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May New Releases

Happy May!

It’s the day before my favourite holiday. May 4th…yes I’m a Star Wars nerd, but enough of that. We have some great new releases for you to celebrate whatever holiday you want to in May.

Congrats to Annie Claydon on her 40th Book!

The Nurse’s One-Night Baby by Tina Beckett

Celebrate International Nurses Day with the first story in the California Nurses duet by Tina Beckett. Will one night in Mexico unite them forever?

One night in Mexico… 

nine months to become a family!

When Serena Dias visited Cozumel to celebrate becoming a nurse, spending a red-hot night with sexy stranger Tobias Renfro wasn’t on her holiday itinerary. And a shocking reunion with surgeon Toby in her new San Diego–based hospital definitely wasn’t part of Serena’s plan for her first day! But there’s a final surprise for Serena: she’s expecting their baby… 

California Nurses

 Book 1: The Nurse’s One-Night Baby by Tina Beckett
Book 2: Nurse with a Billion Dollar Secret by Scarlet Wilson

Nurse with a Billion Dollar Secret by Scarlet Wilson

Celebrate International Nurses Day with the second story in the California Nurses duet by Scarlet Wilson. How will the doc take it when she finds out her handsome nurse is a billionaire?

This dedicated nurse…

is a billionaire in hiding!

Avery might belong to San Diego’s richest, most obnoxious family, but surely changing his name and working hard as a nurse proves he’s different? When sparks fly with gorgeous Dr. Robyn, Avery wants her to know the man, not the money. Yet fiery Robyn’s impoverished childhood makes her wary of privilege. Dare Avery risk their fledgling bond by revealing his true identity?

California Nurses

 Book 1: The Nurse’s One-Night Baby by Tina Beckett
Book 2: Nurse with a Billion Dollar Secret by Scarlet Wilsonread less

Flight Nurse’s Florida Fairy Tale by Deanne Anders

 Celebrate International Nurses Day and prepare to take flight to Florida, where a nurse finally finds her happy-ever-after in the latest Harlequin Medical Romance novel by Deanne Anders.

Finding happy-ever-after…
in the Florida heat!

Flight nurse Joanna has fought hard to rebuild her life after her ex-husband ripped it apart. She loves her job and the colleagues she saves lives with. But Jo’s newfound happiness is soon threatened, and she turns to her best friend, Casey, for help. Until Jo learns that playboy Casey is also trying desperately to keep his heart from being damaged again. Will they be each other’s knights in shining armor?  

Falling Again for the Surgeon by Karin Baine

Is it finally time to give in to temptation with the gorgeous surgeon she had to say goodbye to fifteen years ago? Find out what happens in Karin Baine’s latest Harlequin Medical Romance.

An unexpected reunion…
with the man she had to give up!

When her family life imploded, physiotherapist Jessie sacrificed medical school and a future with Cameron. Fifteen years later, locking eyes with the handsome-as-ever orthopedic surgeon over a patient astonishes her. As does their stronger-than-ever chemistry! Giving in to temptation would be easy…if Jessie puts herself first for once. But can she expect Cameron to do the same now that he’s a single dad?

Children’s Doc to Heal Her Heart by Annie Claydon

In the latest Harlequin Medical Romance novel by Annie Claydon, will the music therapist be able to drop her fiery exterior and let the children’s doc see the real her?  

Has this feisty therapist…

met her match?

It’s music therapist Rebekah’s first day and she’s already clashing with handsome, infuriating Dr. John, head of the children’s ward. She can’t deny she’s attracted to him, and it looks like he feels the same! But guarded John has only scratched the surface with Rebekah, because beneath her spirited exterior is someone who has never felt good enough… Can he show her that she’s perfect as she is?

A Midwife, Her Best Friend, Their Family by Rachel Dove

Celebrate International Day of the Midwife with the latest Harlequin Medical Romance novel by Rachel Dove. Surely one kiss with the midwife’s best friend won’t change anything…but what happens when that kiss leads to a surprising pregnancy?

A spontaneous kiss…

has bigger consequences!

Midwife Molly has worked with her best friend, Dr. Matt, for years. After a passionate night spent giving in to their hidden attraction, Molly realizes she’s pregnant! Becoming co-parents should be easy as friends, right? But preparing for the arrival of their baby, while ignoring their growing feelings, is easier said than done. Suddenly they have to acknowledge their true feelings and what it means for their friendship and their future…

Happy Reading!


Excerpt: Redeeming her Hot-Shot Vet

Vet stories are always fun for me. I love my animals. Over the course of my life I have been blessed to have many furry friends and all of them make an appearance in my newest medical romance Redeeming her Hot-Shot Vet. Enjoy this excerpt from the book – on sale now!


“I HEARD THE new vet is stopping by this morning.”

Sage Pool didn’t roll her eyes at Blaire’s comment. Well, at least she tried not to. “You heard right.” Nothing ever stayed quiet in small towns. Though Dr. Jacobs had told no one who the new vet was.

Sage doubted it was personal. Dr. Jacobs probably hadn’t even thought it mattered. She’d never really fit in. Spring River was insular, but in the eight months Dr. Jacobs was the town vet she had kept herself apart. Whether intentionally or not…she’d cemented her role as an outsider in the community’s eyes.

“They’re supposed to be here before we open.”

“Not even going to feign excitement? Maybe this is the vet that stays.” Blaire raised her eyebrows, the playful speech a routine between Sage and the graphic designer that helped her run her small dog rescue.

Usually she laughed at this point in the script they repeated far too often. Maybe if this wasn’t their last chance, she could manage it. But too much weighed on the unknown vet showing up this morning.

If this vet didn’t stay at least a year, the clinic was done. At least according to the email she wasn’t supposed to have seen. The corporate office had recalled it, but not before Sage read the curt note.

Spring River Vet Clinic was on the list for downsizing. It was supposed to happen when Dr. Jacobs left. The new vet stepping in had delayed it…but what were the odds they actually stayed? Based on history?


Blaire could work anywhere—the joys of graphic design and remote work. But most people didn’t settle in Spring River, California. The tiny upstate town had one doctor, a grocery store, a bus stop to take the kids to the next town over for school and a vet clinic whose veterinarian rotated so much the office should have a revolving door.

The rest of the town catered to rock climbers and hikers spring through fall and skiers in the winter. All passing through on their way to Mt. Shasta. A city with hundreds of people roaming Main Street on any day, but few full-time residents.

Lately investors were buying vacation cabins and apartment complexes. Turning them into short-term rentals. All that did was make it more difficult for the full-time residents to find affordable housing.


“There’s no reason to get excited.” She lifted one of the tiny brown puppies from the box Blaire had set down. “A new vet will come in. I will get them spun up on our clients, a few locals, the ones who always get their hopes up, who will actually believe this one will stay. Join the community potlucks and raise a family. Ever the optimists.”

“It might happen.”

Sage knew her friend didn’t really believe that. “Might. But more likely, they’ll give a few months’ notice, if we’re lucky.”

“And the process starts over again.” Blaire repeated the oft said line…not aware that Sage had intentionally left it off.

Sage couldn’t utter the falsehood. She tried to put on a cheery voice as she completed their well-worn script. “Same routine, new vet. It’s the role I’ve played since I became a veterinarian technician.”

Except the stakes are so much higher this time around.

Blaire lifted the other puppy from the box and ran her hand over its silky fur. “I keep thinking the corporate shop that set this place up will close it down one of these days.”

Ice slipped down her spine as her friend guessed the truth. The email was technically internal communications, but, oh, how she wished she could tell someone! Vet Med Corp had looked at the number of clients, the rotating staff, and decided this place was more trouble than it was worth. There was a small vet in Spring Farm, thirty miles up the road, but Sage knew that their vet techs had worked there for years. She had no hope of a job there, or at the clinic in Jasper, which was an hour commute away.

“Let’s keep that idea out of the universe. You can work anywhere…telework isn’t much of an option for me.”

Anytime she wasn’t at the clinic, she spent working with the rescue. It was a tiny network of foster homes right now, though Sage had plans for a standalone facility.

Assuming she ever saved enough money.

“You can always move,” Blaire whispered against the puppy she was holding, careful not to meet Sage’s eyes.

“Why don’t we get these little guys to the back and get them checked out before the paying customers show up?” Sage kissed the brown puppy’s nose.

Dogs never judged. Never insinuated that her choices were wrong. They hadn’t watched her grow up. Watched her become the parent of her family when her mother lost herself after her dad abandoned them. Or watched her life implode when her brother, Forest, chose the wrong life path.

No. Dogs just gave unconditional love without asking for anything more than a place in your heart and a bowl of food.

“Your mother would understand. Eventually.” Blaire didn’t meet Sage’s eyes as she set her puppy on the scale. “Six pounds. These guys can’t be much more than six weeks old. Barely finished nursing.”

She appreciated her friend shifting the discussion. Though not before getting one final thought out on her position.

She was wrong, though. Rose Pool would never understand. She’d cry and stay in her room for weeks. Lose the job she’d finally settled into following Forest’s sentencing. Her mother wasn’t strong. That was Sage’s job. It wasn’t fair. But life wasn’t fair. Complaining about it didn’t change it.

Once Sage had dreamed of getting out of Spring River. Dreamed of earning a degree in marine biology and saving the oceans! Big dreams she’d set aside when the small college fund her mother set up went to her brother’s defense lawyer.

Not that the man had accomplished much with the funds they’d given him. A pittance compared to his other retainers, but all the money the Pool family had. And her mother had sunk back into the depression that had enclosed her for over a year when Sage was not quite fourteen.

Sage took care of everything…otherwise it didn’t get done. And she’d learned never to get her hopes up. Easier to deal with disappointment if you just expected it.

“These look like golden Lab mixes. I bet someone dumped them because they have brown wavy hair and most people want the golden short hair version.” Sage knew most dog breeders were responsible, but those that weren’t filled already bursting rescues with the dogs they didn’t think would fetch a high enough price.

Assuming someone found the puppies.


“Technically, they are called Goldadors. Or even more technically…mutts!”

“All breeds were mutts once,” Blaire laughed. “Do you think the new vet will let the rescue use the clinic before it opens?”

Her friend looked at the clock and back at the door. Dr. Jacobs was a creature of habit. She’d walk through the door with the new vet in exactly ten minutes. She hadn’t pushed back on Sage checking the dogs for the tiny rescue. However, if they needed actual treatment, she charged the rescue full price, unlike Dr. Andrews, who’d cut them a deal.

Vet bills were the biggest expenses for a rescue. Even one that couldn’t take more than about twenty dogs at any one time. That was going to change when she finally purchased the Rainbow Ranch. She had plans to turn it into the perfect pet rescue location.

Luckily, these puppies were in good condition. Rambunctious, but that was what one got when you crossed a golden and a Lab.

“I’m glad you were on time. The vet before me did not have good time management skills.” Dr. Jacobs’s sharp tone carried through the small clinic.

And so the clock was ticking.

Somehow, Sage had to convince this vet to stay at least a year.

“New guy is here.” Blaire reached for the puppy Sage was holding and put her in the box with his brother. “That is my cue to head out.”

Sage kissed the top of each of the puppies’ heads. “These little ones are in excellent condition. Call Myka. She should be able to place them with a foster, though once you have their picture on the website, I suspect they will have forever homes soon.”

Puppies always went fast.

Blaire held the box in one hand as she dug her keys out of her back pocket. She offered a short wave before darting out the back door.

Sage didn’t blame her friend. Dr. Jacobs was efficient…but she lacked the warm fuzzy feeling most veterinarians seemed to naturally exude. She was short with staff and patients. It wasn’t personal, but it felt like it.

“Our vet tech is already here. That was her truck out front. Not sure how the thing still runs.”

Sometimes it doesn’t.

Sage crossed her arms, then uncrossed them. She didn’t want to meet the new vet in a defensive posture.

Sure, her truck had seen better days. But she’d used the savings for her home down payment to help her mom get a car three months ago. It was that or deal with her mother losing her job and sinking into despair. Rose was slowly paying her back, but there was no money for a new car. So she kept the truck running on her own.

One could learn most things through internet videos. She’d taught herself mechanics, dry walling, basic plumbing…all things to help her prepare to run the rescue out of the ranch. This was one dream she was going to get. Something of her own.

As soon as Mom pays me back.

“I know you’re used to something grander, but we make do.” The door to the back opened and Dr. Jacobs stepped through. “Sage, good you’re here—”

Sage knew Dr. Jacobs was speaking. Knew words were leaving her mouth, but her ears didn’t capture a single one. Her eyes locked with the new vet. He was still so tall she had to look up to meet his gaze.

Of course he is, Sage!

One didn’t lose inches, at least not until old age. Holt Cove’s lean face had filled out and the last bits of youth had vanished into a well-formed man who probably made many stare.

Including me.

How? What? I… Words raced across her mind in no meaningful order as she tried to process Holt Cove standing less than five feet from her.

Heat rippled across her skin, just like it had the last time she’d seen him. Two days before his high school graduation. They’d shared a kiss after their final school play.

It was everything she’d dreamed a first kiss would be. Fun, exciting…charged. He’d promised to call the day after graduation. Then Forest was arrested.

And all she’d gotten was his voicemail and unanswered texts.

Pain should wrap around her right now. That was the normal emotional reaction to holding the gaze of someone who’d ghosted you at such an important time. And the pain was there. But it wasn’t the only feeling coating her body.

“Sage?” Dr. Jacobs’s tone was sharp. She was used to walking in and having Sage immediately discuss the upcoming clients. Not the schedule, that was Lucy, their receptionist’s job, but the little things that were expected in a tiny community.

The things that made it seem like Dr. Jacobs knew more about the community than she did. Sage always rattled off the day’s internal notes first thing. Before they exchanged any pleasantries. She knew what she was supposed to say.

Mrs. Lowed’s daughter was having a baby, a little girl, and she was going to spend the appointment discussing it. Mr. Kipe’s wife left him last week—do not ask him how things are—he will break down. And Leonard Owen’s dog ate another sock…

That one wasn’t on the schedule yet, but Leonard had texted her this morning.

Toe ate more socks than any dog she’d ever met. Leonard had taken to keeping them on the top shelf of his closet. He wasn’t sure where Toe found the sock, but he’d refused his breakfast. Something the dog never did.

Dr. Jacobs was waiting, but none of the words escaped as she held Holt’s deep gaze.

Had he missed her, even a little?

Nope. Not traveling that thought path.


She blinked, finally breaking the connection. The only saving grace was that he’d seemed as stunned to see her as she was to see him.

“Sorry.” She reached for the tablet chart she’d loaded up when she’d arrived. “II…” She cleared her throat. Maybe that would jolt her brain into action.

It didn’t matter that she’d never expected to see Holt Cove again. Most people who left Spring River didn’t return. She needed to focus, but her brain’s synapses refused to fire.

What was he doing here?

He could be anywhere. She’d known they worked for the same corporate vet. Holt had appeared in a few of the company’s print ads. He was on the fast track, and she hated that she’d looked for him. He was in the big clinics. Boston, Dallas, LA and even the flagship clinic in New York. He shouldn’t be here.

And her mind should not be even partially happy to see her brother’s onetime best friend.

“I…” She looked at the tablet chart, the words still not coming. She could see the frustration in Dr. Jacobs’s eyes. If only she could get the words out.

Then she could flee and take a few minutes to gather herself before again being in the presence of the man who’d spent hours learning lines with her in theater class. The connection they’d formed as kids had morphed until she wasn’t the tagalong little sister. She was a friend and almost something more.

Yet in the days after Forest’s arrest for armed robbery, Holt had vanished from her life. He’d reached out to Forest while he was out on bail. Her brother was angry at the world and the blowup had been epic. But for Sage…all she’d gotten was silence. It had hurt.

Still did, if she was honest. And she was terribly aware that jealousy was mixing in with all the feelings racing through her.

Holt got out of this town, followed his dream. He hadn’t had to parent his parent. He’d gone to college and then veterinarian school.

And she was still here. The walls felt like they were closing in around her, and she wanted to be anywhere else. But she had a job to do and, based on Dr. Jacobs’s tapping foot, she was about to lose her temper.

Get it together, Sage.

“Mrs. Lowed’s daughter is having a baby, a little girl.” Her voice shook, and she forced herself to slow down. She was not making a scene. Well…not more of one.

“The baby is all she’s going to talk about when you are doing her cat’s checkup…” She finished her recitation of the morning appointments without looking up; her mind on auto mode as her emotions locked down.

“Sage is always ready with the local news. The patients’ parents like to talk…small-town things.”

“Yes. I grew up in Spring River. My dad used to run one of the mountain climbing shops. He retired to Dallas a few years before he passed. Are you referring to April Lowed?”

His voice still made her feel warm. It was calming and resonated easily in the room. The deep baritone was the main reason he’d gotten the part of Prince Charming his senior year. Her insides turning gooey was not helpful.

Holt Cove was hot. Attractive in high school, the lanky boyishness was now a rugged handsomeness. Her body’s reaction was surprising, but it was probably just the shock.

More than a decade of quiet, and her body was focusing on such an inconsequential thing. A glutton for punishment. The perfect description for Sage Pool—unfortunately.

“Yes, but she took her husband’s name, something with a B… Brantley or Breams. Left town not long after graduation.” Sage waved a hand, the words inconsequential.

“Of course you know each other. Anyone from Spring River knows the other permanent residents.” Dr. Jacobs took the tablet Sage was offering. “So you were in school together?”

The question was directed at Holt, and her chest tightened as she waited for his answer. Waited to see if he would acknowledge a childhood spent jumping into ponds, riding bikes, and then delinquency. He’d righted his path; Forest had barreled forward with poor decisions and paid a big price for it.

And Sage… Sage got left behind.

His blue eyes met hers, then he looked away, but not before she saw a look she feared was pity on his features.

“As you said, all the permanent residents knew each other.”

Her fists clenched. Dr. Jacobs didn’t need to know their history, but such a cold statement. No. She was not having it.

“Sure. But no other permanent resident spent nearly every waking hour at my house. Being my brother’s best friend and all. And my friend too…once. Guess time zapped those memories. All the big-city clinics and…”

She slammed her mouth shut. It didn’t matter what Holt thought. But the way he’d thrown away their relationship made her see red. Worse, it meant that while he’d forgotten her, she’d acknowledged that she kept track of him.

Barking echoed in the front room.

Thank goodness.

“Toe ate a sock again. And he and Duchess don’t get on well.” She turned to Holt, hoping her face was blank. “Duchess is Mrs. Lowed’s beagle mix.”

The dog let out a howl; Holt chuckled. “Beagle…you don’t say?”

“Toe wants to play, and Duchess doesn’t, so let me go help get them into separate rooms.” She hurried away before Dr. Jacobs could point out that Lucy would make sure the animals were where they needed to be.

She needed to be somewhere else. Needed a moment to gather herself. Dr. Holt Cove was home. And would probably stay at least a year. After all, he knew what Spring River was like. That was good for the clinic. Good for the patients and their pet parents who’d come so close to losing their clinic, even if they didn’t know it.

This was the best possible scenario, and she hated how much she wished that anyone else had walked through the door.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Exclusive Excerpt: Single Dad’s Unexpected Reunion

Hi all!

I’m popping in today to share an exclusive excerpt from my August release for Medicals, SINGLE DAD’S UNEXPECTED REUNION! This is the first story in a new four-book series I’m writing for the line set in a fictional town called Wyckford, Massachusetts on the shores of Buzzards Bay. It’s funny and sweet, steamy and snarky. Basically, everything you’ve come to expect from me. LOL! 😂👍🔥

Anyway, this first book belongs to Dr. Cassie Murphy and Dr. Brock Turner. They both grew up in Wyckford, and Cassie’s always had a bit of a crush on Brock. But he was Mr. Popular while she was Ms. Awkward. Now, the table are turned. Cassie’s a hot shot surgeon on the West Coast, and Brock runs the busy pediatric practice his father started and is raising his four-year-old daughter (and a rescue Frenchie named Winnie) alone after his wife died. Cassie’s back in town briefly after a conference to consult on a case. The last person she wants to see is Brock. But fate, of course, has other ideas, and soon these two are thrown together in a way that upends everything they think they know about themselves and their futures…

If you enjoy reunion/single dad/ugly duckling/opposites attract/second chance/forced proximity stories, then this is the one for you! It releases August 2023 but is available for preorder now at the link below.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt, and until next time, Happy Reading! 🤓📚❤️

Exclusive Excerpt:

Cassie’s eyes opened wide in shock when Brock Turner kissed her. Then, slowly, they slid closed as she enjoyed the feel of his lips on hers. And yep, they were every bit as heavenly as she’d always imagined they would be. Maybe even more so. There were sparks too, at least for her.

Or more like a full fireworks display.

When Brock pulled back, Cassie opened her eyes again to his bright blue ones and caught a hint of surprise in his gaze before he masked it.

“So you’ll walk my dog today then?” he asked, a bit gruffer than before.

For the first time since he’d arrived, Cassie noticed he looked even more exhausted than he had yesterday. She was also extremely aware of his proximity after their unexpected kiss, aware of the cargo pants and button-down shirt he wore, both in black, both casual but expensive looking, like he’d walked right out of an ad.

Aware that the entire art class was still watching them from the doorway, including her dad.


Cassie stepped back and crossed her arms. “Fine. I’ll walk Winnie.”

Brock handed her a key to his house and told her the code for the alarm then left.

“Hey,” she called, running to catch up with him in the hall, her body still humming. “Wait. What was that in there?”

“You know what it was.”

Yeah, Cassie knew all right. Chemistry. But why did it have to happen now? With this man? She’d spent years forgetting him and with one kiss Brock threatened to wipe out all her hard work. Not to mention they were night and day. Oil and water. No. That kiss had to have been a fluke. A crazy one-off, never to be repeated.

Then Brock’s eyes darkened, and her pulse tripped in response.

Okay, maybe not a fluke then.

Cassie hazarded a glance over her shoulder and found her dad and the entire art class still there by the door, eavesdropping. She scowled and waved them away, and they vanished.

“Impressive.” Brock snorted. “Be sure to use that level of authority on Winnie today and try to avoid another escape.”

“I really thought she’d drowned.”

“She likes to play hide-and-seek.”

“Good to know.”

He took a deep breath, then rocked back on his heels. “Who’s your patient?”

“I’m sorry?” Cassie frowned.

“The one you’re consulting on here. You mentioned it yesterday.”

“Oh. Right.” Cassie nodded. “Her name is Serene Ogden.”

“I know Serene,” Brock said. “I worked on her initially when she came into the ER after her accident. Did her initial surgery to stabilize her enough to get her to this point. I can go over the records with you if you’d like. I’ll have my office set it up.”

He smiled then—a genuine one, from a man who she suspected didn’t do so very often anymore—and it left Cassie a little dazed. Or maybe it was the residual buzz left over from their kiss. Whatever the cause, she found herself nodding against her better judgment. “I’d like that.”

“Great.” He continued toward the exit, calling to her as he went. “Let me know if you have any trouble with Winnie. The house should be empty again, just like before.”

“We’ll be fine,” she called back. And she would be too. Just as soon as she got over the fact she and Brock had a connection, a real one, and now she knew the power of it.

Except she wasn’t back home to make connections. Not with Brock Turner anyway. She was here to see her dad and her friends and consult on Serene’s case. Then she was going back to San Diego and her life there. Which meant steering well clear of anything beyond the professional was her smartest choice. And no matter how good Brock and his kisses were, she was going to be smart if it killed her.

When the hotshot surgeon returns to her hometown, she never expects to run into the single dad again…or for their attraction to still be this powerful! Find out what happens in the latest Harlequin Medical Romance novel by Traci Douglass.

Her temporary return…
Their explosive reunion!

Hotshot plastic surgeon Cassandra is unexpectedly back in her small hometown. And stunned to see Dr. Brock again! She’s no longer the timid med student with an unrequited crush. But single dad Brock’s changed too… He’s a serious workaholic raising his daughter alone. Yet as they consult on a case together, Cassie realizes her desire is as powerful as ever. And, apparently, it’s mutual!

Wyckford General Hospital

 Book 1: Single Dad’s Unexpected Reunion

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

April New Releases!

Happy April! I love April, but I’m really biased because it’s my birthday month. 🙂

We have some great new releases, including one from me! And it’s a special one because it’s my 35th book with Harlequin Medical and releasing during my birthday month! So much fun and I loved writing this book.

We also have JC Harroway releasing her 15th book this month. Congrats to my fellow milestone author!

Winning the Neonatal Doc’s Heart by Amy Ruttan

A fresh start…

…for them both?

Fleeing a scandal, Dr. Penny Burman arrives in the middle of nowhere to start her career over. So when she has a run-in with a gruff, gorgeous mountain man who’s revealed to be legendary neonatal doc Atticus Spike, she’s shocked to find her pulse racing! But getting to know the reclusive Atticus, she learns they have more in common than they realize. Can Penny entice his heart to come out of hiding?

Tempted by the Rebel Surgeon by JC Harroway

A wild fling…

…with her red-hot ex!

Dr. Lauren has taken the plunge and applied to become head of the ER. The problem? Her old flame, surgeon Mason, has just taken a post there! Their chemistry is still off the charts, and leaping back into this rebel’s bed is oh so tempting… ­But with her promotion at stake, why is she considering rekindling their romance? It’ll be much safer remaining as a scorching-hot memory—won’t it?

Gulf Harbour ER

 Book 1: Tempted by the Rebel Surgeon
Book 2: Breaking the Single Mom’s Rules

Redeeming Her Hot-Shot Vet by Juliette Hyland

The key to his redemption?

The woman from his past!

When Holt escaped Spring River, he never thought he’d return. With a chance to right the wrongs of his youth, he’s back to save the town’s veterinary clinic. The renowned vet just didn’t realize it’d mean working with Sage, the woman he left behind… Their attraction certainly hasn’t faded! But Sage isn’t the dreamer he once knew, and he’s determined to make amends. Can Holt mend what’s been broken and spark a new life—together?

Finding Their Forever Family by Caroline Anderson

A second chance…

A new family?

ER doctor Emily is stunned to learn Yoxburgh Park Hospital’s new trauma consultant is the man who went to America almost twenty years ago and left her heartbroken. Oliver is equally surprised to see her again, but the desire they once shared hits them both like a thunderbolt! Unfinished business simmers between them, yet their separate lives as single parents must always come first. Is being together now an impossible dream—or can they finally be one happy family?

Breaking the Single Mom’s Rules by JC Harroway

She made the rule…
But will she keep it?

Doctor and single mom Kat always sticks to protocol. So when nurse Nash plays it fast and loose, she has no problem confronting him. Only to find the disarmingly attractive single dad leaves her tongue-tied! As they’re forced together by their daughters’ friendship, the tension only intensifies… Kat has lived by her no-men rule meticulously. She just never anticipated a connection as electric as hers and Nash’s!

Gulf Harbour ER

 Book 1: Tempted by the Rebel Surgeon
Book 2: Breaking the Single Mom’s Rules

Brought Together by a Pup by Sue MacKay

Saving a pup…

Finding an unexpected future…

Since her life-altering accident, vet nurse Willow guards her heart and never settles anywhere. Yet when her sexy new boss, Carter, persuades her to care for injured puppy Axel, it changes everything. She’s there temporarily, but Willow’s losing her battle with getting too attached—and not just to the pup! As healing Axel brings them together, Willow learns Carter won’t risk anything on someone who can’t stick around—not again. But pulling apart from him seems impossible…

Happy Reading!

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Do you have Medical Romance in you?

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news yet, but there is a Medical Blitz happening in May. I love seeing Harlequin do blitzes. This is how I sold my first book, Unlocking the Ex-Army Doc’s Heart

Like most authors I wrote several things that will forever live under my bed. A fantasy novel that I still use when people say they could never do what I do, to prove they could. That thing is a case study in mistakes first time authors do. Start with a dream (check), character describes themselves in a mirror (check), flash back scene in the first chapter (YUP!) 

Unlocking the Ex-Army Doc’s Heart, is my fourth completed books, and the first one to hit shelves. I entered the medical blitz because I wanted the feedback quick on my story. It was basically a reimagining of what if the Olsen twins, of Full House fame, had gone into medicine instead of fashion? And because I love forced proximity tropes, I stuck them in Alaska in the winter…no getting out for Annie and Rafe! 

The story I first turned in is not the final book that was published. My editor, at the time, helped me develop the characters into something others would want to read. 

I sold in September of 2019 and debuted in May of 2020. My next medical romance, Redeeming her Hot-Shot Vetis out next month and is my twelfth romance for Harlequin…and I have two more out this year! 

I am having a blast and I highly recommend giving the blitz a shot! 

More information on the blitz: https://www.writeforharlequin.com/calling-all-harlequin-medical-romance-writerssubmit-your-story-during-medical-month/

Juliette’s Books: https://www.juliettehyland.com/books

Juliette’s call Story: https://www.writeforharlequin.com/getting-the-call-meet-new-harlequin-medical-romance-author-juliette-hyland/

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Tik Tok on the Clock

Hi all!

A big part of an author’s job these days is marketing. Gone is the time when you could write the book, then sit back and relax and expect someone else to do all the promotion for it. Sigh. You can hire people to do it for you, if you have the resources, but alas, many of us do not. And social media is a huge part of growing an audience for what you write.

But unfortunately, it can also be a huge time suck! (At least for me…) And can sometimes feel like we’re smacking people in the face with our product whether they want it or not (again, at least for me…)

So, to keep myself from wasting whole days scrolling through posts and surfing the internet, I try to limit which social platforms I’m on. Also, who needs the drama, right? Earlier this year, I decided to drop Twitter, for reasons I won’t go into here. I honestly never did much book-wise on there anyway, but I did use it to keep up with breaking news, as it often would hit the Twitterverse first.

But weighing the pros and cons of that platform had me deciding that leaving was the best option for me. (YMMV.) I still have an author presence on Facebook and Instagram and like those two especially because they are owned by the same company and make it very easy to cross-promote across both platforms.

Recently, though, I’d been hearing A LOT about TikTok. I’m sure you have too. Both good and bad. But, in particular, I was hearing about a special niche of the site called BookTok. Are you familiar with this? It’s literally just a huge bunch of readers and authors who love talking about books. Reading them. Reviewing them. Promoting them. So, I finally broke down earlier this year and took a class on using TikTok for authors. I was skeptical at first. VERY skeptical. I thought, “Yeah, yeah. I basically get on there and make a fool of myself and hope to sell a few books or get a few subscribers.”

I won’t lie. Learning the ins and outs of it and filming the content at first was exhausting for me. (Can you say high-level introvert? LOL). But now that I’ve been on there regularly since early January and have begun to build a community of followers, I’m really starting to dig it! For me, I find it has the same immediacy of Twitter, without all the BS and shenanigans of a few rotten apples.

AND, the people within the BookTok community are engaged. Like HIGHLY engaged. If they like your video and the books shown in it, they don’t just go off and forget all about you. They search you out outside of TikTok and, many times, go on to buy and read your books. For an author, that’s GOLD!

Plus, to me at least, it seems a little less like screaming into a void and more like I’m actually moving the needle a little bit. Oh, and remember I mentioned cross-promotion before? Yeah. TikTok allows me to make content on the site and post it, then it will send me to my connected Instagram account to post it there, and Insta then posts it automatically to my Facebook author accounts, so it’s one and done! Boom! Love it!

So, all of this to say… Are you on TikTok? If so, come check me out and let’s be Book Besties!

In the latest Harlequin Medical Romance by Traci Douglass, a GP is unexpectedly reunited with her prince and the father of her child…but will their reunion in the Mediterranean be able to overcome the pressures of parenthood and royal life?

Reunited in the Mediterranean…

Bound by her revelation…

Taking a locum position aboard a luxury yacht, GP Cate is stunned to come face-to-face with her ex, Prince Davian. She now has the chance to tell him her biggest secret—she had his child! When they were medical residents, Davian kept his identity hidden and, duty-bound, left without saying goodbye. As they set sail, old flames reignite and their passion takes over…but can they cope with the pressures of their new royal reality?

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New Year New Book

by Susan Carlisle

I haven’t posted since last year so I want to wish everyone a great 2023. Mine is starting off with a new book out. It has been awhile so I’m super excited about it. Here is a little about it.

When two broken hearts find each other again, will they have the courage to risk it all for a happy-ever-after? Find out what happens in Susan Carlisle’s latest Harlequin Medical Romance book. 

He loved her once…

Can he risk falling for her again?

Since losing her son, Marcy has had a single focus: researching a cure for cancer. Meeting Dr. Dylan again is unexpected, and his compassionate warmth invades the fortress around her heart. Marcy’s even more beautiful than he remembers, but Dylan’s been abandoned too many times. As they fight for their patients’ lives, an irresistible passion flares between them. Dare they put themselves on the line again for a shot at happy-ever-after?

Is there something new happening in your life?

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February Releases

I’m a touch late with the releases. Exam schedule for the middle kid and country living means I was driving back and forth and it’s 20-30 minutes one way. So I was Mom taxi last week, then you add in some snow squalls out in the country and you have spotty wifi.

Ahhh, February rolling in. Where’s the groundhog when you need them eh?

Still, we have some fabulous new releases for you this month!

The Single Mom He Can’t Resist by Janice Lynn

Will this bachelor discover…

…home is where the heart is?

ICU nurse Tristan is always moving…always looking for the next adventure. There’s no point in forming attachments—they only disappear. But after meeting sweet nurse Jenny and her adorable son, Tristan starts to question his way of life. Abandoned by her son’s father, Jenny’s protective of her little family—and her heart—yet she makes Tristan feel the unfamiliar tug of home. Can he resist the single mom? Or should he take the biggest gamble and stay?

The Nurse’s Pregnancy Wish by Carol Marinelli

Taking a risk…

…with her daredevil paramedic!

Emergency nurse Libby is dreading her next fertility appointment. Now that she’s single, she’s further than ever from becoming a mom. When she meets paramedic Alistair, she falls hard and fast into a red-hot fling! But he risks his life daily with the Tactical Response Unit—hardly perfect daddy material! And after her unsettled childhood, Libby can’t bear wondering whether Alistair will make it home every night. With their dreams going in different directions, can they find a future together?

Single Dad for the Heart Doctor by Karin Baine

Could this single dad…
…make her a mother?

Family is something that cardiologist Lily has always denied herself. Since her own heart condition was diagnosed, she’s chosen to pour all her passion into her career. So when she’s partnered with widowed firefighter Charlie “Finn” Finnegan for a project, she’s stunned by their sizzling attraction. As they work closely together, gorgeous Finn pushes all her buttons! But it’s his every interaction with his delightful daughters that melts Lily’s heart and begins to rekindle her long-buried hopes for a family…

Healed by Their Dolphin Island Baby by Marion Lennox

Two broken hearts…

And a one-night baby!

A posting to idyllic Dolphin Island is a chance to regroup for Dr. Ben Duncan and Dr. Anya Greer after their recent separate losses. Romance might be the furthest thing from their minds, but spellbound by the magic of the island—and each other!—they quickly move from being colleagues to friends to lovers. The result could be life-changing…especially if they can find the courage to become a family with their unexpected baby!

Falling Again for the Brazilian Doc by Luana DaRosa

Her first love…
Their second chance?

World-renowned diagnostician Dr. Yara Silvia has returned home to Brasília to consult on a challenging case—not to rekindle her teenage romance with Dr. Salvador Martins! It’s been thirty years since she was forced to leave him behind, and their priorities are different now. Sal’s focused on raising his nephew, while Yara avoids commitment following her painful divorce. One thing is for sure—their burning attraction is still utterly irresistible! But will the past hold them back?

Cinderella in the Surgeon’s Castle by Annie Claydon

Their meeting? Pure chance…

Their connection? Meant to be!

When orthopedic surgeon Penn meets enchanting physiotherapist Grace on a train from London to Cornwall, time stops still. Their chemistry is undeniable! Yet Penn carries the burden of a title and the castle that comes with it. It’s destroyed many of his relationships already—and besides, he and this gorgeous stranger are from different worlds. It would never work! But as they reach their destination, Penn just can’t seem to let Grace go…

Happy Reading!

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

A Decade Later…

I will admit, this anniversary kind of snuck up on me! I was chatting with someone who was asking how long I had been with Harlequin, then it hit me it’s 2023 and I sold in 2103. IT’S BEEN TEN YEARS!

It was 4 a.m. EST that I got an email from, my first editor, Suzanne asking me when it was a good time to call.

I never sat up so fast. I told her 9:30 a.m. EST was a good time. My young kids, they were 10, 7 and 3 at the time, would be at school. I could talk. (They are 20, 17 and almost 13 now!)

I had been working furiously on several rounds of revisions for months on Safe in His Hands. My critique partner, now medical author herself, Ann McIntosh was there with me every step of the way. We reversed roles the year she sold. LOL

The phone call was the one I had always dreamed about. I became a Harlequin author January 25, 2013. My debut released in September 2013.

Now, my 35th book Winning the Neonatal Doc’s Heart releases in April 2023…the month of my 45th birthday. Number 36 Nurse’s Pregnancy Surprise is slotted for June 2023 and I’m furiously working on my 37th…release date to be determined! 😉

It’s been a very rewarding ten years for my career and with Harlequin Medicals. My 5th book is where I signed my intrepid agent Scott…who is a huge listening board and plot partner. I saw my amazing CP of 17+ years Ann McIntosh sell. I’ve met so many amazing authors face-to-face. Working with so many talented authors.

I also worked with my fair share of awesome editors and I want to give them a huge shout out. Suzanne who bought me in 2013 and worked on my first two books. To Laura, who taught me so much and got me…she was the Canadian in the UK office. Sareeta who I didn’t get to work with as long as I wanted to. Julia who stood by me as I hit the milestone of 25! And now Laurie, who jumped right in the middle of a Caribbean Duet on book 2. I also have to thank the Medical editor in charge Sheila, for being amazing as always and everyone else behind the scenes.

And I am so thankful for all my fellow Medical Authors. Thanks for being so kind and helpful to me at the start and be an inspiration.

When I signed a new contract late last year, I was thrilled as usual. I get to write heroes and heroines that reflect my indigenous heritage and characters who are on the spectrum like me. I get to write more about the north, where my roots lie and the north is special to me, but I get to visit other places too.

It’s a dream.

Thanks for reading and I’ll get back to writing number 37…which is due end of February!

Also, I have a short in an antho coming out soon! Be sure to check it out here.

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Excerpt: Rules of their Fake Florida Fling

Six weeks, one wedding, no falling in love… Will the neurosurgeon and the anesthesiologist be able to stick to their rules and keep their sizzling attraction at bay? Rules of their Fake Florida Fling is available now, and you can read a short excerpt below!

“YOU REALIZE THREE other surgeons have turned this case away?”

“They weren’t me.” Dr. Asher Parks shrugged as he looked at the head of the surgery department, Dr. Levern. Asher wasn’t bragging—not really. Just being honest.

He was the best neurosurgeon at Mercy General. The best in Orlando, Florida…one of the best in the nation. He knew his skill set.

He’d chosen neurosurgery because it was complicated. In the academic world nearly everything had come easily…again not a brag, just a fact. Neurosurgery offered a challenge so many other things didn’t. And Asher loved a challenge.

This surgery was difficult…some had said impossible. An operation most neurosurgeons wouldn’t touch, and this was a competitive field. But it was a challenge Asher could meet; he was certain of it.

“A tumor in the spinal cavity. Definition of unlucky.” Dr. Levern flipped through the images on the tablet, clicking his tongue at the results.

Asher felt his nose scrunch and intentionally leaned back. It was unlucky. Statistically, nearly impossible. He understood this line of work required at least some compartmentalization of emotions. Dr. Levern didn’t mean anything by the throwaway comment, but there was a person on the other end of that “unlucky.”

Jason Mendez. Twenty, barely more than a teenager, with a full life in front of him. He should be worrying about college, or starting a career, or dating. There were so many things one looked forward to at twenty, before adult realities sneaked in. A tumor had ripped that “normal” away.

Unlucky indeed.

“It’s grown by three centimeters in the last six months.” Asher rocked back on his heels, trying to keep the frustration at bay. A tumor in the spinal cavity was dangerous. The surgery would take at least six hours, assuming everything went well. Three other surgeons had looked at the location of the tumor and told the patient to prepare for the end.

But Asher wasn’t ready to concede to the fates. Jason knew the risks, knew that a single slip could paralyze him. Knew that if the tumor had any attachments not currently seen on the images, removing it completely might not be possible. Since it was cancerous, that would buy him time, but not forever.

Jason understood he might not make it through the surgery. That was always a risk, but, when dealing with neurosurgery, the risks were even higher. Still, as Jason had told him, he was already under a death sentence. May as well give it a go.

And Dr. Asher Parks was more than willing to give it a go. In fact he planned to do this flawlessly. Perfection!

Dr. Levern clicked his tongue again. It was a tell every surgeon in the hospital knew. It meant the head of surgery was leaning toward yes and trying to convince himself it was the right choice.

“Think of the prestige the hospital will get for doing this.” Asher kept his voice upbeat even though the words tasted like dirt. He hated it that hospitals took prestige into their calculation matrix for high-risk cases. He may have chosen medicine because it was a challenge, but saving lives was supposed to be the purpose.

And it was for most doctors. But hospital administration was a different beast. All spreadsheets, profit margins and dividends. Unfortunately that was the beast Dr. Levern had to answer to.

“You’ll write a paper? Answer any questions, if they’re asked? Interviews, if necessary.”

“Of course.” Asher could see the mental calculations of at least a hospital-organized local press release and a medical journal publication coalescing into the affirmative. It shouldn’t matter, but that wasn’t the way life worked. And for his patients, he’d do anything.

“And you’ll have to have the best team for this. They’ll need to sign off on participating.” He tapped a pen against his desk. “It’s high risk and…”

“Understood.” Asher wanted to pump his fist, but he kept his pose professional. This was going to be approved. Jason would get the surgery, and Asher would wield the scalpel. If anyone balked, well, most of the hospital owed him at least one favor for stepping out on a limb for them.

“That includes Dr. Miller.” Dr. Levern handed him back the tablet.

“Of course.” This reply was more subdued, but Asher kept the smile on his face. “Dr. Miller and I get along fine.” That was a bit of a stretch, but Dr. Levern didn’t push him on it.

Leaving Dr. Levern’s office, Asher went in search of Rory Miller. Better to talk to her before word trickled out. He might need a bit of time to get her on his side.

He and Rory tolerated each other. They worked well together, but their personalities were diametrically opposed. He was a jokester, had to find some way to expel the stress, while she was commonly called the Rock of Mercy. She was great at her job, cared about her patients. Listened.

And the woman never flinched, never worried in surgery, never showed any emotion.

Unless it was annoyance with Dr. Parks! They’d lived next to each other for almost five years, worked together for six, and yet he wasn’t sure he’d ever seen the woman smile.

Not that he hadn’t tried. It was his secret personal project. Six years with no success, every attempt expertly rebuffed. All work and no play for the Rock. But Asher was persistent. One day he’d find the crack…

He’d met the anesthesiologist at the new-employee orientation. Sitting next to the fiery redhead with piercing green eyes should have been the highlight of his morning. Their safety presentation had been drier than dry. The monotone of the instructor made most of the assembled employees yawn.

He’d leaned over and made some joke…something lost to the fog of time now. And Rory had looked horrified; that he hadn’t forgotten. Her jade eyes flashing as she shook her head. The drop of his stomach as the beautiful doctor judged him…and found him lacking.