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NYC 2020 Photo by Sam Trotman on Unsplash
Credit: Sam Trotman, Unsplash

After years of planning (and I mean that literally!) I am finally off to New York City!!!  I’m not leaving today, or even soon, but if you’ve been before I want to pick your brains. PLEASE tell me your top 3 things to do, see or eat so I can possibly add them to my list!

Our accommodation is booked so I’m just looking for suggestions for shows, restaurants, bars, shops, museums, sights, tours – anything and everything else basically.

We will have 9 days in NYC – hopefully a reasonable amount of time – and no kids – so your suggestions can be obscure or popular – whatever has stuck in your mind.

We will be there in late August – I know – it’s months away but I’m a little bit excited and I imagine there will be some things I’ll need to book in advance.

My next book is not officially out until March but is available in the UK, USA and here from Feb 24 in Australia. It is Book 3 in the London Hospital Midwives Series (Books 1 & 2 are out now – see below).

BUT I will happily give away a copy to the person who comes up with a trip suggestion for me that I haven’t heard of and/ or considered until now!!

Comment here on the blog or you can view my post on Facebook and I’ll pick a winner.

Top 3 – go for it!

Reunited by their Secret Daughter, Emily Forbes, March 2020

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Cinderella and the Surgeon by Scarlet Wilson
Miracle Baby for the Midwife by Tina Beckett
Reunited by Their Secret Daughter by Emily Forbes
A Fling to Steal Her Heart by Sue MacKay

And, if you’re in Australia,  Mills&Boon have a bush fire fundraiser on at the moment.



Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

And The Winner Is…



August is definitely Romance Writers’ conference time and next up is the Australian  conference which is in Sydney this year.

I know lots of authors and readers have already landed but I will be there in time for the Harlequin author afternoon and the cocktail party! I have checked in on-line for my flight and am about to start packing – as always culling shoes is the hardest part 🙂  My few days involves a cocktail party (or two), a dinner, meetings, an interview, lots of walking and an afternoon sailing on the harbour. I’m not sure that four pairs of shoes will be enough!

I’ll shortly be celebrating the release of my latest book, out in September (October in Australia), which is set in Sydney.  Reunited with Her Brooding Surgeon, is one of a duo with Amy Andrews, Tempted by Mr Off-Limits. Our Nurses in the City books tell the stories of siblings, Grace and Hamish, and their search for love and happiness.

In the meantime, on behalf of all the medical authors I want to wish Fiona Lowe ‘GOOD LUCK’ for the awards ceremony. Her book, Daughter of Mine, has been nominated for the Romantic Book of the Year. Daughter-of-Mine-Cover-Fiona-Lowe









Will you be in Sydney for the conference? Have you got a costume for the Tuxedo and Tiaras cocktail party? And how many pairs of shoes have you packed!? Let me know in the comments,

See you soon, Emily xx

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Why Romance Heroines are all about Womens’ Rights

  1. Romance heroines never settle for second-best when choosing who they love.
  2. Romance heroines are strong in heart and in mind and in soul—or they end up that way after growing through the conflicts in the story.
  3. Romance heroines, like all strong women, are good role models for our daughters.
  4. Romance heroines don’t obsess over their weight or if their hair looks good. They focus their energy on what is important to them.
  5. Romance heroines believe in the sanctity of a strong and faithful relationship and will accept nothing less.
  6. Romance heroines choose mates who bring out the best in them.
  7. Romance heroines understand and embrace the power in being a woman.
  8. Romance heroines are brave enough to be vulnerable and fall in love.
  9. Romance heroines believe in hope for a happy, healthy future.
  10. Romance heroines gives readers hope that they can be the heroines of their own lives.

As a romance reader, I have been bolstered and encouraged and inspired time after time by the heroines in romance novels. While these are fictional characters, all characters are based on real traits we have in ourselves or we’ve seen in someone else. The women in the medical profession have my highest admiration. When writing Dr Stephanie Montclair, in  THE BABY WHO SAVED DR CYNICAL, I came to realize how strong-willed and strong-spirited these women must be. They must balance sympathy and compassion with the knowledge that what must be done to save a life could hurt, on so many levels.

In THE BABY WHO SAVED DR CYNICAL, Dr. Stephanie Montclair and Dr. Jason Drake are diagnosticians, the doctors of last resort. They have the lowest success rate in the profession because they are the doctors people turn to after everyone else has given up hope. They are strong, brilliant, independent people. Finding their equals is something neither thinks will ever happen for them. Until, one day….

Dr Stephanie Montclair finds in Dr Jason Drake a man who inspires her to be a better woman, just as she inspires him to be a better man. While they rely on each other they also challenge each other to grow. Love makes them vulnerable enough to grow and become more of who they were born to be.

And isn’t that what happily-ever-after relationships are all about? That we all become better people because we love.

THE BABY WHO SAVED DR CYNICAL is available at Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com for Kindle and BarnesandNoble.com for Nook.