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And The Winner Is…



August is definitely Romance Writers’ conference time and next up is the Australian¬† conference which is in Sydney this year.

I know lots of authors and readers have already landed but I will be there in time for the Harlequin author afternoon and the cocktail party! I have checked in on-line for my flight and am about to start packing – as always culling shoes is the hardest part ūüôā¬† My few days involves a cocktail party (or two), a dinner, meetings, an interview, lots of walking and an afternoon sailing on the harbour. I’m not sure that four pairs of shoes will be enough!

I’ll shortly be celebrating the release of my latest book, out in September (October in Australia), which is set in Sydney.¬† Reunited with Her Brooding Surgeon,¬†is one of a duo with Amy Andrews, Tempted by Mr Off-Limits.¬†Our Nurses in the City¬†books¬†tell the stories of siblings, Grace and Hamish, and their search for love and happiness.

In the meantime, on behalf of all the medical authors I want to wish Fiona Lowe ‘GOOD LUCK’ for the awards ceremony. Her book, Daughter of Mine, has been nominated for the Romantic Book of the Year.¬†Daughter-of-Mine-Cover-Fiona-Lowe









Will you be in Sydney for the conference? Have you got a costume for the Tuxedo and Tiaras cocktail party? And how many pairs of shoes have you packed!? Let me know in the comments,

See you soon, Emily xx

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Things Making Me Happy by Amy Andrews

Thought it was time for another things making me happy post!

  1. Our Lucy has had a medical shortlisted in the Ruby (Romantic book of the year) award here in Australia! So thrilled to see readers rewarding Lucy’s talents and appreciating the breadth of stories the Medical line has to offer!lucyclark

2. This fabulous invitation to the Harlequin author party in San Diego. I can’t go but it never gets old to be invited!


3 Being in this anthology with 3 of my fav Aussie authors!


4.  Family. This pic of my sister, my neice and my daughter made me smile all day!


5. Daughter is coming home today and have already booked 2 seats on the couch to binge watch the lastest sesason of Orange is the New Black.


Whats making you happy?



Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Awards Season by Amy Andrews

Yes, its that time of the year again with RWAmerica and RWAustralia announcing their nominees for their most prestigious awards and, as usual, your medical romance authors have had a good showing. Some haven’t been for medical romances but we like to claim them all here because clealry medical romance writers are adept at writing well iPrintn whatever sub-genre they pursue ūüôā

Firstly we have 3 medical romance authors who are up for four Ruby awards. The Romantic Book of the Year award is from Romance Writer’s of Australia.

Lucy Clark has been nominated in the “sweet” category with her medical romance Dr Perfect on her Doorstep!

lucyMarion Lennox has been nominated for her 100th!!! book, a medicmarional called Waves of Temptation.

Alison Roberts gets 2 nominations! One for her medical A Little Christmas Magic. And the other one for her Sweet romance The Maverick Millionaire.


I’m nominated in the “long” romance category with my urban-family, romcom Risky Business.


Last but not least is louisathe fabulous Louisa George who is up for the biggie! A RITA from Romance Writer’s of America for her KISS book, Enemies with Benefits.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to book wise in the last month or so.¬† What about you? Have you read a good book lately that you think deserves an award gong? Please share because we’re all about the books here!

PS – All the covers have links to Amazon if you’d like to check these books out further.

Book Awards, Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

And the Nominees are….


Over here at Love Is The Best Medicine, we’re pretty excited that FIVE of our talented band of medical romance authors have been nominated in the RuBY….the Romance Writers of Australia’s Romantic Book of the Year award. Woot! Squee! ¬†It’s a great follow-on from Caroline Anderson and Anne Fraser (nominees) our Kate Hardy who won the British equivalent earlier in the year. For other medical authors who were nominated in the RNA and other awards, ¬†please click here.

There are four categories in the RuBY; short sexy romance, short sweet romance, long romance & novels with romantic elements.

Your medical romance authors are a diverse bunch and of the five finalists, two have been nominated with books that are not medical romances but once you’re part of this group, we never let anyone go! So in alpahbetical order here are the authors and their nominated books.

Amy Andrews with Holding Out for a Hero. This book has already won the contemporary cover-HoldingOutForAHeroromance award at ARRA. YAY> When asked, “Why did you write this book?” Amy replied,¬†‚ÄúI wrote HOFAH a long time ago. It started out as what I thought would be a category romance and then morphed into this bigger than Ben Hur plot. I didn‚Äôt realise at the time but I know now that I wrote it because I couldn‚Äôt not. I just love this type of story. I call it urban-family romance. Stories set in cities where a bunch of quirky unrelated characters come together to form their own wonderful little community. Like a small-town romance but with a very urban landscape. My muse knew something back then that I didn‚Äôt. So the moral of the story is ‚Äď always trust the muse!”

And the blurb says….

When sensible schoolteacher Ella Lucas rides into her home town on a Harley and seduces the resident football hero, Jake Prince, she figures she can be forgiven and move on. After all, she’s just buried her mother.

Two years later, back in the city, their paths cross again but this time Jake is in the process of destroying her favourite dive bar. With her home facing a wrecker’s ball, her school being closed down and her 15-year-old brother hell bent on self-destruction, it’s the last straw. Throw in a dominatrix best friend who is dating a blue ribbon guy so straight he still lives at home with his mother, it’s no wonder the sanest person in Ella’s life is a dog.

With all this to contend with, the last thing Ella needs is Jake back in her life. But, as fate would have it, Jake is the only chance she has to save her school.

As the school football season heats up, old secrets threaten to surface and Ella takes on greedy developers, school boards and national tabloids. But can she save not just her home, her school and her brother, but also the reputation of the man she’s never been able to forget? And, more importantly, does she want to?

Holding Out for a Hero is a quirky, heartwarming tale of unlikely romance, friendship and family.

17877159Lucy Clark with ONE LIFE CHANGING MOMENT

Lucy says, “This book is a very special one for me. A beautiful young girl, Zoe, passed away suddenly at the age of 13. I first met Zoe when she was 5 years old and she became close friends with both my children. Even now, a few years on, we still miss her so very much. Writers are given a unique opportunity to share their feelings through the pages of their stories and through One Life Changing Moment, I was able to share my love for gorgeous Zoe whilst helping Mackenzie and John to find their own happily ever after.”

And the blurb says….

Orthopedic surgeon and struggling single mom Dr. Mackenzie Fawles can’t believe her eyes when she sees John Watson‚ÄĒthe man who saved her and her tiny daughter‚ÄĒagain. He might have vanished before she had a chance to thank him, but she’s never forgotten how safe she felt in his arms‚Ķ.

John stopped doing emotion a long time ago, after the death of his wife and child. But an unexpected connection was formed the day he saved Mackenzie, and how she’s slipping past all his well-guarded defenses‚Ķ.


gold coast angels UKFiona Lowe with Gold Coast Angels: Bundle of Trouble .

Fiona says, “This book is the fourth book in the Gold Coast Angels series and I wanted to explore the themes of what it’s ¬†like to live an everyday life in a tourist town that never stops, especially when life has not gone at all the way you planned and is peppered with devastating loss.”

And the blurb says…

Top-notch plastic surgeon Luke Stanley left Gold Coast City Hospital a proud family man ‚ÄĒ and returned from his vacation a widowed single father. Now Nurse Chloe Kefes is the only one brave enough to get close to the darkly brooding Luke.

Chloe has been through much in life herself, and knows falling for Luke and little Amber is asking for a bundle of trouble. But if she can help bring that laughing, easygoing man back, perhaps Chloe can bring the sparkle into all their lives again


Carol Marinelli with Secrets of a Career Girl.

And the blurb says….

With the same work ethic that made her a doctor, Penny is determined to start a family. She’s come to terms with having IVF alone, but the biggest obstacle is keeping it a secret from her persistent boss, Ethan Lewis.

Penny thought it was her hormones making her hyper aware of Ethan’s dark eyes and sexy smile, but as she confides in him, she realizes it’s their sizzling chemistry!

137601916917570216Melanie Milburne with Never Say No To A Caffarelli

Melanie says, ”¬†I adore tea rooms and have favourites all over the country (Ed note..,I know this to be true and have taken tea with Melanie in two of them ūüôā ) Poppy runs a tea room in a sleepy English village when hot shot hotel developer Rafe Caffarelli sets his sights on her pretty little dower house.”

And the blurb says.…Poppy Silverton is as untouched as the leafy English village where she runs a tearoom. But her home, her livelihood and her innocence are under threat…

Rafe Caffarelli is a mouthwatering specimen of Mediterranean manhood. He’s a playboy billionaire and determined to buy Poppy’s historic dower house.

Poppy will not give up the only thing that remains of her childhood and family. She’ll fight Rafe–and her attraction to him–all the way. And be the first woman to say “no” to a Caffarelli!

All five books are available at your favorite eBook store!

For more good news from our authors who have kicked goals in other competitions this year, please click here.

Congratulations to all the nominees!  Has anyone read any of these novels?


Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Learning How to Be The Mother of an Adult

My eldest son has turned 18. In one fell swoop, on the one day, he was suddenly legally able to drink, drive and vote! BAM! On the other hand he is still at high-school doing his final year (Year 12). Interesting times for all of us!

I have always firmly believed we have our children on loan for a short time and during these 18 years ¬†it has been my job to raise a¬†physically¬†, emotionally and financially independent adult who leaves home ūüėČ ¬† Of course that doesn’t all happen at 18 and there will be a few more years to¬†achieve¬†the¬†financially¬†independent stuff but the other stuff we’ve hopefully set the ground work for.

Right now he is applying for university places and residential colleges and I’ve left the applications up to him…although I do proof-read them!

Legally at 18 here in Australia, you’re an adult but I see this 18-21 as a ‘Youth’ period; a training ground for serious adulthood. I guess that is why 21 was the age you got ‘the key’ in days gone by.

I remember 18-21. I was a student nurse living away from home, ¬†dealing with death and trauma, juggling study and work, learning you really need to sleep rather than coming off duty, going to a party all night and then going straight back to work at 7am. (OK I only did it once cos it was New Year’s Eve but you get the idea.) ¬†I made some big mistakes but fortunately none of them were fatal for me or for the patients. I learned. I changed.

My son will make mistakes….I am waiting for the, ‘Mum, I dented the car’ call. I have to let him make the mistakes. I have to sit back and be available if he wants advice and I have to tread the road of giving the advice sometimes even if he thinks he doesn’t need it (!)

Tricky, right? Next year he will be living away from home and this is a good thing cos as parents I really don’t think we need to see the ‘little’ mistakes. I had that luxury as a student nurse and he needs that too. Chances to spread his wings.

As I said in my speech to him on his birthday, “Vote wisely, drink moderately and drive safely.”

What other advice should I be giving him?