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Writing the Category Romance!

I am currently writing my 25th book for Mills and Boon Medicals, which is amazing to me, because I never thought I’d be able to come up with idea for more than three of them!

But it’s amazing how the mind works and how the looming contract deadlines make you come up with something!

But, I’ve been working on something else just lately, which I’m quite proud of and that’s a course I developed with RNA Learning, entitled Writing The Category Romance.

I’m running it twice. The first time in June and again in November.

I’ve always wanted to run a course to help aspiring romance writers and I decided to take the leap after remembering how I felt as an aspiring romance writer. I used to feel so lost. The information I wanted, I couldn’t find. The people I wanted to ask (current writers of category romance) I didn’t actually know. Not in real life. There were one or two that I’d begun to follow online, but I felt hesitant about contacting them out of the blue and asking them a heap of questions!

So, I thought I’d give some writers the opportunity to work with an actual writer of category romance and weekly have a Zoom with them all, so that they can take full advantage and ask me anything they want to know. I’ll also set them a weekly assignment, getting them to focus on character, goals, motivations and conflict (and the difference between internal and external conflict), backstory (and how to use it effectively), frontstory, emotions and sex scenes, settings, theme and how to write a synopsis.

I’m really looking forward to it! I used to teach GCSE English to Post 16+ students and have always enjoyed teaching adults, so I think it’s going to be great.

Places are filling fast, so if it’s the kind of thing you’re interested in, then check it out here.

My next book, due out in July is Their Marriage Worth Fighting For, Book 3 of the Night Shift in Barcelona Quartet!

Will an unexpected chance to work side by side save an estranged couple’s marriage? Find out in Louisa Heaton’s emotional reunion romance, the third book in the Night Shift in Barcelona series!

A chance to mend their marriage……for good?

After experiencing three devastating miscarriages, midwife Grace and neonatal surgeon Diego find their marriage hanging by a thread. But on one summer night at Santa Aelina University Hospital, they are forced to work together on a challenging case. Now, with nowhere to hide, they must finally confront their heartbreak… Can they also rediscover the joy and love that made their marriage so special?

From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Night Shift in Barcelona

Book 1: The Night They Never Forgot by Scarlet Wilson
Book 2: Their Barcelona Baby Bombshell by Traci Douglass
Book 3: Their Marriage Worth Fighting For by Louisa Heaton
Book 4: From Wedding Guest to Bride? by Tina Beckett

Excerpts, Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Their Marriage Meant To Be


Five years ago

A wisp of her son’s golden hair fell across his forehead as the fan at the side of his hospital bed blew air around the small room. Bex reached out to smooth it back, her touch light, delicate. Tender.

It was easy to pretend he was just sleeping, after a hard day playing outside in the garden. His little face was so relaxed in repose. The lovely, long eyelashes that he’d inherited from his father rested still and inert upon his soft pink cheeks.

If only he was sleeping.

If only he didn’t have half his face obscured by the tube that was breathing for him.

If only he’d not had a stroke.

The nurses had turned him onto his left side, and he had one hand gently curled into a relaxed fist. He still had dimples where his knuckles should be. How she loved his little hands. They were so expressive. The way he’d clap them when he was happy. The way he’d raise them above his head, begging to be picked up. There was nothing Charlie loved more than to be held by her, so he could play with her hair as he rested his head against her chest.

The doctors said that he wouldn’t be doing that any more.

He wouldn’t be doing anything any more.

Was it her fault? Could she have prevented this? If she’d only got him to hospital sooner…

The burn of tears scorched her eyes, filling them with salty tears that ran freely down her face as she leaned over him, adjusting his blanket and trying to sing him his favourite lullaby.

Although the words got stuck in her throat halfway through, she eventually succeeded in getting to the end.

This wasn’t how the fairy tale was meant to end.

If she ignored the machines in the room she could pretend that he was breathing on his own. She could pretend that she’d just put him to bed for an afternoon nap having read him a story.

At the side of the bed was his favourite book. His favourite grey teddy. She picked up the bear and tucked it in beside her son, stroking his hair once again, unwilling to stop touching him, because it meant that he was here, still vital, still alive.

She was unwilling to acknowledge that in reality Charlie was already gone.

The nurses had told her to take as long as she liked, before they’d slipped quietly from the room.

She had to wait for Ethan. He needed to be here for this. He should be here already. She didn’t know why he wasn’t. She needed his support. Needed to feel his arms around her when they came in and switched off the machines.

She bent low and gently dropped a kiss to her son’s forehead. His skin was warm and soft, as it always was.

‘I love you. I love you so much! You are my everything.’

The lump in her throat almost stopped the words and she had to wipe her eyes, unable to see for tears. Sniffing, she continued to stroke his face, his hair. Trying to imprint upon her memory how he felt. The shape of him. The scent of him. The curves of his face, his soft cheeks, his perfect, perfect sweetheart lips.

Never again would she hear his wonderful laugh.

Never again would she hear Charlie say ‘Mummy!’ and see his beaming smile as he raised his arms, wanting to be picked up.

What she wouldn’t give to feel his little body clamped onto hers, the weight of him on her hip, his little sticky face and hands…

Life was much too cruel. To do something like this to an innocent little boy.

‘Sleep tight, Charlie. Sleep tight. Mummy will love you always.’

And she allowed her grief to consume her as the sound of her desperate cries filled the room.

The only thing that can heal them?

Each other!

The day they lost their son, veterinary nurse Bex and vet Ethan’s world was left shattered. Struggling to cope, their marriage fell apart. Now, five years later, Ethan is back in Bex’s life…to treat a critically ill horse in her care. Being in each other’s company again reminds Bex of every single thing that she loved about Ethan. But will it prove they are meant to be together – forever?

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Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

February New Releases

Happy February and Happy Ground Hog Day for those in North America. I’m writing this as a massive snowstorm tracks across my area. Schools are closed, black ice and just BLEH. However, new releases means I can cozy up and read some great books!

Congratulations to Annie Claydon on her 35th book!

Wed for Their One Night Baby by Karin Baine

Shock #1: their baby
Shock #2: his proposal!
Pediatric nurse Emmy and consultant pediatrician Sam put their friendship on the line the night they just couldn’t resist their long-standing desire anymore. The resulting baby bombshell has truly turned their world upside down! Emmy’s turbulent childhood means she would do anything to ensure her baby’s happiness. Still, she doesn’t expect Sam to propose! Can Emmy risk a convenient marriage when all she wants is a real happily-ever-after with him?

Their Marriage Meant to Be by Louisa Heaton

The only thing that can heal them?
Each other!
The day they lost their son, veterinary nurse Bex’s and vet Ethan’s worlds were left shattered. Struggling to cope, their marriage fell apart. Now, five years later, Ethan is back in Bex’s life…to treat a critically ill horse in her care. Being in each other’s company again reminds Bex of every single thing that she loved about Ethan. But will it prove they are meant to be together—forever?

The Perfect Mother for His Son by Emily Forbes

A doctor and his son…
…could she be the nurse to complete this family?
Pediatric nurse Daisy has never reacted to anyone the way she does to new doctor Ajay. She’s stunned by their outrageous chemistry—and ­the way he instinctively understands her on a level she’s never experienced before. It has perfectionist Daisy throwing her usual checklist straight out the window! Are this single dad and his adorable son the ready-made family she’s never allowed herself to want?

Bondi Beach Medics quartet
Book 1 – Rescuing the Paramedic’s Heart
Book 2 – A Gift to Change His Life
Book 3 – The Perfect Mother for His Son
Look out for the next book
Coming soon

The Midwife’s Miracle Twins by Caroline Anderson

Special delivery…
…for the midwife!
Midwife Georgie loves her job. But the belief that she’ll never hold a baby of her own makes her life on the maternity ward bittersweet. So, while the arrival of obstetrician Dan is a distraction Georgie isn’t looking for…it’s exactly the distraction she needs. After a difficult delivery, they find comfort in each other’s arms. Yet just as they try to dial their relationship back to purely professional, Georgie discovers the incredible consequences of their night!

Risking It All for a Second Chance by Annie Claydon

Can a charity car rally…
…drive these exes back together?
A week with an ex sounds like a nightmare, but it’s Dr. Emma’s reality when her partner in a charity classic car rally bails last minute. Now, with surgeon Josh acting as her replacement navigator, the confined space forces them to confront just what went wrong between them. And as tensions mount, so does the temptation to start right where they left off!
Miracle Medics duet
Book 1 – How to Heal the Surgeon’s Heart by Ann McIntosh
Book 2 – Risking It All for a Second Chance by Annie Claydon

How to Heal the Surgeon’s Heart by Ann McIntosh

Is this surgeon ready…
…for another chance at happiness?
For billionaire Dr. David, his transplant foundation means everything. It’s how he battles against the painful past that torments him. But when a special case brings him together with nurse Valerie, she has his attention—and his heart pounding… Trust isn’t something that comes easily to either of them, but a secret romance to explore their mutual attraction could be the perfect place to start!
Miracle Medics duet
Book 1 – How to Heal the Surgeon’s Heart by Ann McIntosh
Book 2 – Risking It All for a Second Chance by Annie Claydon

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

A GP Worth Staying For

A Second chance…
…with the new Island doc?

For widowed GP Owen Ledger, the arrival of his replacement, Dr. Lucy Childs is step one on the road to a new life… away from the island where he spent his marriage. Only as Owen hands over the practice to warm-hearted Lucy, he starts to see everything through fresh eyes. Could Lucy be the final step to a second chance – and show Owen that he does belong on the island – with her!

I live on an island of twenty-two thousand people. Which, despite it being a lot of people, you tend to hear the same names cropping up over and over again. Councillors, MPs, teachers, doctors. When people want to complain, you tend to hear about it. If someone does something wrong, it stays in the communities minds for a long time and forgiveness? Is something not often seen. People like to hold a grudge.

It was this aspect of island life that I wanted to explore in a book. How living on an island, where you’re fairly well-known and liked and how people expect a certain level of commitment from you. A certain standard of behaviour and how those people might react if you went against expectations.

So Owen came to life. He’s lived on Morrow Island with his wife for ages. Everyone loves him. Everyone puts his name with his wife’s. Who has died. Owen wants to move on, but the island doesn’t want to let him go.

Which, in turn, created Lucy. A woman stifled by the expectations of her family and their concerns for her, who breaks free of their hold and moves to an island, in the hope of becoming free, not realising that the second she arrives, she becomes one of them and that privacy and secrets are not things that you get to keep in a small community, who want to know everything about you and butt into your life.

Owen and Lucy’s story was such fun to write. I got to create an island, a community, a haunted cove with its own tragic love story. But I also got to create the good side of living in a small community. I got to create some great secondary characters!

I almost didn’t want to leave Morrow myself!

Originally, I named Morrow, because it rhymed with Sorrow. But this island is anything but sorrowful. It’s a happy place and Lucy helps Owen see it. She helps him realise just how much he is loved by everyone else.

And her, too, obviously!

I hope you enjoy Lucy and Owen’s story and maybe, one day, I might return to Morrow Island and explore some of the other characters on the island.

Louisa x

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Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

December New Releases

Happy Festive season everyone! I apologize if my typing is a bit wonky, I sliced my finger open and of course, it’s the pinky which usually works the shift key. Writer problems eh?

It’s December first and that means brand new releases from our awesome authors!

Congratulations to Louisa Heaton on her 20th book A GP Worth Staying For!

Winter Nights with the Single Dad by Allie Kincheloe

Two months in Toronto…
a gift to change her life?
As a TV star, surgeon Stella was suffocated by the pressure to be perfect. So the offer of a temporary job three thousand miles away from home is a chance to break free. Then, meeting single dad Dr. Aiden Cook and his little boy offers a window into a life she could never have imagined! Now Stella must ask, “Do I really want to leave?”
The Christmas Project quartet
Book 1 – Christmas Miracle in Jamaica by Ann McIntosh
Book 2 – December Reunion in Central Park by Deanne Anders
Book 3 – Winter Nights with the Single Dad by Allie Kincheloe
Book 4 – A Festive Fling in Stockholm by Scarlet Wilson

White Christmas with Her Millionaire Doc by Becky Wicks

Can Christmas together…
…mend their broken hearts?
Montana ski-resort owner and single dad Dr. Jax Clayborn doubts the new locum from New York City can survive five minutes in his busy clinic, let alone two months! But dedicated Dr. Ophelia Lavelle’s kindness toward his son thaws a heart that’s been frozen since his wife died. Yet Ophelia must return home after Christmas to her own reality and, no matter how tempting it is, a just-for-Christmas romance can’t lead to forever…can it?

ER Doc to Mistletoe Bride by Louisa George

From one intimate night…
…to a Christmas proposal?
Dr. Rachel Tait has come to the winter wonderland of Sainte Colette to work. After the humiliation of being left at the altar, she’s determined to ignore the romance of sparkling snow and seasonal decorations. And meeting her gorgeous new boss, Matthieu LeFevre, only makes her redouble her efforts to shield herself! Until one fateful evening, he rescues her from the slopes and insists on taking care of her—all night long…

Christmas Miracle at the Castle by Alison Roberts

A Christmas angel…
…to transform his world!
For GP Euan McKendry, Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year—it conjures up too many painful memories. But his home, Ravenswood Castle, is hosting its annual Christmas camp for sick children…and when perky pediatrician Abby Hawkins arrives to help, Euan knows he’s in trouble. Not only does Abby adore the festive season, but she sees beyond Euan’s impenetrable facade: to a man in need of a miracle!

A GP Worth Staying For by Louisa Heaton

A Second chance…
…with the new Island doc?
For widowed GP Owen Ledger, the arrival of his replacement, Dr. Lucy Childs, is step one on the road to a new life away from the island where he spent his marriage. Only as Owen hands over the practice to warmhearted Lucy, he starts to see everything through fresh eyes. Could Lucy be the final step to a second chance and show Owen that he does belong on the island—with her?

A Festive Fling in Stockholm by Scarlet Wilson

She’ll have to break his rules…
…to win his heart!
Stepping into Stockholm City Hospital, visiting specialist Dr. Cora Campbell expects to ruffle a few feathers. But she doesn’t expect the brooding head of midwifery, Jonas Nilsson, to get under her skin! Surrounded by the charm of the city’s ice-kissed festivities, their electric chemistry is proving impossible to resist. Cora relishes the challenge to break down Jonas’s defenses…and to show him it’s time to take a chance!
The Christmas Project quartet
Book 1 – Christmas Miracle in Jamaica by Ann McIntosh
Book 2 – December Reunion in Central Park by Deanne Anders
Book 3 – Winter Nights with the Single Dad by Allie Kincheloe
Book 4 – A Festive Fling in Stockholm by Scarlet Wilson

Happy Reading!

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Excerpt: The Doctor’s Reunion to Remember

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of working with Louisa Heaton in creating a scenario for our two-book series ‘Reunited at St Barnabas’s Hospital’.  Louisa and I decided that we wanted to follow patients through from when they first entered the hospital until they left, and so Louisa’s book – the first in the duo – is set in the Surgical Neurology Unit, while mine follows on from that, and is set in the Neurological Rehab Unit.

So to whet your appetite, here’s an excerpt from my book, which is the second in the duo.  And don’t forget to check out Louisa’s book, ‘Twins for the Neurosurgeon’, as well!


Second chance at forever!

In this Reunited at St Barnabas’s Hospital story, Dr Gil has adapted to a slower-paced life and his partial memory loss, following his traumatic brain injury. But when Dr Clemmie arrives at his rehabilitation centre, he can’t shake the feeling he’s met this captivating yet cautious doctor before…

Chapter One

It was a brisk uphill walk from Richmond Station, and Dr Clemmie Francis was a little out of breath by the time she got to St Barnabas’s Hospital. The large modern building sparkled in the sunshine, and Clemmie turned left at the main entrance as she’d been instructed, walking towards the older building that stood next door.

The neurological rehab unit was an example of a previous reincarnation of Barney’s. Grand in quite a different way, with high arched windows and fancy brickwork, that would have been a state-of-the-art example of a modern hospital in Queen Victoria’s reign.

Clemmie was a little early, so she crossed the road and sat down on a bench that was placed on the border of Richmond Park. She imagined that the windows of the neurological rehab unit afforded a magnificent view of the park, and that it would be possible to see for miles from the top floor of the building. A smile found its way from her heart to her lips. Seeing for miles was exactly what she wanted to do.

For too long now, she’d taken each day as it came, facing each new challenge as it presented itself. It had been a matter of self-preservation, a way to ignore a future that seemed to hold only jarring reverberations from the past. But slowly she’d made a new start. Found a place to live, scraped old paper from the walls and made it home. Found a new job, at a neurological rehab unit attached to a central London hospital. She’d been determined to shine, and she had.

And now she was on a fast track to promotion. The head of the unit was due to retire in six months, and Clemmie would be his successor. Spending six weeks here at Barney’s, which was recognised as one of the best neurological rehab units in the country, was an opportunity to learn and prepare herself for her new role.

Clemmie filled her lungs with air. The future really did seem to be waiting for her, sparkling in the early morning sun. She took a moment to appreciate the feeling of anticipation, and then got to her feet. Turning up early on your first day was never a bad thing, and she just couldn’t wait any longer.

The entrance of the older building gleamed in quite a different way from the main hospital complex. No vast sheets of glass or shimmering automatic doors. Here the pace seemed a little slower and quieter, and it was the polished wood of the lobby that caught the light. Beyond that, a large, bright space, where Clemmie could see a woman sitting behind a reception counter.

‘Dr Clemmie Francis. I’m here for the director of the unit…’ Clemmie handed over the letter from her hospital’s administrator, who had dealt with her placement here at Barneys, and which instructed her to be here at nine this morning.

‘Ah! Yes, we’re expecting you.’ The receptionist grinned. ‘You wouldn’t believe how many people have turned up here this morning instead of where they’re supposed to be. You’re in the right place though. I’ll give Dr Alexander a call. Sit down right there.’

Dr Alexander? A name from the past, which even now had the power to send shivers of agitation down Clemmie’s spine. She turned, obediently walking over to the seat that the receptionist had indicated and sitting down.

It was nothing. How many Dr Alexanders were there in this world? More than one, clearly, and this one would probably be middle-aged and avuncular, if the welcoming style of the reception area was anything to go by. Or a woman, maybe…

Clemmie took a deep breath, going through all the reasons that this couldn’t be the Dr Gil Alexander that she knew…scrap that, the one she’d met seven years ago, had a brief fling with, and clearly hadn’t known at all. He’d be somewhere in the fast lane, getting his kicks from emergency medicine. That, or sitting back in a comfortable leather seat with private patients hanging on his every word. Maybe back in Australia…

Enough. Wherever Gil Alexander was, he was part of her past now. She’d moved on and she didn’t need to wonder about him every time something happened to remind her of that mistake. The first domino to fall in a succession of others that had brought her world crashing down.

‘You’ll be with us for a while…?’ The receptionist’s voice came to her rescue and diverted her attention.

‘Yes, six weeks. I work at the Princess Victoria Hospital in north London.’

‘Ah. Nice.’ The receptionist shot her a blank look. ‘You’ll like it at Barney’s, everyone’s very friendly. And if there’s anything you need, just come and ask me. I’m Maggie.’

‘Thanks…’ There was one thing. ‘Could you tell me where the ladies’ is, please?’

‘Back there, turn left and the lockers and the ladies’ room are right in front of you.’ Maggie jerked her thumb, pointing behind her. ‘If you want to pop there now, Gil said he’d be five minutes.’

Dr Alexander. Gil. Dr Gil Alexander. Shock must have impaired Clemmie’s reasoning ability because she was already on her feet and halfway over to the door that the receptionist had indicated before she put it all together. And even then she was groping for some reason not to believe it. Maybe this Dr Alexander was Dr Gillian Alexander… No, Maggie had said he.

By the time she got to the washbasin in the ladies’ room, her hands were shaking, and she turned on the cold tap, dangling her fingers in the stream of water.

A warm summer, much like this year’s. Sticky heat. Sweat. Gil doing things with her body that she couldn’t forget, however hard she tried. She’d met him at a two-week conference and liked him…a lot. Fallen into bed with him with embarrassing speed, and then believed him when he’d said that he couldn’t wait to see her again. That business with the photo booth, where they’d had their pictures taken and written their telephone numbers on the back, had been just cruel. He’d never called her and when Clemmie had called him, excited to hear the sound of his voice, he hadn’t picked up. She’d been embarrassed and belittled, as well as hurt.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror above the basin. What if he recognised her?

What if he didn’t? That could cut both ways: it would be a blow to her pride, but it would make things easier. She could pretend that it had never happened. If he started to make her nervous she could employ the old interview trick of imagining him naked…

Which wasn’t going to work. Imagining someone naked was supposed to empower you. The Gil she’d known was far more powerful naked than he was clothed.

Imagine him as a liar. Someone who breaks his promises.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

October New Releases

Happy October! Here in Canada we’re gearing up for our Thanksgiving (it’s a month earlier than our American friends to the south) and Spooky Season is upon us. It’s my favourite time of the year.

We have six fabulous reads for you.

Congratulations to our milestone authors this month. Juliette Hyland with her 5th book Reawakened in the South Pole and Me (Amy Ruttan) with my 30th Falling for His Runaway Nurse.

Falling for His Runaway Nurse by Amy Ruttan

Could a runaway bride…
…be the one to tempt him?
Brooding Thatcher Bell enjoys the anonymity of life as a cruise ship doctor. But when beautiful Lacey Greenwood storms into his life—wearing a wedding dress!—to take up the vacant post as nurse, he’s shocked by their instant chemistry. Lacey is obviously escaping something, and Thatcher recognizes some of the pain she’s hiding behind her dazzling smile. But as they set sail, there’s no way of running from their real and ever-growing feelings!

Reawakened at the South Pole by Juliette Hyland

An antarctic adventure
and a reunion of a lifetime…
ER nurse Helena Mathews wants just one thing: to show her parents that she’s no longer the fragile, premature baby they cradled in the NICU. So her new South Pole–based job is the perfect way to break free! But Dr. Carter Simpson’s arrival proves that you can’t just erase the past. Her one-time best friend may have left without a trace after a life-altering discovery, but he never left Helena’s heart…

Reunited by Her Twin Revelation by Shelley Rivers

“I just want to talk.”
Is he ready to hear her secret?
Nurse Thurza had pictured this day thousands of times. The day that Dr. Logan would return. Still, nothing could have prepared her for the real thing… Why? Well, when a mix-up led a brokenhearted Thurza to falsely believe that he had abandoned her and their unborn babies, she said goodbye to Logan—forever. But, as their past and the truth begin to unravel, will Thurza let Logan back in?

Starting Over with the Single Dad by Tina Beckett

A past kiss…
…A happy-ever-after?
For former army surgeon Mysti, a return to Forgotten Point was not in the cards…until a tragic accident while on duty leads her home. Her physical wounds may have healed, but it’s the invisible scars that remain. So the last thing that Mysti needs is to bump into Dr. Jesse: her unexpected new colleague and the one that got away. Now Jesse’s a single dad with his own hidden pain. Can they heal—together?

The Doctor’s Reunion to Remember by Annie Claydon

A forgotten past…
An unforgettable future?
In this Reunited at St. Barnabas’s Hospital story, former workaholic Dr. Gil Alexander is happy with the slower-paced life he was forced to adopt following his traumatic brain injury. The only things missing are his memories of just before the accident. But when Dr. Clemmie Francis is temporarily assigned to his rehabilitation center, he can’t shake the feeling he’s met this captivating yet cautious doctor before…and that this isn’t the first time he’s experienced their explosive chemistry!
Reunited at St. Barnabas’s Hospital duet
Book 1 – Twins for the Neurosurgeon by Louisa Heaton
Book 2 – The Doctor’s Reunion to Remember by Annie Claydon

Twins for the Neurosurgeon by Louisa Heaton

Two tiny heartbeats…
…will change their lives forever!
In this Reunited at St. Barnabas’s Hospital story, top neurosurgeons Samantha Gordon and Yanis Baptiste spend one unforgettable night together in Paris. Their reunion in London proves even more explosive when they discover Sam is pregnant with twins! Neither Sam nor Yanis is prepared for parenthood, but those two tiny heartbeats could help them find the family neither of them believed they would ever have…
Reunited at St. Barnabas’s Hospital duet
Book 1 – Twins for the Neurosurgeon by Louisa Heaton
Book 2 – The Doctor’s Reunion to Remember by Annie Claydon

Happy Reading!

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

If Music Be The Food of Love …

I love music. Of all kinds. I don’t have a great singing voice – except for maybe when I’m in the shower (where everyone sounds great and the acoustics work in our favour) but I love singing to my favourite songs.

I have different playlists for different moods and different occasions.

When I’m writing, I tend to listen to film scores, or orchestral music, as long as there are no lyrics. I very quickly discovered that trying to write, whilst singing along, only resulted in me typing the lyrics, or not typing at all, as I sang along.

This is my favourite playlist for this. Romantic Film Scores. What else!

But if I’m not writing, then I love to listen to Pentatonix, an acapella band. They do an amazing version of Hallelujah.

I also like a little bit of Home Free, who do this amazing version of Ring of Fire, one of my Dad’s favourite songs.

So what sort of music do you like listening to?

Can you belt out a tune?

Tell me your favourites. I’m always on the lookout to add great music to my playlists.


Louisa xxx

Two tiny heartbeats…

…will change their lives forever!

Top neurosurgeons Samantha Gordon and Yanis Baptiste spend one unforgettable night together in Paris. Their reunion in London proves even more explosive when they discover Sam is pregnant with twins! Neither Sam nor Yanis is prepared for parenthood, but those two tiny heartbeats could help them find the family neither of them believed they would ever have…

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Barnes & Noble

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Down time!

There are times when a writer stops writing (gasp!).

Not permanently. Just between books. And I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve been getting up to recently in between mine.

The first thing to do, was to clear my desk.

Just so you understand, I thought my desk was clear. But then I looked at all the little things, the ornamental typewriter, the crocheted octopus I made, the one-armed zombie a friend got me, the candle, the other little things that made me smile and I realised, yes, I like them, but not as much as I like an empty, minimalist look. (Who am I kidding? I just hated having to dust all the little knick-knacks!)

So I cleared it of everything. And yes, my screensaver has a hanging man on it. I’m weird and I’ve been writing a creepy story and it just puts me in the right frame of mind.

You see the little paperweight on Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (that’s propping up the monitor). That went after this picture was taken. So did the tiny skull with a tinier spider on it (not a real spider. I’m terrified, but fake ones are fine). As did the little Lego Alien xenomorph and Predator. And the dragonfly.

You see? Knick-knacks! And still plenty of them there, AFTER I thought I was done.

I’ve also attempted to have a garden this year. We’ve never really bothered with our garden. Neither of us are green fingered and for years its simply been a place for the dogs to run in, the cats to chase butterflies in and for our kids to bounce around on their trampoline. But now I want it to look pretty.

I’ve planted lavender and sunflowers and we’ve got a greenhouse full of vegetables. Oh yes – we got a greenhouse on Freecycle for free! A glass greenhouse, 8 x 6 feet. But the most precious thing I planted, was my Dad’s memorial rose.

I had to ask for advice on how to get rid of the aphids and it turns out water mixed with washing up liquid, works an absolute treat! (and yes, I can see an aphid. Believe you me, it wasn’t there for long.)

My Dad’s rose has a wonderful scent and it bloomed on what would have been my Mum and Dad’s 60th wedding anniversary, that made me very happy.

The other thing I’ve been doing is returning to my cross-stitch. I’ve been stitching the Universal Monster SAL from The Witchy Stitcher. This is my progress so far. I’ve just to do the entryway (in the bottom centre square) and Dracula (in the bottom right), stitch the steps and basement and I’m done!

I’m also knitting this jumper by Andrea Mowry.

So, that’s it for me. Stitching, cleaning and gardening. I’m almost a domestic goddess. Who knew?

Or am I just turning into my Mum?

What have you been up to lately?

Louisa xxx

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

June New Releases

Happy June!

We have a bunch of new releases for you to enjoy this month.

The Vet’s Unexpected Hero by Traci Douglass

In the midst of the hurricane…
…will she find safety in his arms?
Vet Lucy Miller is happy with her quiet, ordered life. But when a tropical storm bears down on her Florida Keys animal sanctuary, the arrival of devastatingly gorgeous, yet equally guarded, emergency medic Jackson Durand brings disorder—and desire! He’s there to rescue her, but Lucy suspects her red-hot reaction to Jackson will be much more dangerous than the storm raging overhead…
A First Response in Florida novel 

First Response in Florida duet
Book 1 – The Vet’s Unexpected Hero
Book 2 – Her One-Night Secret

The Pediatrician’s Twin Bombshell by Juliette Hyland

The wrong time…
…to meet Mr. Right?
Why is pediatrician Tessa all work and no play? Well, she’s far too used to people not believing in her. Still, Tessa can’t resist one—incredible!—night in nurse Gabe’s arms…and the chance to feel wanted. But it’s not just Tessa who is battling her past. Widower Gabe has his own scars to heal. So when Tessa discovers she’s pregnant, he’s determined to look after her! But is Tess ready to trust Gabe?

Reunited with the Heart Surgeon by Janice Lynn

Life pulled them apart…
…Can fate bring them back together?
The minute nurse Natalie met Dr. Will, it was love. Still, that didn’t make the constant disapproval from Will’s wealthy family any easier to bear… At breaking point, Natalie ended their relationship. So, when they’re tasked with planning a charity gala—together!—Natalie is stunned. How can she work with the man she never stopped loving? And what happens when one last night leads to a lifetime of consequences?

Her One Night Secret by Traci Douglass

A return, a reunion…
…A shocking revelation!
Firefighter Stacy Williams knows two things about her return to Key West. Her promotion gives her the security she needs to raise her son, and it will be almost impossible to suppress the memories of her passionate night with Dr. Luis Durand. Almost…until working on the hurricane response team brings an encounter with the tall, dark and nomadic doc! And the chance to make her life-changing confession…
A First Response in Florida novel

First Response in Florida duet
Book 1 – The Vet’s Unexpected Hero
Book 2 – Her One-Night Secret

Healing Her Emergency Doc by Caroline Anderson

His runaway date is back…
…for good?
When Laura and Tom find themselves competing for a job in Yoxburgh Park Hospital’s ER, it’s, well, awkward! Last time they met, Laura ran…before they could become more than friends. But with just one job on offer, what’s the harm in giving in to temptation? They’ll hardly be working together. Right? Wrong! And when Tom gets a life-changing diagnosis, can Laura convince Tom that she’s ready to be by his side—always?

A Baby to Rescue Their Hearts by Louisa Heaton

From partners…
…to parents!
Paramedic Theo Finch is a confirmed bachelor—with his life spent caring for others, from his sisters to his former army buddies, he doesn’t need any romantic entanglements. So why can’t he get his new colleague, paramedic Sophie Westbrook, out of his mind? Sophie is pregnant and going it alone, so Theo knows he should stay away… But could this brand-new life help them find a brand-new beginning—together?

Happy Reading! xo