coating  – CHECK

4.    Refine the Portable Pantry (made a start on this – still a work in progress!)

All together a successful and thoroughly enjoyable weekend!  I’ll leave you with this gratuitous picture of the moon – it was absolutely gorgeous first thing on Sunday morning.

What’s your idea of a perfect relaxing weekend?