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WaitingWaiting has always been the most difficult part about writing for me. It begins early in the process: Waiting for critique partners to read your pages; for contest entry results; for responses from agents after you’ve risked sending your baby out into the world.

Fifteen years ago, when I first started this crazy journey, agents would actually send rejection letters, most often form letters, but occasionally one would be written especially for the author, making a suggestion or two about how to improve on the manuscript. This was a rejection worth waiting for. These days, most agencies don’t even bother to respond. The new normal seems to be – no news means no. How rude, right?iStock_000077653867_Double.jpg

Harlequin is one of the only publishers willing to take un-agented manuscripts, which is great, but the wait time can feel endless! Waiting for “the call” doesn’t seem to compute with authors because no one ever suspects that call, do they? It always seems to take folks completely by surprise. And such a sweet surprise it is.

The call!jpeg.jpg

Even after getting published “waiting” remains a huge part of the process. Waiting for the editorial revision letter, then waiting for the reaction to your post revision manuscript. If the book is accepted there is more waiting to do – for the copy edits, for the publication date, then, for the cover, the author copies of the book, release day! After that, the scariest waiting period of all comes – waiting for reactions and reviews for the book. Inevitably, a silent unease sets in as the waiting begins for the offer of another book contract.

Never a day goes by without some form of waiting.Woman in business suit looks on the hand of the clock close up

Why am I lamenting about waiting, you ask? Because I am deep in the process of waiting for word on a proposal for a trilogy for another line at Harlequin. After over 17,000 words in the form of the first three chapters, and another 11,000 in three thorough synopses for all of the books, I’ve yet to make the hurdle of getting past my own editor. Once that is done I will wait for the thoughts/comments/rejection (?) from the senior editor of the other line.

So these days, waiting is first and foremost on my mind. Thankfully, I have another contracted Medical Romance to concentrate on, but it is hard to move forward with my subconscious pulling me back to the waiting game for that other proposal.

At least I don’t have to wait for the gorgeous cover for my next book. Isn’t she a beaut? This is book #6 in the Hollywood Hills Clinic continuity that I was lucky to take part in.

HIS PREGNANT SLEEPING BEAUTY will be out in June (though currently available for pre-order!)


512HRpHFjwL__SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Here’s the blurb:

Rescuing the runaway

When paramedic Joseph Matthews rescues a vulnerable pregnant woman left in a coma, he vows to be there for his sleeping beauty. Even though, after his ex-wife’s betrayal, everything about innocent Carey Spencer evokes bittersweet memories…mixed with unexpected desire.

As Joseph helps gorgeous Carey recover and build a safe new future for her unborn baby, can he gather his courage to give them the happy-ever-after they deserve?


Until next time, make it a great one!


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A Long Weekend

photo[1]It’s a long weekend in my state; the celebration of the eight hour day. Eight hours of work, eight hours of sleep and eight hours of recreation. Hmm, tell a woman that. It seems our recreation is consumed by a lot of domestic things but I digress. The Lowe family is exhausted after the craziest 6 weeks, which saw school sailing and school music, consume Boy Wonder …he won best conductor 🙂  And  a book deadline and organizing a sailing dinner for 90 people consume me.  I swear that my editor might find the sailing dinner menu inside my latest manuscript! And in the middle of all that we’re painting so the house is in chaos. Fortunately, my husband is good at lugging furniture.

So the focus of this weekend has been sleep and study for Boy Wonder, wrestling thegeorgy girl house under control and doing some fun things too. Friday night we schlepped down the road to Melbourne and saw Georgy Girl, the new muscial about the 1960s group The Seekers. I was only really little back then, but my parents had the vinyl records. I had no idea they knocked The Beetles off the number 1 spot once! If you don’t know The Seekers, try this. Their harmonies are legendary.

DH took Boy Wonder down to the amateur theatre company he’s involved with and taught him how to set lights and I visited my mother who lives 100 km away/60 miles as she’s having major back surgery this week. At 84, one visits their mother before surgery…


I’ve talked before about my love of audio books and I’ve just listened to The Truth According to Us and I loved it. Set in West Virginia in 1938, the heat pours off the page and the legacy of family secrets implodes the here and now. Having just finished writing a 600 page novel about family secrets, I may have been more drawn to the book .

Work wise, I am about to start a medical romance, my 23rd for Harlequin but my …adds up on fingers…ohhh! My 30th book.  (click here for a full list 🙂 )This time set in London so I am off to research Paddington by way of Google 🙂 But before I do that, I best go and move all the knickknacks from the hall so the painter can paint.

So what did you get up to this weekend? I hope you had some time to smell the roses 🙂  Fiona x



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DSC03291As many of you already know, I was fortunate enough to spend the last part of September and the first couple of weeks of October in Ireland. One of my absolute favorite places to visit was a gorgeous Georgian Manor Home set on the river Nore in Thomastown, County Kilkenny. Mount Juliet was built in 1757 by the Earl of Carrick and named after his wife, Juliet. How romantic is that?

My room:IMG_2293IMG_2228IMG_2227

The estate has gone through many different owners, and though the home boasts many original paintings and has maintained the lovely “bones” of the home, it is now a popular hotel with a Michelin star Restaurant named Lady Helen. There is also a really good off site restaurant called Kendalls at Hunters Yard. Beware, there is a rainbow trout farm nearby, and if you order fish for dinner it will come served with the entire head and eyes. I ate it anyway, and it was the most delicious trout I’ve ever had!











Besides being the setting for a modern day spa and golf course, it has maintained the grandeur of the classic country home, but now includes wedding packages. What is the draw? For starters, there is a nearby stud farm,DSC03296

a hundred-year-old bridge over the beautiful river Nore,IMG_2291

Gardens galore,





















and a hunting dog kennel, which is home to over one-hundred dogs! Each morning all of the dogs go for a five-mile run with their trainers, sans leashes! These dogs are happy campers and are well taken care of. Can you imagine the vet bills?















A top-notch Golf course adds to the beauty, as well as a luxurious equestrian center. What more could a person dream of?


Even though I’ve been home for months now, I still dream of my lovely time at the Irish Manor named for an Earl’s wife.

Tell us about your all-time favorite vacation!  Leave a comment.  Join the fun!

Here’s my latest Medical RomanceLM_FB_header_4

Australia A Mother forAustralia

Thanks for reading!







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Just Another Manic Thursday

So blog day has arrived, and I am skidding in at the last second. Then again, that seems to be the way I’m running nowadays. I just turned in a book last week (yay!) and have been catching my breath ever since. In fact, I was in the car with my husband and son, and I sighed and said, “It’s just another manic Monday.” Of course then I had the song running through my head and started singing. My son gave me the strangest look. It seems he’s never heard that  song. Like ever! Could it be true? Are there actually people who’ve never heard Manic Monday?  If you’re one of those souls, get thee to the nearest You Tube and look it up. Seriously. Go and listen to the actual song by The Bangles. It’s awesome. I even pasted a link here for your convenience.

And in the spirit of running far behind this year (and while looking at my own very, bare Christmas tree), I made up my own little ditty to the tune of Manic Monday. Only it’s Manic Thursday. Because that’s the kind of day it is.

The tree’s not done,

It’s just sitting there all unadorned.

The baubles and lights

are in boxes looking so forlorn.

I haven’t shopped

Cause I just haven’t had the time

But the days are getting shorter,

So I guess I’d better stand in line.

It’s just another Manic Thursday…

Tina's bare Christmas tree
Tina’s bare Christmas tree


I know it’s corny, but the original song has been stuck in my head for days. Anyway, I hope your Mondays are not manic and that your shopping is done and your cookies are all baked. If so, share how you stay ahead of the game, so I won’t find myself so far behind next year. If you’re like me and running as fast as you can to catch up, come and commiserate with me!

I do have a brand new book out. Things like that help make all of the manic days worthwhile! (And having my kids home from school for the holidays…definitely that!) 9780373010745

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The Joys of November in southern Down Under

Spring paddocks and canola
Spring paddocks and canola

I live in the south-eastern part of Australia and much to the surprise of many overseas visitors, we get cold weather. Sure, it isn’t northern hemisphere cold, although it did snow on the beach once for an hour(!) however, compared to my northern Australian friends, I live in a temperate zone. This means for a teeny tiny part of the year, for two of the three months of spring it is GREEN! 🙂

My garden is emerald. It won’t last long but for now I am loving it and the spring roses. I’ve planted rhubarb, strawberries, lettuces and updated the herb garden. We’ve mulched and pruned and now DH is cleaning the pavers around the pool for that first hot day that will turn my emerald green to burnt brown. Given the forecast, that may be today!

So please enjoy my garden while it’s green and under the photos is my cover reveal for my next medical romance 🙂 Do you have a favourite rose?

Sentimental rose
Sentimental rose
My favourite, Mr Lincoln. The perfume is AMAZING!

IMG_20151107_163132 IMG_1174 IMG_1176

Not a rose but I am excited that my Bird of Paradise has finally flowered. My garden is a bit too shady!
Not a rose but I am excited that my Bird of Paradise has finally flowered. My garden is a bit too shady!


81ydVW4HKpL._SL1500_WOOT! I have a cover for A Daddy For Baby Zoe? my next Harlequin Medical Romance which is released on January 1st 2016 🙂 It’s up for pre-order all over the place and you can find buy links here  along with an excerpt. To peak your interest, I have a special Pinterest board. You can see the little penguins, the fishing fleet, and the actors who inspired Meredith and Raf 🙂

And what do you think of the cover? I just adore that baby! It tugs on my heartstrings 🙂

My Medicine River series, set in glorious Montana, is still getting grFiona Lowe ARRA adeat reviews so if you haven’t caught up with it yet, now might be the time 🙂 Montana Actually and Truly Madly Montana, are available in mass market paperback and eBook format.

Unlocking Her Surgeon’s Heart, a Harlequin Mills & Boon medical romance is out in the world. If you enjoy the TV series, Call the Midwife, you’ll love this book. It’s part of the Midwives-on-Call series and my story is set in a small rural town. Lilia is the midwife and the last thing she needs is a grumpy, city surgeon trying to throw his weight around. Buy links are here.

I hang out a bit on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like to join me there.

I’m currently reading The Lake House by Kate Morton. I hope your November has plenty of time for reading!

Fiona x

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new officesMany of you already know that Harlequin Mills & Boon United Kingdom recently moved from Richmond to London proper into the Shard London Bridge area. They are now part of Harper-Collins UK and have one large section of the 16th of 17 floors. The new building is very modern and high-tech looking with windows instead of walls. As you can imagine, the view is spectacular!


After my editor Flo Nicoll got clearance for me to enter the building, I was given a temporary ID card that I had to wear until I left and turned it back in. They don’t mess around with security, do they? Flo came to greet me downstairs and together we took the elevator to the 16th floor where Harlequin Mills & Boon has found its new home. Due to the gloriously sunny day, all of the window shades were automatically down so I didn’t get to actually see the above view. Still, the office is one big room with rows and rows of editor, assistant editor, and editorial assistant’s etc. desks.

The back lighting from the sun made my pictures all turn out dark, so I’ve tweaked them and though they aren’t the best, they’ll give you an idea of the setup.

DSC03141 (2)DSC03142 (2)

Left to right:  Flo Nicoll, Nicola Caws, Kathryn Cheshire, Sarah Packford (PA to Jo Grant), Pippa Roscoe.

I nearly broke into tears when I saw the group of happy faces waiting to meet me. Bubbly and non-bubbly was lined up for a lovely greeting toast, and Flo Nicoll was absolutely the most wonderful hostess, taking me out to lunch. I felt far more special than I deserved, but it sure was great.

Left to right:  Carly Byrne, Megan Haslam, Bryony Green, Izzy Gormenzano Marks (Great name!!!), Laura McCallum, Sheila Hodgson, Becky Wicks (Social Media), and Tilda McDonald.

They even posted one of my most recent Medical Romance book covers, number 19. Flo is so considerate, she put up Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad, since I supposed she knew that I wasn’t a fan of the UK cover for Father for her Newborn Baby, which is my 20th book. (Long story, read about it here)

DSC03147 (2)

Sheila and Flo made me feel welcomed and totally appreciated, and I will never forget how wonderful that was. Writing twenty books means something to the editorial team, and I’m happy to say I am currently working on twenty-three. Look out twenty-five here I come!

DSC03151 (2)

I got to sit at Bryony Green’s desk for this photo.  Flo’s is right beside Bryony’s.  Yes, that’s where all the heartache begins when we submit our books and wait for those revisions.

DSC03149 (2)

Flo and Bryony – The Romance line editors. See what I mean about high tech atmosphere.  This is truly the 21st century, folks.

So that was my very special day in London back on September 23rd. The next day was equally special spent with three fabulous M&B authors. But you’ve already read about that with this blog.

Here are the books I got all the fuss about from my wonderful publisher on the day of my visit. They are both out now as a duet in the UK and separate titles in NA, and are my first time ever writing cowboy type heroes. I hope you’ll check them out, if you haven’t already.


Ten years ago, little did I know that I was just about to get THE CALL.

That’s my hook, and yes I’m leaving you with it. I’ll be blogging about the most exciting day of my life (after getting married and having my children, of course) as a writer at my own blog at http://www.lynnemarshall.com  November 4th titled – The Day I Missed THE CALL.

Yes, another hook…it’s what I’m paid to do.


Thanks for reading!


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The twelve days of Christmas…Giveaway!

Just when you thought that Christmas was all over for another year…  We’re still celebrating, with Medical Romances to give away!  And to get the New Year off to a good start, we’d love to hear your opinions and reading preferences.

We’re always keen to hear what you think, and over the last few weeks the Medical Romance authors have been putting their heads together to come up with a set of questions – things we’d most like to know from you.  We’ve drawn up a short survey, and we’d be thrilled if you would take a few minutes to complete it.  We’ll be sharing the results here with you, later in the week.

And we have fourteen books to give away!  Kate Hardy, Amy Andrews, Lucy Ryder, Anne Fraser, Avril Tremayne, Annie O’Neil, Sue Mackay, Susan Carlisle, Emily Forbes, Annie Claydon, Louisa Heaton, Robin Gianna, Jennifer Taylor and Louisa George will each be sending a book to one of the lucky winners.  All you need to do to be in the draw is post a comment here by Wednesday (31st December).

How to complete the survey
Just use the form below.  The survey’s anonymous, and you can answer as many or as few questions as you wish, although we’d love it if you can spare the time to answer all of them.  Where we’ve asked you to pick just one option in reply to a question, please choose the one which appeals to you the most.

How to enter the Giveaway
Leave a comment in reply to this post.  Winners will be announced here on the blog, along with the survey results.