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Broken Backs and The Doctor

I have a new book out this month…yay! The heroine is an equine therapist…double yay. Why am I so happy about that? Because I love horses and ride them often. I sneak them into many of my books, but this is the first one where the horses have been center stage. BUT as a funny twist of irony, the book has come out just as I’m recovering from a fractured vertebra as a result of…wait for it…a riding accident. Here’s a picture of my new and not-so-improved L-2 vertebra (if you’re squeamish, you might want to cover the image with your hand).

MRI of Tina's back
MRI of Tina’s back

Anyway, as you’ll see, the vertebrae all look like blocks stacked on top of one another. All except that one in the middle–that pesky L-2, which now looks like the tip of a spear (and kind of feels like one too).

So, I saw various doctors who poked and prodded and took lots of x-rays and pictures. But I have to tell you, I absolutely fell in love with one of the doctors. Yes, I stared at him for hours on end. Night after night. Sometimes I stared at him with my husband. Sometimes with my daughter (who just left for Japan). Sometimes my whole family would sit there and gaze lovingly at his image. That’s because it wasn’t just any doctor. It was The Doctor. Yes, I’d discovered Dr. Who. Since I couldn’t do much except lie on a couch and watch TV, my daughter talked me into watching an episode of Dr. Who that featured weeping angels. Uh oh. Scary. In more ways than one, because I was hooked. Hooked on a show that I’d heard about but had never seen. I devoured them. And I just finished the last episode of the last season three days ago and am squirming with anticipation of seeing what the newest iteration of The Doctor will do. And I do admit, I have a favorite. “Who” you might ask? 😉 Well, because I’m a shallow girl, I think David Tennant made a dreamy Doctor.

My advice to you is to not fracture anything. Because he (The Doctor) might just hook you too! Here’s the clip from the weeping angel episode that was my downfall. Whatever you do…Do. Not. Blink.: 

For those of you who already watch Dr. Who, inquiring minds want to know. Who is your favorite Doctor? (This post is filled with the word “who,” did you notice? It’s everywhere!)

Oh, and here’s my equine therapist. Isn’t she pretty?

His Girl from Nowhere
His Girl from Nowhere