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Some news for 2016 (includes a giveaway)

First things first – Happy New Year everyone!

We’re making some changes at Love Is the Best Medicine in 2016, which we’re all pretty excited about!  All of our regular bloggers will still be posting, and in addition we’ll be running some great new features.  In order to fit all of that in, from next week we’ll be posting three times a week instead of two, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

So what’s new?  In addition to her regular blog spot, Amy Andrews is masterminding the first Wednesday of each month, and will bring you news of the six new Medical Romance releases.  We’ll also be using some of our new calendar spots to welcome guest bloggers, some of whom have blogged with us before, and some new faces.

We’re already planning a Valentine’s Day giveaway, which will be on the 10th of February.  And we want you to have your say as well – we had lots of interesting answers to the survey that we ran last year, and since we still have quite a few burning questions that we’d like to hear your views about, we’ll be running more surveys in 2016.

And – drum roll please – we’re thrilled to welcome our editors!  The Harlequin Mills and Boon Medical Romance Editorial team will be bringing us their news, views and insights, in a regular spot once every two months.  Their first blog will be on the 25th January, so that’s definitely a date to watch!

I’ve saved the best, and most important part of our blog until last.  Because the many words and pictures, the organisation and the calendar tweaking is done with just one person in mind.  You, our reader.  We all wish you a happy and healthy New Year, and thank you for all of your support.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you in 2016!

Now some of my own news – I’ve a new book out and once again the cover fairies have been good to me.  My hero and heroine take part in a fun-run along the banks of the Thames, and I think both these covers reflect that theme perfectly!  And, starting as I mean to go on, I’d like to send a signed copy of the book to one reader, so please leave your comment during the next two days to be included in the draw.











After a childhood spent in foster care, art therapist Corrine Evans knows how important first impressions are. So when her enigmatic new boss Dr Tom Riley questions the impact her work can make Cori is intent on proving her value!

But as Cori gets to know this devoted doc she realises there’s a dark shadow haunting Tom’s past. And as he begins to let her in Cori discovers there’s so much more to Dr Riley than she ever dared dream…

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Not To Be Out Done

By Susan Carlisle

If you’re a regular follower of our blog you’ll know that a number of us have written about changes and updates we’ve made to our homes. I have to admit there has been a touch of jealousy on my part when I’ve read these especially since my house was in desperate need of repairs.

house2I have good excuses for this. I had three out of four children in college at the same time, a daughter got married (think royal wedding cost with less TV), I’ve been writing books at a mad pace and last but not least and probably the biggest reason the work didn’t happen sooner was that I like to travel more than I like to fix up my house. The money was spent on having fun.

That being said, things around my house had gotten so bad I wouldn’t even have company over. The carpet needed to be replaced, the outside need boards removed and replaced, and a good old fashion coat of paint was need in many places.

house1So when others on the blog started talking about updates I decided it was time. I now have a beautiful new living room floor that I could kick myself for not getting sooner. The outside in front and all the back of the house has been replaced including new gutters including a drain chain. We still need to paint but it is sound for the winter now. Instead of paying to have the stairs to my office finished with wooden steps I took on the job myself.


There are still have projects on the list but if someone says they’re planning to take a cruise around the world I’ll do that instead!

I also have one more thing new. Snowbound with Dr. Delectable my Christmas book is out this month. I’m as proud of it as I am my house.

snowbound with Dr. Delectable

Magic in Snow Mountain Resort

Dr. Baylie Walker loves her job.. As an emergency medical technician she gets to spend her days skiing thought the mountains and saving live. A secluded and quiet life is just what she needs… 

Until delectable Kyle Campbell makes a dramatic entrance! He may be gorgeous, with a tortured edge, but he’s exactly the kind of distraction she hopped to avoid this Christmas! Sparks fly when they are forced to work together. And as the first snow of the season begins to fall, they have no where to run… 

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

The Drive-In

411 Dive-in Centre, AL
411 Dive-in Centre, AL

By Susan Carlisle

In the smFAST AND FURIOUSall town  where  my mother’s  lake house is located there is one of those old timey movie drive –ins. The charge is per car. So if your family is circus clowns that can pack a car with ten people you can get in for a great price. IF you fill a SUV or a pick-up truck the price isn’t ad either.

We carry our yard chairs to sit in or sleeping bags to lay out on the ground. The sound comes in by tuning into a radio station. Customs are free  to bring  their own eats but there’s also a concession stand. It’s a great place to take small children because if you get there early enough  you can park up front. The kids can run,  play ball or tag under the large screen without fear of them being hit.

We went to the drive-in this past weekend to see Fast and Furious 6. I’m a huge fan of the movie series. Got to love Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Paul’s eyes are really blue on the big, big screen.  But I digress. My daughter, a friend of hers and her husband, my son and my six month old grandchildren all went. The babies slept through the movie. One in the front seat of the car and the other in her mother’s  arms. It was a great three generation family outing.

When the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out we all dressed-up (including my mother) as pirates and sang the pirates song—Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a pirates life for me—before the movie started. Can you say fun, fun, fun. We received a lot of looks.  The outdoors is freeing because it wasn’t something I would do in a theater.

I invited a group of ladies out to the lake for a writing weekend and I took them to the drive-in. It was a nice break from writing all the time. They seem to really enjoy eating the popcorn, drinking the drinks we brought and a good romance movie to boot. All this for under twenty dollars.

I know summer time has truly arrived when I go to the drive-in.

What does your family do to signal the beginning of a season?