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Happy Valentine’s Day to those in the world who are celebrating it at the moment! Here in Australia it’s come and gone already and the chocolatiers and florists are taking a well earned breather.Well…until Easter anyway!


Anyone who was on my FB page yesterday will know I spent a good deal during my “day of love” fuming about an article that the lovely Avril Treymayne had posted on her FB page about some idiots somewhere naming the top 20 romcoms ever.

Avril was baffled by the list. Me? To say I was incensed is putting it lightly. Romcoms are my thing – I’m a self-confessed connoisseur – and have probably a dozen or even more that I love like I’d written them myself. Or, in the case of the finale scene in Notting Hill, that I wished I’d written myself!  Here it is because awesomeness.

And here’s the stoopid list for you to have a look at –


Now I know that movie/book/art tastes are different but I reckon if a bunch of romance readers – more authorative on this topic I bet – was asked to put together a list of the top 20 romcoms it wouldn’t resemble this list remotely….

I agree with three. And could probably get on board with one or two others if someone stuck a gun to my head. I suppose I should be grateful they at least got #1 right!

But where is Notting Hill? Bridget Jones’s Diary, Love Actually, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Dan In Real Life, Wimbledon, Raising Helen, The Princess Bride, Stakeout, Sweet Home Alabama, The Waitress, A Fish Called Wanda, A Knights Tale?

My biggest bug bear with the list is that I think they got confused between romantic and romantic comedy. I dont believe romcoms are just romantic movies with a bit of humour. I think comdey is integral to the romcom and has a certain tone and pace. It’s one of those – you know it when you see it kind of things.

And I didn’t see a lot of it on that list. Seriously, if you’re writing a list purporting to be made up of romcoms (the top 20 no less) than they’d better damn well be romcoms!

So, now its your turn. Do any on the list make your top 10. If so which ones and which ones would you like to see there instead? I need some romance peeps to restore my faith in humanity.

Help me, please, help me!

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