Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

April New Releases!

Hello to all our fabulous medical romance readers! Can you believe its already April??

6 news books for you this month including two from Lucy Clark and a very special one from our much loved and missed Jennifer Taylor who passed away last year. This was Jennifer’s last book and we will all miss her wonderfully warm and heartfelt medical romances. You can read more about Jennifer’s amazing contribution to our medical family over the years here !

Reunited By Their Baby by Jennifer Taylor (The Larches Practice)


He’s back to claim his family…

But can Beth trust him with her heart?

GP Beth Andrews has a wonderful job at The Larches Practice and a baby girl she adores. The only thing missing is her husband! Now Callum O’Neill is back and he’s stunned and delighted to discover he has a much-wanted child. He’s determined to renew his marriage with Beth, but can she trust that this time he’ll stay forever?





One Week To Win His Heart by Lucy Clark (Sydney Surgeons)med2

Can one week of passion…..

lead to happily-ever-after?

Love has been the last thing on surgeon George Wilmont’s mind since his wife passed away. Until he meets stunning head of orthopedics Melody Janeway on the last week of his lecture tour. Their instant connection explodes into passion, but with only a week before George leaves, can a passionate fling really become a forever love?




Falling for the Pregnant GP by Lucy Clark (Sydney Surgeons)


Could this doctor and her baby bump…

be the family he’s longed for?

Surgeon Ethan Janeway locked his heart away when he lost his wife and baby daughter. But then he meets gorgeous GP CJ Nicholls, his new—and very pregnant!—boss. After her late husband’s infidelity, CJ has no reason to trust men, but kind, caring Ethan is different. They could be the perfect family—but first they’ll have to leave the past behind…



Healed By The Midwife’s Kiss by Fiona McArthur (The Midwivmed4es of Lighthouse Bay)

Finn can’t imagine loving anyone again…

But could one woman change that forever?

After Dr. Finn Foley’s wife abandoned him and their adorable baby daughter, he threw himself into being a father. But when he meets a kindred spirit in widowed midwife Catrina Thomas, he can’t resist getting to know her better. One sizzling kiss later, the happiness Finn has been searching for finally seems within his grasp…if only he’s willing to claim it!




Bound By Their Babies by Caroline Anderson (Yoxburgh Park Hospital)


Best friends, single parents…

Now they need each other like never before!

Obstetricians Jake and Emily have supported each other through tough times. But when they both become single parents, there’s only one solution—move in together and share the job and the childcare! Only, the secret desires they’ve held for each other become very tough to hide. But would revealing their love risk their friendship—or answer their dreams?




A Mommy For His Daughter by Amy Ruttan



She’s never had a chance at a family…

But could happiness be found where she least expected?

Dr. Evelyn Saunders left her orphan past behind, along with the cold Alaskan climes of Wolf’s Harbor. But an unexpected posting back home brings her up close and personal with single dad GP Derek Taylor. Neither are looking for love, but could this doting dad and his little girl bring Evelyn the happy family she’s longed for?





Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

September New Releases

We’ve a bunch of brilliant new releases this month!  So, for your reading pleasure…

From Passion to Pregnancy, by Tina Beckett

lgcover.9781488020711After just one night… 

The last thing Dr. Sebastian Texeira wants is to settle down, but when one sizzling night with sexy nurse Sara Moreira results in pregnancy, he feels he must do the right thing!

Sara refuses to marry for anything less than love. Though she does agree to work at Sebastian’s hospital—where the temperature between them grows hotter than ever! All Sebastian needs to secure their happiness is to admit how much he really loves Sara, but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do…


The Doctor’s Forbidden Temptation, by Tina Beckett

lgcover.9781488020704“Nata…we can’t do this.” 

To Dr. Adam Cordeiro, Natália Texeira has always been off-limits. As his best friend’s sister, and a cancer survivor, he’s felt a duty to protect her. But the doctor he meets on her first day at Santa Coração Hospital is all grown-up and far too tempting…

Natália has always had a crush on Adam, but he has a playboy’s reputation! Nevertheless, when their forbidden passion becomes irresistible, Natália is compelled to discover what’s really holding Adam back from giving his heart…



One Night that Changed her Life, by Emily Forbes

lgcover.9781488020735The midwife’s pregnancy shock! 

From the moment she sees Dr. Xavier O’Donnell, midwife Brighde Campbell knows how the night will end. In the gorgeous obstetrician’s arms, she can forget the closely kept reason she avoids commitment—but then she discovers she’s pregnant…

Finding out he’s going to be a father both shocks and delights Xavier, but Brighde seems intent on shutting him out. Her painful secret will test both their hearts, but can he convince Brighde that no matter what the future holds, they can face it together?


The Midwife’s Longed for Baby, by Caroline Anderson

lgcover.9781488020728A marriage worth fighting for 

Obstetrician Nick Jarvis and midwife Liv had the perfect marriage—until not conceiving the baby they ached for tore them apart.

But separation has only compounded how much they need each other, and now they’re working together again, delivering babies every day! It could be their chance to rekindle their relationship, but only if they can rediscover the sheer joy of loving—the one thing that will make their marriage whole and give them the courage to try for a baby again.



Bride for the Single Dad, by Jennifer Taylor

lgcover.9781488020759New beginnings? 

Moving to the Dales is all about a fresh start for Dr. Elliot Grey, until he meets feisty—and beautiful—midwife Polly Davies. Not since his ex-wife abandoned him and their son has Elliot had such a strong reaction to a woman!

A relationship is the last thing he needs, yet there’s something special about Polly. Maybe it’s the way she’s bonded with his son, or that the pain of his past fades in her presence, but one thing is certain—he’s struggling to find reasons to stay away!



The Prince’s Cinderella Bride, by Amalie Berlin

lgcover.9781488020742Operation Marriage… 

Prince Quinton Corlow’s life was turned upside down the day his divorce was filed and his military papers were executed. Seven years later, the embittered soldier returns, only to walk straight back into his ex-wife’s life!

But when Quinn discovers he’s still married to the one woman who could claim his heart, he realizes he must tackle the past for the future he wants…the future Anais wants, too. But can he convince his Cinderella bride to fight for their love?


Excerpts, Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Excerpt: Bride for the Single Dad, by Jennifer Taylor

Today we’re bringing you an excerpt from Jennifer Taylor’s new release, ‘Bride for the Single Dad‘.  This is the second book in Jennifer’s trilogy ‘The Larches Practise’ the first being ‘The Boss who stole her Heart‘.  

Both books are available from Amazon, Mills and Boon UK, Mills and Boon Australia and Harlequin.

9781474051750Chapter 1

Why did this have to happen today of all days? Surely she had enough to contend with, without this as well!

Polly Davies struggled to contain her frustration as she brought her car to a halt. Opening the door, she hurried over to where two vehicles had collided in the centre of the carriageway. It was barely six a.m. and there was no other traffic about but Polly was very aware that if the accident had happened later then it could have been a different story. A lot of people could have been injured then so it seemed that even the darkest cloud could have a silver lining. Maybe that maxim could be applied to her own situation?

Polly bit back a sob, knowing that now wasn’t the right time to dwell on what had happened. Right now her main concern was to check if anyone had been injured. It appeared that one of the vehicles had run into the back of the other. It was a very expensive car too, the logo on its bonnet declaring its pedigree for all the world to admire. Even as she watched, a tall dark-haired man climbed out of the driver’s seat, cursing under his breath when he saw the dent in the front bumper. It was obvious that he wasn’t seriously injured, however, so Polly headed towards the other vehicle, her footsteps quickening when she recognized it as the van belonging to the Applethwaite family. They used it to deliver their famous Dales lamb to the local shops and restaurants, but it was only as she drew closer that she realised Lauren Applethwaite was driving it. Polly’s heart sank. At three months pregnant, and with a history of miscarriages, this was the last thing that poor Lauren needed.

‘Lauren, are you all right?’ Polly demanded, opening the van door.

‘I don’t know. I had this terrible pain…’ Lauren broke off and groaned. ‘There it is again.’

‘Just try to stay calm,’ Polly instructed when she heard the panic in Lauren’s voice. She leant into the van, knowing that she couldn’t risk moving Lauren until she was sure that she hadn’t suffered a spinal injury. Her heart sank that bit more because the last thing she wanted was for Lauren to become even more upset if she had to remain in the van. The calmer she was, the better it would be for her baby…

‘Stop! For heaven’s sake, woman, have you no sense?’

Polly stopped dead when she heard the deep voice behind her. Turning, she saw the driver of the other vehicle striding towards her. He glared down at her and she shivered when she saw the hostility in his green eyes. As the community midwife, she was used to dealing with all types of people. However she had never seen such naked animosity on anyone’s face before.

‘You never, ever, move an accident victim until you’re sure they haven’t suffered a spinal injury,’ he rapped out.

Polly flushed, resenting both his tone and his assumption that she had no idea what she was doing. However, before she could explain that she had been about to check that it was safe to move Lauren, he elbowed her aside. Sliding his hand between Lauren’s back and the seat, he gently ran his fingers down her spine, and Polly frowned. There was a confidence about his actions that pointed towards the fact that he knew exactly what he was doing. It was on the tip of her tongue to ask him if he was medically trained when he turned to her and the question froze on her lips when once again she was treated to an openly hostile look. It made her wonder if he had a problem with her in particular or with women in general before she dismissed the thought. She had enough problems of her own without worrying about his.

The thought of what had happened in the past few hours rose up and swamped her before she could stop it. She should have realised that something was terribly wrong when Martin failed to phone her last night, she thought, feeling the bitter tears stinging her eyes. She had tried calling him but she had been put straight through to voicemail. She must have left a dozen messages, asking him to phone her back, but when he still hadn’t replied by midnight she had got into her car and driven to the cottage they had bought. Martin’s parents had given them the deposit as a wedding present and Polly had been thrilled at the thought of them starting their married life in their very own home.

It had been a relief to find lights on when she had reached the cottage. At least it appeared that Martin hadn’t had an accident even if he hadn’t returned her calls, Polly had thought as she had let herself in. However, her anxiety had soon started to rise again as she had checked each room and found no sign of him. It was only when she had gone back to the sitting room that she had seen the envelope propped up on the mantelpiece…

‘There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with her spine from what I can tell, but it would be better to wait until the ambulance gets here before we attempt to move her.’

Polly dragged her thoughts back to the current situation when the man spoke to her. ‘That won’t be possible,’ she said, blanking out the thought of the furore it was going to cause when everyone found out what had happened. She forced down the fresh wave of panic that hit her, aware that there was nothing she could do about it. ‘We need to get her out of there immediately.’

‘There’s no way I’m prepared to take that risk,’ he countered, his dark brows drawing together into a frown. It was obvious that he didn’t appreciate her arguing with him but Polly wasn’t going to let that deter her. Stepping away from the van, she beckoned for him to join her.

‘Lauren is three month’s pregnant,’ she explained flatly. ‘She has a history of miscarriages and has just told me that she’s having pains. She needs to lie down if we’re to have any chance at all of saving this baby.’

‘And you’re an expert on these matters, are you?’

‘Yes, as it happens I am.’ Polly bridled at the disparaging note in his voice. Normally, she would have let it pass but not today when she was already feeling so emotional. She looked coldly back at him. ‘I’m the community midwife for this area and Lauren is one of my patients. I think I can safely say that I know what I’m talking about.’


Elliot Grey could feel his temper soaring, which was unusual for him but he really didn’t need this aggravation on top of everything else that had happened recently. He had spent the last week trying to sort out the mess he had found himself in and he had failed. Miserably. He was no closer to finding anyone reliable to look after his son, Joseph, than he’d been this time last week. Not for the first time, he found himself wondering if he’d made a huge mistake by moving to the Yorkshire Dales. Back in London, he could have contacted any of a dozen agencies and there would have been a highly qualified nanny knocking on his door a couple of hours later. Granted, he would have had to pay through the nose for such a service but money didn’t matter: making sure Joseph was safe and happy was his only concern…

But Joseph hadn’t been happy, had he? Elliot thought suddenly. Joseph had hated the constant changes, the fact that no sooner had a new nanny been hired then she would find another job and leave. That was why Elliot had decided to leave the city and relocate to the country. It would be easier to find someone permanent to care for Joseph while he was at work in a place where fewer jobs were available, he had reasoned. However, it certainly hadn’t worked out that way. The woman he had hired had backed out at the last moment and finding anyone else qualified to look after an eight-year-old with major health issues was proving an uphill battle…

‘Hello? I hate to rush you but I would like to get this sorted out this side of Christmas if it isn’t too much trouble.’

The sarcasm in the woman’s voice roused him. Elliot glowered at the tall, red-haired woman who was watching him with what looked very much like disdain on her face. It was a whole new experience to have anyone look at him that way too. None of his former colleagues would have dared and, as for anyone else, then he would have soon put them in their place. However, he had a feeling that this woman cared little about upsetting him and it made him feel strangely vulnerable to realise that his disapproval meant nothing to her.

Elliot dismissed that thought as the fanciful nonsense it undoubtedly was. Moving back to the van, he peered inside, his reservations about moving the driver disappearing when he saw the pain on her face. It was obvious that they needed to get her out of there as quickly as possible.

‘I’ve a rug in my car – I’ll go and fetch it.’

He glanced round when the red-haired woman spoke beside him, feeling his senses swirl as he inhaled the fragrance of the shampoo she had used to wash her hair. It was years since he had been aware of something like that and it shook him so that he missed what she said next. ‘I’m sorry – what was that?’ he asked thickly.

‘Can you phone for an ambulance while I fetch the rug?’ she repeated. ‘Lauren’s in a great deal of pain and she needs to be in hospital.’

Elliot nodded, not trusting himself to say anything this time, although it was understandable if he was acting out of character after the week he’d had. The thought helped to reassure him as he took his mobile phone from his pocket and put through a call to the emergency services. He sighed inwardly when the operator explained that it would take some time for the ambulance to reach them. The sooner this was over and done with, the sooner he could get home to Joseph, he thought anxiously as he ended the call. Asking Mrs Danton, his newly acquired housekeeper, to spend the night with his son had been a last resort, but he’d had no choice when he had been called into work. However, he couldn’t expect Mrs Danton to keep covering for him so he would need to find someone suitable to look after Joseph soon…if he could.

The thought of what little success he’d had to date didn’t sit easily with him. It was a relief when the red-haired woman came back and he could turn his attention to other matters. Elliot moved aside while she bent down to speak to the driver.

‘We’re going to get you out of there now, Lauren. We’ll take it nice and slowly so there’s nothing to worry about. The ambulance is on its way and it won’t be long before it gets here.’

Elliot felt a ripple of something that felt very much like shame run through him and he frowned. Why did he feel ashamed to hear genuine concern in her voice? Was it the fact that he was more concerned about his own problems than this poor woman? When was the last time he had really felt anything? he wondered suddenly. When had he truly cared? Oh, he cared about Joseph, of course, cared about every aspect of his son’s life. It was his raison d’etre, the thing that kept him focused. He also cared about utilizing his skills to give his young patients a better quality of life, but even then his interest was detached, impersonal. He didn’t feel it inside, didn’t feel anything very much in there. Apart from his love for Joseph, his heart was a wasteland, empty, barren, and all of a sudden Elliot found himself wishing that it was different, that he was different. Listening to this woman, with her concern and her caring, he realised how much he was lacking.

‘Can you swing your legs out, Lauren? I know it hurts, love, but we need you to lie down.’

The woman’s voice was gentle, soothing, and for some reason Elliot felt his guilt subside. Moving closer to the van, he waited until the driver had swung her legs out of the door. ‘I’ll carry her,’ he said gruffly because old habits took a long time to die.

‘Are you sure you can manage?’

The redhead shot an assessing look at him, obviously weighing up his physique, and Elliot felt himself colour. It happened so fast too that he didn’t have time to stop it. Bending, he gathered the driver into his arm, feeling heat scudding around his body. He couldn’t recall ever blushing like this before, would swear that he had never done so, not even when he was a teenager, and the shock of what had happened robbed him of the ability to speak. He could only nod like some damned puppet as he carried the young woman over to the pavement and gently laid her down on the rug.

‘Thank you.’ The red-haired woman stepped around him and knelt down. ‘Where exactly is the pain, Lauren? Can you show me?’

‘Here.’ Lauren pointed to the lower right-hand side of her abdomen and Elliot frowned.

‘Appendix?’ he murmured, not realising that he had spoken out loud until the redhead looked sharply at him.

‘Was that a lucky guess or do you have some kind of medical training?’

‘Medical training,’ he said shortly. He had a list of qualifications as long as his arm but he wasn’t about to share them with her and have her make some disparaging remark. It shook him that she should be so sensitive all of a sudden and he hurried on. ‘I’ll check with ambulance control to see how long it will be before they get here.’

‘You do that. And, while you’re speaking with them, make sure they know the patient is three months pregnant with a history of miscarriages.’ Her tone was laced with genuine concern once more. ‘They need to be prepared when they get here.’

Elliot didn’t say anything as he moved away to make the call but it didn’t stop him thinking it. Somewhere along the line he had forgotten why he had gone into medicine in the first place – to alleviate suffering and help people. Would he ever find his way back to those days when he had cared? he wondered. Return to a time when each and every patient he had treated had left their mark? He hoped so, he really did. Because he knew with a sudden flash of insight that he would never be truly happy unless he did.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Remembering Roger Sanderson, by Jennifer Taylor

We received some very sad news last week when we found out that author, Roger Sanderson, had died. For many years Roger wrote lovely, heart-warming Medical Romances under the pseudonym, Gill Sanderson.

I met Roger many years ago at the first RNA conference I attended. We had just broken for lunch when this tall, suave-looking gentleman came over to me and said, ‘I have a picture of you on my desk back in my study.’ Immediate stalker alert!

Roger laughed as I backed away and went on to explain that he had read an article about me in the Liverpool Echo. It had mentioned the fact that I had been a pupil at New Heys High School for Girls, which was what had attracted his attention. As a newly-graduated English teacher, Roger had applied for a job at the school and been granted an interview with the headmistress, the formidable Mrs Pennyquick. Nearing the end of the interview, she had pinned him with a look and asked him to tell her what exactly his interest was in teenage girls!

Now, being nervous, and having indulged in possibly a glass too many of the finest bitter the evening before, Roger had failed to come up with a suitable reply – and also failed to get the job. Every time we met after that, we used to laugh at the thought that if he had been hired then he would have been my sixth-form English teacher.

Roger was a lovely person, warm, kind and funny. He went out of his way to make everyone welcome at the various functions we all attended. I am not the only person who is going to miss him.

Jennifer Taylor.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

April New Releases

Happy April everyone! 6 new releases to read over the long Easter weekend. May the chocolate flow!


Reunited by Their Pregnancy Surprise by Louisa Heaton.

Reclaiming his wMEDICAL6ife…and his baby!

Obstetrician Sam Saint wakes in hospital after an accident to find he doesn’t remember the past eighteen months. The beautiful woman by his bedside is in fact his wife…and she’s pregnant!

Midwife Emily never thought her husband would want the child she longs for. But now that she’s expecting his baby, she’s determined to fight for their marriage. And as they rediscover each other, Emily and Sam find themselves making new memories—ones they’ll both treasure forever!


A Mother to Make a Family by Emily Forbes (Tempted and Tamed)

A fresh start in the outback… MEDCIAL5

When Dr. Mitch Reynolds lost his wife, he blamed himself and turned his back on medicine. He keeps his three children close but the world at a distance. But then Rose Anderson walks into his life…

Teacher Rose always dreamed of falling in love, but after an illness left her scarred, her dreams feel further away than ever. Yet helping Mitch’s little family become whole again gives her the chance to belong and the prospect of being loved…just as she is.



The Nurse’s Baby Secret by Janice Lynn

Pregnant wiMEDICAL4th the brooding doctor’s baby…

Nurse Savannah Carter is ecstatic to discover she’s expecting, but before she can share the joyful news with the baby’s father—gorgeous Dr. Charlie Keele—he stuns her with the announcement he’s leaving town.

Charlie knows Savannah deserves better than he can give her, and pushing her away is for her own good, but that doesn’t make leaving any easier. Then he discovers Savannah is pregnant! Now he must win back the woman he loves…and convince her how much he wants to be a family with their beautiful baby.



Forbidden to the Playboy Surgeon by Fiona Lowe (Paddington Children’s Hospital)


Unbuttoned—and out of bounds!

Sparks fly from day one between playboy neurosurgeon Alistair North and his talented, sexy trainee surgeon Claire Mitchell. He’s on a mission to help überserious Claire relax, but his cavalier approach is driving her crazy.

Alistair is completely out of bounds, even if he is completely gorgeous—he’s her boss! But when he confronts Claire after a difficult surgery, desire overcomes reason. With secrets holding them both back, can they find a way to turn their forbidden passion into forever?



Their One Night Baby by Carol Marinelli (Paddington Children’s Hospital)


Their sexy cease-fire!

Working together to save Paddington Children’s Hospital, paramedic Victoria Christie and Dr. Dominic MacBride never fail to challenge each other. Until one night they discover a new way to relieve the tension…by turning their arguments into reckless abandon!

Dom came to Paddington’s to escape a betrayal and has no intention of falling in love—but when Victoria reveals she’s pregnant he finds himself reevaluating his lone-wolf status. Now he’s fighting for the woman who fires his blood, and their surprise baby!



The Boss Who Stole Her Heart by Jennifer Taylor (The Larches Practice)


Taking a risk with the single dad!medcial1

Ellie Munroe retreated to the stunning Yorkshire Dales for a brand-new start. Her plans definitely didn’t include developing a crush on her boss, GP Daniel Saunders! Ellie has been burned before, but the handsome single dad tempts her out of sadness…

After being widowed, Daniel believes his heart is more damaged than Ellie deserves. But she awakens a longing that has him wishing for more, and he realizes falling for Ellie could be a risk worth taking!





Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

October New Releases

Six more awesome medical romances coming your way this month! We’re especially pleased to showcase Scarlet Wilson’s gorgeous cover with her Asian heroine and we celebrate and congratulate Emily Forbes on her 25th book!!



One Kiss in Tokyo by Scarlet Wilson.

One explosive meeting…

Air Force doctor Captain Avery Flynn is literally knocked off his feet by feisty nurse Katsuko Williams. Avery’s posting in Tokyo is only temporary—he’s well aware nothing lasts forever—and yet he’s powerless to resist the attraction between them…

One unforgettable kiss!

Avery’s desire for adventure is thrilling, and it tempts Katsuko to break her no-dating rule. But his earth-shattering kisses leave her wanting more than commitment-shy Avery can offer her. Can Katsuko be the one woman to tame this restless wanderer?


The Courage to Love her Army Doc by Karin Baine

karinTaking chances…

Dr. Joe Braden took a posting as locum on a remote Fijian island to escape his memories. But he finds the solace he seeks in the unlikeliest of places…the arms of captivating Dr. Emily Clifford.

Born with a distinctive birthmark, Emily has spent years hidden behind a mask of makeup. Yet Joe makes her feel beautiful in her skin for the first time ever. She’s been burned before, but if she can find the courage to love her army doc she can claim the happy-ever-after she’s dreamed of…




Reawakened by the Surgeon’s Touch by Jennifer Taylor

But can he heal her heart? jennifer

When surgeon Jude Slater volunteers for a post in Mwuranda, romance is the last thing on his mind! But something about his coworker Claire Morgan unleashes emotions he’s always strove to hide.

Claire can’t fall for any man until she deals with the event that haunts her and caused her escape to Africa. Yet Jude reawakens her wounded soul in ways she never thought possible. Is he the man to heal her? And in opening his heart to Claire, can Jude also heal himself?





Second Chance with Lord Branscombe by Joanna Neil


The course of true love never did run smooth…

…and Dr. Sophie Trent knows that better than most! Her romance with Nate Branscombe ended in disaster years before—and now the handsome heir to the local estate is back.

Sophie has enough to think about without this charismatic aristocrat’s distraction, but as they work closely together he stirs up feelings she thought she’d left firmly behind her. Can the one that got away finally help Sophie face the past…and convince her that true love is here to stay?



Waking Up to Dr Gorgeous by Emily Forbes (Christmas Swap duo)emily

Her unexpected rescuer

1. Leave your troubles behind and escape to Sydney for a temporary house swap.

2. When a gorgeous stranger walks into your bedroom, smile—you’ve hit the jackpot!

3. Indulge in a hot fling with said stranger!

But little does nurse Luci know that her fling is about to become so much more. Because Dr. Seb Hollingsworth has ways of making her feel alive again. With Christmas just around the corner, suddenly Luci knows exactly what she wants under her tree!


Swept Away by the Seductive Stranger by Amy Andrews (Christmas Swap duo)


When that guy on the train turns out to be your boss!

Nurse Felicity Mitchell’s train journey of a lifetime is even more unforgettable when she meets Callum Hollingsworth. Neither is looking for temptation, but that doesn’t stop them from sharing one hot, wild night!

Except when they disembark, they learn that what happened on the train won’t stay on the train. Because the gorgeous stranger is Flick’s new boss…and it’s increasingly difficult to keep their chemistry under control and leave it at just one night!







Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Myeloma Awareness Week: 21-28 June, by Jennifer Taylor

Here, in the UK, this week is Myeloma Awareness week. It’s being run by Myeloma UK, an organisation which works tirelessly to promote the interests of those of us who have multiple myeloma – cancer of the plasma cells in the bone marrow.

I was diagnosed with myeloma eight years ago and was stunned because a/ I never expected to be told I had cancer and b/ I had never heard of this particular cancer. Oh, I’d heard about lymphoma and leukaemia, both types of blood cancer, but not myeloma. It was a totally unknown quantity to me and I had a lot to learn.

Unlike the other blood cancers which can be cured, myeloma is incurable. It is treatable, however, if you can find the right treatment for you and one thing we all discover is that what works for one person, doesn’t always work for another. Myeloma is a very personal disease.

I have been extremely fortunate as most of the treatments I have been offered have had a positive effect. Even though I have never been in remission, I have been able to enjoy a really good quality of life over the past eight years and I appreciate that. Oh, there have been down sides; every treatment comes with its own particular side effects, but you learn how to cope with them. My biggest moan is the fact that I have lost so much height. I started out at a fairly respectable 5’ 5” and now just scrape in at a wimpy little 5’. My daughter, Vicky, is 5’ 11” so we look like “little and large” when we go out shopping together!

The really positive effect of having cancer I have discovered is how it changes your attitude to life. I no longer angst about trivial matters and take them in my stride. I also derive huge pleasure from the little things: a walk along the towpath with my dog; smelling the hawthorn blossom first thing in the morning; chatting with friends over coffee/lunch/dinner or whatever; playing with my gorgeous grandchildren, Isobel and Max; and writing my next book.

The love and support I’ve received from my family and friends has kept me focused through the dark periods. My daughter, Vicky, in particular, has been an inspiration with her no-nonsense approach. (Come on, mum. Get a grip. You know you can do this,’ has echoed in my head many times!)

Here’s a photo of Vicky with her husband, Jamie, and the children. Aren’t they gorgeous, not that I’m biased, of course 🙂

So I am dealing with this problem and enjoying life as well, and it’s all down to the care I receive at my local hospital as well as the work that Myeloma UK does. They work tirelessly behind the scenes, organising drug trials, liaising with the various drug companies and the NHS to make new treatments available, and offering advice and support to anyone, patients and carers, who need it. Do check out their website: myeloma.org.uk

It really is worth a visit.

So have you had to deal with an unexpected challenges? And how did they impact on your life? I would love to hear all about your experiences.