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Guest Blog – HEART OF THE SKY, by Fiona McArthur

Waving from Oz and thanks so much for inviting me, ladies, it’s lovely to be back on the ‘Love is the Best Medicine’ page.

I’ve two books out in the next month, one for Penguin and one for Harlequin, with a long fiction break after my non-fiction adventure with AUSSIE MIDWIVES last year. So you will see more of me in a couple of weeks as well.

9780143799832Today I’d like to share my excitement with the launch of HEART OF THE SKY, an outback Australia, Flying Doctor Service (FDS) novel published by Penguin, available across all ebook platforms, book depository and Aus bookshops.

My hero is Tess, a young widow searching for peace after the tragic loss of her husband. She leaves her job on the eastern coast and does the true fish out of water all the way into the centre of Australia. Tess joins the FDS as their new Breast Care Nurse and the reviews are just coming in and making me smile. Which is always a good thing. You can read more or click on the links from my FionaMcArthurAuthor page.

I‘ve just been blogging with Cathryn Hein about inspirational women and thought I’d mention how I met some fabulous women at a midwifery conference I’d love to share with you. These ladies are called the Knitted Knockers, and donate their time and wool to creating breast sized cotton-wool filled balls complete with knitted nipples. The idea is that women who have had a mastectomy, can adjust the size of the knitted knocker by pulling out some wool, until it is the perfect size to match their other breast. So light, soft, and not irritating to wear. Of course I’ve mentioned these ladies in the book. Here is a photo with two of the ladies (and me) at the Normal Birth Conference in Olympic Park, Sydney.



I’d love to hear about inspirational women you know, there are so many out there and I know we all like to stand up and applaud them. So if you’d like to, please post about someone you know, a woman who inspires you. She can be a public figure, your mother, or someone you know who makes you think big.

Until next time, warmest regards and happy 2017

xx Fiona