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Ruby finalists!!

News in this week that two medical romance authors are finalists in the contemporary romance section of Australia’s prestigious Ruby award!



Fiona MacArthur scored for The Desert Midwife

What if the love of your life forgot who you were?

fionamcWhen outback midwife Ava May meets Zac on a flight to Alice Springs, they tumble into a whirlwind affair. But an exciting adventure leads to a terrible accident, with shattering consequences. The couple who had so much going for them now find themselves with everything to lose.

Devastated, Ava retreats to her family cattle station to help salvage what she can of the critical situation. But at home on the drought-ridden farm, her brother is being pushed to his limits, and as his depression intensifies, Ava must step in to prevent another family tragedy.

Against the majestic backdrop of Australia’s Red Centre, old dreams are shattered, new babies are born and true love takes flight.

By Australia’s renowned midwife and bestselling author of Mothers’ Day, The Desert Midwife is a romantic drama about strong families, medical miracles and new beginnings.

You can check it out HERE!

And Amy Andrews finaled with her romcom (non medical) Nothing But Trouble

Nothing But Trouble_1600

For five years, Cecilia Morgan’s entire existence has revolved around playing personal assistant to self-centered former NFL quarterback Wade Carter. But just when she finally gives her notice, his father’s health fails, and Wade whisks her back to his hometown. CC will stay for his dad—for now—even if that means ignoring how sexy her boss is starting to look in his Wranglers.

To say CC’s notice is a bombshell is an insult to bombs. Wade can’t imagine his life without his “left tackle.” She’s the only person who can tell him “no” and strangely, it’s his favorite quality. He’ll do anything to keep her from leaving, even if it means playing dirty and dragging her back to Credence, Colorado, with him.

But now they’re living under the same roof, getting involved in small-town politics, and bickering like an old married couple. Suddenly, five years of fighting is starting to feel a whole lot like foreplay. What’s a quarterback to do when he realizes he might be falling for his “left tackle”? Throw a Hail Mary she’ll never see coming, of course.

You can check it out HERE!


The award ceremony is in a few weeks in the mean time – happy reading!

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Conference Roundup! with Amy Andrews

The Romance Writer’s of Australia annual conference was on a couple of weeks ago. It’s an intense few days of networking (I had a half dozen different business/industry related appointments) and craft and catching up. Which means a lot of talking and laughing and, yes, the odd trip to the bar or two – but who can resist a rooftop bar?

And then, at the awards gala on Saturday night, for two of Harl’s medical authors, this happened…



In fact Avril went on to win another Ruby award for the overall best romance of the year so she ended up with two gorgeous iceberg statues!



Neither of the awards were for medical romances (although mine does have quite a bit of medical stuff in it…) but we always celebrate our own here and both Avril and I are still proud medical authors no matter what other kind of books we also write.  If you’re curious about the books, they’re both available online and if you’re in the UK you can actually buy the paperback version of Numbered through Amazon UK now!


The best part was that Numbered was co-authored by my sister so we got to share the accolade and the spotlight together. I didn’t think anything could make us closer which goes to show you can get to 47 and still be clueless  🙂


yes….we look nothing alike….

And, for your viewing pleasure, I spotted some other med authors over the weekend!

Fiona Lowe (L), Fiona McArthur(R)
The lovely Susanne Hampton and I dressed up in our “Bring Out The Animal in You” cocktail party garb!
Marion Lennox at the award’s gala after receiving her life time achievement honour.

And last but not least – the two Ruby girls!!! Avril has the most sassy haircut now which I really love. She rocks the short and sexy 🙂


And that’s it. I am utterly exhausted but so very grateful that this is my life and I get to share it with all you guys. Until next year…..

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The R*BY Awards – the Glamour in Romance

Post-party1  Two weeks ago I was busily packing my suitcase to attend the annual Romance Writers of Australia conference. As I was choosing a dress for the Friday night cocktail party and another for the Awards gala plus heels, jewellery AND make-up I knew I was going to enjoy the chance to get out of my winter writer’s uniform of track pants!

Somewhere in my subconscious is a vision of a glamorous writer, a neat tidy desk, no dust and no ring marks from my tea cup and perfectly manicured nails tapping away at the keyboard, but sadly that is not reality. But, for a couple of evenings at the annual conference, my alter-ego can come out to play.

Awards Gala dessert buffetThe ballroom looked fabulous for the Awards Gala. We were served Champagne and dessert (lots and lots of delicious bites) and everyone looked gorgeous.

SHH Bella's Wishlist Aust I was among the final four in contention for the R*BY (Romantic Book of the Year) in the short sweet category for my Medical Romance Sydney Harbour Hospital: Bella’s Wishlist so that was all the excuse i needed to wear my new blue dress (I can never resist the colour ).

RWA 2013 conference (11)I’ve been nominated before so I was just excited to be in the running again and so surprised and honoured to win! Being at the conference is always fun but winning the R*BY was amazing and I was so pleased to be able to share it with fellow Medical Authors Fiona McArthur and Amy Andrews and Sheila Hodgson, Senior Editor HM&B London (pic below).

RWA 2013 conference (21)

I know that everytime I wear my blue dress I’ll remember this night. Do you have a favourite colour or outfit that makes you feel great or is asscoiated with happy memories? I’d love to hear about it, but wedding dresses don’t count – too easy:)

With thanks to all the romance readers out there

Emily xx

Daring to Date Dr Celebrity, UK Daring to Date Dr Celebrity, out now

The Best Love Stories of 2013The Best Love Stories of 2013, Australia, Sept 13

P.S. A huge thank you to Amy Andrews’ husband, Mark, for th photos!