Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Please Welcome Robin Gianna to our Medical Family

By Susan Carlisle

Drum roll, please!

robin Gianna

I have the honor of introducing you to our newest medical writer, Robin Gianna. Her debut title is Changed By His Son’s Smiles and is to be released January 2014.

You can find Robin on Facebook and @Robin_Gianna on Twitter.

I’ve asked Robin a few questions so we can get to know her better.  Please take time to say hello and tell her about yourself.So without further ado, I give you Robin.

I discovered Medical Romance when:
On a writers loop, I saw a post about the Fast Track submission.  I’d been writing about five years at that point, and thought it would be fun to write a medical.  My husband is a doctor, and we have numerous friends and relatives who are doctors and nurses, so I’ve learned a lot about medicine through osmosis over the years. 
I wrote my first story when:
Honestly, I was a late-bloomer, for reasons I wish I understood!  I often made up stories as a teen to tell the children I babysat for, and have always loved reading and the written word, but never wrote stories until about eight years ago.  I have a journalism degree, then worked in the advertising business, so I’ve written plenty of non-fiction, radio ads, and done misc. copywriting.  I sure wish I’d tried my hand at fiction years earlier than I did.
Where do you live?
I live in Central Ohio in the U.S.  We’re lucky to live in a lovely suburb that I like to say is the best of both worlds.  We have about two acres that are quiet and wooded, but we’re close to everything and my kids can still ride their bikes to friends houses.
My best trait is:
I think it’s that, when life knocks me down, I refuse to stay down very long.  I’m an optimist at heart, and try hard to be grateful every day for my many, many blessings and not focus on negatives.
My worst trait is:
I’m not terribly organized and am very good at ignoring clutter and jobs I don’t want to do,instead of just tackling them and getting them over with.  Even more so now that I have real deadlines for the writing I love to do!
Five things on your bucket list:
With each book, try to become a better writer.
Learn to play the ukelele.
Travel as much as possible, and live for a period of time in other places.
White-water raft on the Colorado River.
Find time to get a Master Gardener certificate.
Thanks Robin for sharing a little bit about yourself. I look forward to reading your book.