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September is one of my favorite times of the year, and not just because it’s my birthday month. (We won’t say which one because I stopped counting at 21… LOL! 😉) I love Fall. Spring too, but Autumn just feels so cozy and comfortable and warm, like a favorite pair of slippers and a good cup of tea. Or a wonderful book that you read over and over again.

So, as a gift to you, there’s a very special sale on one of my sweet romance titles with Entangled Bliss, WORTH THE WAIT ! The special price doesn’t technically start until this coming Monday, 9/14, but many retailers drop them ahead of time, so keep checking to get this great deal! 🤓📚

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I love Alex and Mandy’s story for so many reasons. It’s funny and sweet and touching and heartbreaking and healing, all rolled into one. I started writing this book shortly after my mom passed away in 2013 and it became a way for me to work through some of the overwhelming feelings of loss and love and fear that I was going through at the time. It took seven years and many different sets of revisions to get it ready for the world, but I’m so happy with how it turned out. If you like small-town romances with brooding, wounded heroes and spunky, smart heroines who just keep on going despite the odds stacked against them, then this is the story for you. I’ve included a short excerpt for you below as well, to whet your whistle… 🥰

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Publisher: Entangled Bliss

Release Date: 3/9/2020

Tropes: Second-Chance, Forced Proximity, Opposites Attract


Mandy Reynolds needs a reset on life in so many ways. Her acting career isn’t exactly where she’d hoped it to be. She can’t even get a job as a germ for a commercial. When she inherits half a house she sees it as a sign and heads home to Heavenly Falls, Illinois. She’ll sell the house, and use the money to take her career to the next level in Los Angeles. That is if she can convince her hard-headed––and stupidly gorgeous–– ex-stepbrother, Alex Noonan, to sell fast. The last time Alex saw Mandy, she was a gangly teen, who followed him around like a sad puppy. But she’s grown into a smart and funny woman, who is as frustrating as she is beautiful. The fact that they have to live in the house––together––while they fix it up, is one temptation he doesn’t need. And while he’s having fun spending time with her, she’s moving on soon, and he needs time to heal. Plus, she has no idea he’s got a secret that could put a monkey wrench in all of her plans…

Short Excerpt:

She took a deep breath then turned slowly to find him watching her from across the room. He 

looked as off-kilter as she felt. Butterflies swarming in her empty stomach, she searched for some way past the awkward. “So…”

“So,” Alex said, pushing to his feet, and for a breathless second, she thought he would stride across the kitchen and sweep her into his arms for a romance novel cover-worthy ravishing. The idea buzzed through her, setting all her nerve endings alight. But instead, he turned and headed out into the hall, saying as he went, “Staining.”

Huh? Mandy blinked after him, wondering what the heck he was talking about until she remembered the cans he’d brought up from the basement. Being busy was better than standing around thinking about Alex and his almost-kiss, so she trailed after him, asking, “Need any help?”

He stopped at the bottom of the stairs, hands full of cans and brushes. “I guess.”


They headed up to the second floor and knelt side by side at the railing. He poured stain into two small cups and handed her one. Mandy moved to the opposite end of the railing to start on a baluster, doing  her best to focus on the task at hand and not the man at the other end of the railing.  They worked their way back toward the middle and each other and once they were done, Mandy sat back on her heels, her stomach growling as the smell of garlic and roasting chicken drifted up from the kitchen. She sighed and set her cup of stain aside to wipe her hands on a piece of paper towel. “I should go check the food.”

Alex squinted at the baluster he was finishing. “I’m sorry.”

For a moment, Mandy thought she’d misheard him. “For what?”

He sighed and met her eyes at last. “For whatever that was downstairs in the kitchen. I shouldn’t have tried to kiss you.” Then he shook his head, staring down at the paintbrush he was cleaning. “I’m sorry.” 

“It’s okay,” she said, trying to play it off with a joke. “I mean after you asked me if I wanted to sleep with you, a kiss seems pretty innocent, right?”

Alex looked up at her. “This isn’t funny.”

Her shoulders slumped. “Well, not exactly the end of the world, either. I mean, we’re both adults. We like each other. We want each other. What’s wrong with that?” Then because she knew exactly what was wrong with that whole scenario, she kept on talking so she wouldn’t have to listen to him tell her he didn’t want her. “I’m kidding. We can’t sleep together. It’s too complicated. We each have our own plans for the future and neither of them involves the other. You’re staying here and I’m going to California. Who cares if the chemistry between us is off the charts? I mean, I feel it, but maybe you don’t. I just…” She stopped and took a breath, out of words at last, her hopes sinking along with her voice. “I’m sorry, too.” 

Alex set his brush aside and sat back against the wall. “We make quite a pair, don’t we?”

Mandy gave a sad little snort, settling in beside him. “We do.”

Their shoulders pressed together, and warmth spread through her side from the touch. Man, she had it bad for this guy, and that wasn’t good. 

He exhaled slowly then looked over at her. “And you don’t have anything to be sorry for.”

“Neither do you,” she said, raising her head to meet his gaze, 

Alex reached over to trace his fingers down her cheek. “You’ve got stain on your face,” 

“Oh.” Her breath caught at the wonder in his touch. “Wouldn’t want to look silly.”

“No.” He closed the gap between them at last. “Hate it when that happens.”

The first brush of his lips against hers felt featherlight, tentative, teasing. Then she groaned and slipped her fingers through his hair, pulling him closer, and he deepened the kiss, no longer gentle as she swept his tongue between her lips to taste him for the first time.  She scrambled onto his lap, unable to get enough, her chest pressed to his, heart to heart, their pulses thumping together, strong and steady. 

Kissing Alex was too much. Kissing him would never be enough.

Kissing him was…


Reviewers are loving WORTH THE WAIT:

“Worth the Wait is a FANTASTIC romance with a “stuck together” trope! This author never disappoints.” ~ Miss W Book Reviews
“Worth the Wait, by Traci Douglass (Entangled: Bliss), is just a really very good story with believable and relatable characters and a different kind of wounded hero.” ~ Maria, Goodreads
“…a moving, fun, witty and emotional story filled with fabulous banter and a sensual pull… very easy characters to become friends with and I can highly recommend it.” ~ Helen S., Goodreads
“All around beautiful romance about falling in love when you least expect it.” ~ Living My Best Book Life

“This was a WONDERFUL book to read and it was very easy to connect with the characters. I would certainly recommend!” ~ Harlequin Junkie, Top Pick


Excerpt – Swept Away by the Seductive Stranger by Amy Andrews


When that guy on the train turns out to be your boss! 

Nurse Felicity Mitchell’s train journey of a lifetime is even more unforgettable when she meets Callum Hollingsworth. Neither is looking for temptation, but that doesn’t stop them from sharing one hot, wild night! 

Except when they disembark, they learn that what happened on the train won’t stay on the train. Because the gorgeous stranger is Flick’s new boss…and it’s increasingly difficult to keep their chemistry under control and leave it at just one night!


I hope you all enjoy the following excerpt. Just to set it up – Callum is accompanying Felicity on home visits for the first time in an effort to get to know the community better. Its not something a city surgeon is used to….


What followed was an intense five hours. Callum saw the gamut of small town life all in one afternoon as Saint Felicity ministered to her flock. It wasn’t the most efficient system he’d ever seen. Too much chatter and drinking of tea and eating of cake or whatever piece of homemade cooking was presented to them for his liking but it appeared to be the ritual and with Felicity’s advice ringing in his ears there was no way he was declining. He’d never eaten so well in his life.

He was going to have to do some serious working out when he got back to Sydney.

He followed Felicity’s lead after earning her glare when he’d declined something at their second stop. It just wasn’t done, apparently. And she was right, the patients were leery of him to start with so if eating food that was offered at all their dozen stops helped with the warming up process then when in Rome…

That all changed when they got to their last call – Meryl’s house. She didn’t appear to have a last name or require any kind of formal address as Felicity’s other patient’s had.

Just Meryl, apparently.

Her house was a small cottage with a deep bull-nosed veranda. Dream catchers and wind chimes of all types and sizes hung from the guttering. The pungent spice of incense prickled Callum’s nose and a small shrine with a Buddha and a variety of candles and flowers was set up in one corner of the living room.

Meryl took to him right away. She was sitting in a big stuffed recliner and was possibly the wrinkliest person Callum had ever met. But there was a strength and agility to her movement that made him think she was probably younger than she appeared.

He stuck out his hand when Felicity introduced them. Her hand was soft but her grip was firm as she pulled him nearer, forcing him to lean in closer.

“Cal,” she murmured, immediately shortening his name in a husky voice that sounded like the product of a pack a day habit. She looked straight into his eyes, taking her time to study him. “You have an unhappy aura,” she finally declared releasing his hand.

Callum glanced at Felicity for an interpretation. In case there was one other than the obvious – Meryl was a little nutty. She shot him the most faux innocent eyebrow raise he’d ever seen in her life. He should have known that someone who lived in a house guarded by dream catchers was going to be a little…alternate.

“Meryl reads auras,” she said a small smile playing on her mouth.

That little knowing smile drew attention to her mouth and it was just about the damn sexiest thing he’d ever seen. All week he’d been trying not to think about that mouth and where she’d put it on his body. Her attitude towards him had helped. But now she was finally pulling the stick out of her butt it was impossible not to go there again.

Impossible not to want to familiarise himself with it again and kiss the smile right off that sexy mouth.

“Hmmm, it’s looking a little happier now,” Meryl mused.

Callum blinked at the running commentary on the state of his aura pulling his gaze from Felicity’s. He gave himself a mental shake. The last thing he wanted Meryl proclaiming was his aura’s massive hard on.

“Sit down here, Cal,” Meryl said, patting an old vinyl chair beside her.

Callum would rather sit outside in the car but there was no way he could get out of this without looking rude. The normal rules of doctoring just didn’t apply in the community, certainly not in a house that could have belonged in Oz.

He glanced at Felicity, she was obviously finding the situation highly amusing.

“What colours Felicity aura?” he asked, turning to give all his attention to Meryl. Thankfully, Felicity was on his right so he could see her smile slowly deflating.

Although he was sure she had no cause to worry. The saintly Felicity’s aura was no doubt rainbow-esque and probably smelled like strawberries and candy canes.

“It’ll be the same as usual,” Meryl said flicking her gaze to Felicity. Callum was inordinately pleased when the older woman frowned a little. “Or maybe not…It’s usually so balanced but it does look a little…ruffled today.”

Callum smiled as the tables were turned and Felicity frowned and pressed a hand to her belly. Meryl’s gaze cut back to him and he pressed his lips together so she couldn’t see him gloating although there was something all seeing about Meryl that couldn’t be easily dismissed.

Her eyes narrowed speculatively. “You’re staying at Luci’s place, right?”

Callum nodded feeling on solid ground with standard questioning. “Yes. And she’s staying at my place in Sydney.”

“And how long are you staying in Vickers Hill for?”

“I’m here for eight weeks.”

“No.” Meryl shook her head slowly as her gaze darted all around his head before peering into his eyes. It was more thorough than any of the dozens of specialists with their fancy high-powered microscopes had ever managed.

Frankly, it put an itch up his spine.

“You’ll be here for much longer than that.”

Callum broke the eye contact with difficulty. No. He was going back to Sydney. To his harbour-side apartment and his job that started in the New Year. Vickers Hill was just a pit stop. A place for some clear air.

He glanced at Felicity who wasn’t looking so sure of herself now either. She appeared ready to deny it if he didn’t.

“I can assure you,” Callum said, dredging up his most positive smile for Meryl. It wasn’t one he’d used a lot these last two years and it didn’t feel right on his face. “I’m only here short term.”

Meryl just smiled and patted his hand. “You’ll see. It’s okay,” she assured. “It’ll work out. You were meant to come here. It’s your destiny. It’s in your aura.”

Callum didn’t know what to say to that. Clearly Meryl wasn’t about to change her mind and what did it matter what some crazy old lady on an incense high who read auras said?

He was in charge of his destiny.

“Right, well.” Felicity clapped her hands together. “Let’s get your blood pressure checked, Meryl.”

Callum vacated the seat grateful to her for rescuing him from any more talk of auras and destinies and staying in Vickers hill.

He could have kissed her.

He really could have kissed her.