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Finn & Evie – the prequel by Amy Andrews


So, last year I was asked to write Finn and Evie’s prequel for some online promo. It wasn’t up for very long and I doubt anyone read it so I’m putting it here for those of you who are SHH fan’s and always wondered how our dynamic duo met.

Enjoy! 🙂

And if you liked the series or the prequel or any of the books or have any questions/observations about it, please pop into the comments and let us know. Writing a continuity is fun but you only get one piece of the puzzle so its nice to know what readers think.

Finn McKenzie sat down at the circular bar and ordered a double scotch. From his vantage point he could see the swirl and flash of expensively dressed women as they spun around the dance floor with their penguin-suited partners. A jazz band oozed out groovy notes, people laughed, glasses clinked, cutlery tinkled.

His lip curled at the utter frivolousness of it all.

He checked his watch, pulled at the collar of his tux, drummed his fingers. When the bartender plonked his drink in front of him, Finn picked it up, threw its contents back and slammed it down on the bar.

“Hit me again,” he said, as the empty glass made a satisfying thunk against the heavy wooden surface.

“Make that two.”

Finn turned to check on the identity of his fellow drinker. He’d never seen her before but the way her athletic frame was shrink-wrapped into her dress ensured he wasn’t going to forget her in a hurry. Nor that certain air of entitlement she wore like a tiara, as if she were some kind of a princess. 

It grated.

Still, he’d pay good money to see her knock back a double scotch without spluttering.

You drink scotch?”

Evie Lockheart was struck immediately by the startling quality of his amazing eyes – a brilliant, if somewhat bleak, blue. They looked like eyes that had seen a lot. Not much of it good.

Eyes a girl could get trapped in whilst trying to make a difference.

She ignored his jibe as she bunched up the silly train of her gorgeous, expensive gown that crinkled when she moved and made her the envy of every fashion savvy woman at the gala.

She hated it.

In two weeks she started her internship at Sydney Harbour Hospital and her father and his stupid galas and the damn fashion pages could all go to hell.

She sat on the bar stool uncaring how the fabric would crush. “Of course, what do I look like I drink?” she asked sweetly.

He shrugged. “Champagne. The expensive kind.”

“Actually,” Evie said, “I prefer beer but nights like tonight always call for something a little…stronger.”

Finn couldn’t have agreed more. The bartender put both their drinks in front of them and this time he swallowed half before putting it back down. Impressively so did she, without even a single sharply indrawn breath.

“So,” Evie said as the burn from the scotch spread to her belly. “Why are you here?” she asked. “You look like you’d rather be having root canal.”

“Very observant,” Finn murmured.

He stared morosely into the bottom of his scotch glass. It didn’t seem to matter how many of them he had, nothing erased the memories. “Unfortunately, I’m the guest speaker so…” he downed the rest of his drink, “the torture’s not quite over yet.”

This time Evie did splutter on the searing liquid. “You’re Doctor Finn McKenzie?”

Not only was Finn’s reputation as a cardiac surgeon world class but he’d also proven himself the ultimate hero when he’d saved the life of a Saudi oil prince who’d had the supreme good luck of going into cardiac arrest at Finn’s feet not two streets away from the hospital. The same Prince who, in about fifteen minutes, was going to give the Sydney Harbour Hospital cardiology department one millions dollars.

Finn’s lips twisted into a bitter smile. “The one and only.”

Evie laughed at his glaring self-deprecation. “Bet you’re wishing now you’d just kept on walking that day, huh?”

Finn ran his finger around his collar again. “You have no idea.”

Evie laughed again then took another sip of her scotch.

Finn regarded her seriously as her laugh slid into dark places. She looked up and smiled at him and his breath hitched. Society princesses weren’t his usual bar pick up but when in Rome… “More?” he murmured.

Evie held his gaze. Damn those eyes. She threw back the last of her drink. “Sure.”

Finn glanced up at the waiter signalling another round when he saw Richard Lockheart, one of the hospital’s main benefactors, approach.


“Don’t look now,” he said. “Pompous fool incoming at two o’clock.”

Evie looked up to see her father approaching. She stifled a smile admiring Finn’s accurate description.

“Finn.” Richard frowned at the two of them as the bartender handed them their scotch glasses. “You’re on in a few minutes and Evie,” he said, exasperation tinging his voice, “what on earth are you drinking? There’s plenty of champagne, darling.”

Evie opened her mouth to tell her father where he could put his champagne but he was already moving off with a, “Two minutes, Finn,” thrown over his shoulder.

Finn watched Richard retreat, his brow scrunching as his faux par became evident. He looked down at the scotch swilling Princess beside him. “So you’re…”

She gave him a wicked smile and nodded. “Evie Lockheart. Pompous fool’s daughter.” And she extended her hand.

Finn ignored it and her sinful smile and the lingering sense of regret over what could have been, as he recalled the names he’d seen on a list earlier today. “You’re starting with the new lot of interns soon?”

Evie’s smile broadened. “I’m looking forward to working with you,” she murmured.

Finn threw back his scotch. The very last thing he wanted was to work with Evie Lockheart. Beside the fact they’d been on a fast track to his bed, medicine was no place for a Daddy’s girl. He looked around the room to see if anyone had noticed them. Sydney Harbour Hospital was rife with gossip – especially about him. 

“Don’t,” he said slamming the empty glass down on the bar before abruptly taking his leave.

Evie blinked as she watched him walk away. Of all the insufferable…rude…arrogant… 

Damn those eyes. 

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Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Sydney Harbour Hospital – Finn, the King of Alpha’s meets his match! by Amy Andrews

SHHSo, in 10 days the UK release of the long-awaited finale (I know that cos it says it on the cover 🙂 ) to the Sydney Harbour Hospital series – Evie’s Bombshell – will be upon us. Eight Down Under authors toiled away at the series last year and we’re thrilled that it’s been so well received by readers.  Below is the full continuity booklist –

SHH #1 Lilly’s Scandal – Marion Lennox

SHH #2 Zoe’s Baby – Alison Roberts

SHH #3 Luca’s Bad Girl – Amy Andrews

SHH #4 Tom’s Redemption – Fiona Lowe

SHH #5 Lexi’s Secret – Melanie Milburne

SHH #6 Bella’s Wishlist – Emily Forbes

SHH #7 Marco’s temptation – Fiona Mc Arthur

SHH #8 Ava’s Re-awakening – Carol Marinelli

And here are some links if you want to check out/buy any of the ones you’ve missed before you get to #9 in case you’re like me and have to read a series chronologically or the world explodes!



I know many of you have been hanging out for Finn and Evie’s (the two continuity characters) story and I was stoked to be asked to write it because, even when I was writing Mia and Luca’s book (#3), my emotional investment in Finn and Evie was far greater (but shh, you didn’t hear that from me!)

And I have to say, I think a lot of that had to do with Finn. Honestly, I have never ever written such an awful, rude, callous, bloody-minded, exasperating man in all my writing years – I just had to give the stubborn man a HEA!! The authors who worked on the continuity were given Dr Greg House as an example of Finn’s persona and I think without that, I would have been lost because I just don’t write men like that. So, every time I had to write a Finn-being-a-bastard-again scene I would think – how/what would House say?

There are some great examples of Finn’s razor tongue in this fabulous review. Yes! Evie’s Bombshell already has a 5 star review!   🙂


If you’re interested, pretty soon Harlequin UK should be posting a short scene I wrote last year which is the “prequel” to Finn and Evie. It’s a snapshot of their first meeting and I had a lot of fun with that scene 🙂

Oh and if you love continuities as much as I do there’s a fab new one out this year from our US authors centred around a NYC children’s hospital nicknamed Angels . It also has an Aussie spinoff of 4 books (set at the Gold Coast) of which I’m writing the last. The first Angels book (there are 8)  is out in March and maybe one of our US authors will come and tell us all a bit more about that if we ask real nice and promise them chocolate 🙂

But, in the meantime, tell me about you. Did you read/like the SHH books? Got a favourite (and no, it doesn’t have to be mine – my ego can stand it, trust me). Do you like your Alpha’s alpha like Finn or Alpha with a nice big slice of beta to keep him tamed?