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Deadlines, Renovations, Birthdays and Online Schooling…Oh my.

I think I’ve overloaded my plate recently.

I’m on deadline for my 31st book which is due on the 30th of this month. I’m right in the midst of renovations for our big move to my late in laws place in the country, not to mention minor renovations happening here so we can list our city home.

Here are some pics of our renovations at the new place. I was very pleased to find that under all that 70’s shag was pristine hardwood flooring from the centre old farm house.

What will be my new office. I wrote my 30th book Falling for the Runaway Nurse here while my husband renovated!
View from my new office window. Lots of space to think.
JACKPOT! Hardwood flooring under the shag! This was my husband’s childhood room and it will be my eldest son’s room
Sunsets on our new property. I can get used to this.

My eldest had wisdom tooth surgery, my province went into another lockdown because COVID numbers are out of control, kids are back on online schooling and I have two courses on the go.

One course was by accident though, there was a typo and I thought it was supposed to start in May. Whoops.

I get my vaccine on Thursday and this month not only did I turn 43, but I had a new book release with Twin Surprise for the Baby Doctor

Dig if you will this birthday cake my husband got me.

Purple Rain!

Facebook memories are a great thing because it reminded me last year I was on deadline for A Reunion, A Wedding, A Family.

And I inadvertently wore the same shirt on the same day!

Me in 2020

So I’ve come full circle.

Me in 2021.

I’ll keep this post short, because I don’t think I have much brain power left.

Just one night…
…double the consequences!
Dr. Adeline Turner is horrified when Dr. Elias Garcia arrives as the chief rival for her dream fellowship. She could really do without their instant—and inconvenient—mutual attraction! Burned before, Adeline never mixes business with pleasure. Until Elias has Adeline breaking all her rules. But when she finds out that she’s pregnant with twins, they’re suddenly forced to rethink their dreams—together!

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

The Space in Which We Write

My writing life is hectic. My husband and I run a small business out of our house – we manage about 300 properties. And because I’m technically in charge of that business and have to answer questions and emails from time to time I won’t give up and surrender the business to a real office because I write at home in the comfort of my own office. But every morning at 8:30 the crews show up for their work assignments and troop into the second office which just happens to adjoin mine. By the time they turn in their assignment from the day before and go over the details with my husband, and get their new work load for the day, it’s anywhere from 9:30 to 10:00. Then the company secretary shows up, followed three days a week by a part-time office worker. And phone calls…one after the other.

And I’m expected to write through all this, which I actually manage to do. But to be honest, I’m always amazed when I get a book completed.

I have a nice, comfortable office, custom built for my needs and I love it. Wish it was separated from my house, even though that’s not possible. But I love the days when I have the house all to myself, no one’s there, no one comes in, the phone doesn’t ring. All is quite and my creative juices can flow freely. That’s a rare occurrence, however. So I’ve learned to adapt. I write with all the activity going on around me. Shut it out, pretend I am alone, and tell people to go away or be quiet if they’re bothering me. Otherwise, I can’t write. I’ve asked my husband to build me a nice, heavy, sound-proof door that I can shut and maybe that will do the trick. I hope so anyway. Because I especially need my quiet solitude when deadlines are pressing down on me.

So what do you do to avoid the distractions? Maybe I’m being overly sensitive. Maybe most people write through them better than I do. But I must admit, the older I get and the busier I am the more they bug me. Any ideas or suggestions?”


The Writing Life

Deadlines & Obsessions

I found they don’t mix.

I’m on a screaming deadline ( I think author Kate Hardy said that once in an email & it’s SO fitting).

Add into that and a couple of weeks ago I succumbed to gastroenteritis. It was horrible.

The new Grey’s Anatomy tonight has a clip of Dr. Shepherd dealing with his own “bug”. Yeah buddy, that’s how I felt. The roles were reversed, my husband was telling me not to sit at the computer, to rest. I was snapping back that I had a deadline. I didn’t win.


So as I was trying to recover I decided to start watching Once Upon a Time. BIG MISTAKE. Damn you Netflix. I watched 2 Seasons (over 40 episodes) in a week.


Then I caught up on Season 3 (which is currently running). I would pace myself. I wouldn’t allow myself an episode until I did so many words.

I’m so hooked No pun intended towards Killian Jones (aka Hook).

So that’s where I currently am. Trying to finish my fifth book and not think about Once Upon a Time, which is hard since my 10-year-old daughter is now currently hooked on it.

Do you have any current television/book/movie obsessions, or am the only crazy one here?

Anyways, I better get back to my WIP and listen to Ryan Gosling on this one.


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Holiday Celebrations

Wait! What?

Holy, moly the Fall certainly got away from me and even though it’s technically not winter yet in Canada Mother Nature certainly thought differently the other day.


Also I was wrapped up in a deadline, meeting my editor and attending a conference in October so the days went speeding by. So yeah, the Fall flew by and I can’t believe I’m staring December in the face.


Don’t get me wrong. I love December. I LOVE Christmas, but it also means another deadline is creeping up on me.

I feel like I’m swimming upstream with no legs. ACK!

Every weekend is jam-packed and crazy. This weekend I’m going camping with my Guide group for our annual Christmas Camp. So I have to roast a turkey this Thursday. Next weekend is my husband’s company work party and the weekend after is filled with visiting family and friends and then it’s Christmas. Insanity.

In between all of this I have to finish wrapping, finish a book due January 15, finish a mountain of sewing (I’m making Snuggies for my kids) and other assorted things that I don’t even want to think about or wrap my mind around.IMG_0443[1]

Hopefully, somewhere in all there I can get a chance to trim down my TBR pile and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and watch some of my favorite Christmas movies.

Now, I’ve vented a bit I feel much better! 🙂 Sorry for that.

Is your December just as insane? How do you relax and unwind for all the craziness?

I hope you all have a relaxing, safe and happy holiday season. ❤