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Summer Plans

Me again! I’m suffering through a sinus infection, but I’m here and I’m really looking forward to summer. I’m going to RWA in NYC in July and then I’m headed to Ottawa for one of my favourite Reader events Romancing the Capital, but also I’m looking forward to camping! Especially now that we’re the proud owners of this:


I spent many happy summers as a kid in my parents Coleman camper. And I love camping, but haven’t been able to do a whole lot. It was fine when our kids were little and we were able to all fit in our tent, but as I get older and they get bigger, it wasn’t feasible.

And I missed camping.

So the DH and I have been talking about this step since we got married. We toyed with the idea of a more permanent trailer in a park, but the thing is we love travelling. We didn’t want an RV because first they cost $$$ and like a car depreciate a bit more than a tent camper or a travel camper.

We did start looking, but we’re overly impressed at the dealers with what we saw for our price range. Then my DH got word from a work buddy. He’d upgraded to a hybrid travel trailer and this was in our budget, in awesome shape and we were helping out a friend.


It has a slide out. My parents didn’t. It also has heated mattresses and a furnace so we can camp right up until the Provincial Parks close in October.

Since, we were SO late starting a lot of the popular northern parks and our vacation time was already taken, so we’re doing some weekends. Next year we can do a week. And I’m already planning.

On the top of my list next year is Algonquin Provincial Park:


Arrowhead Provincial Park:


And finally, Neys where famed Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris painted Pict Island from this park:


This year our plan is just to stay close to home and we’re hitting Inverhuron and Point Farms.

So those are my plans for the next few summers. 🙂 It’ll be nice to unplug and relax. One thing I learned about travelling to Wood Buffalo in the summer of 2017 was that it totally recharged my muse being disconnected and being up north. We’re all looking forward to it and I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with my kids before they get too old. Best part, we can bring the dog!

What are some of your plans for summer? Or if you’re heading into your winter season, what did you do for your summer?

And if you’re going to be in NYC for RWA in July 2019 I would love to see you! I’m signing at the Harlequin Signing and the big RWA signing. 🙂

And if you’re going to Romancing the Capital in August 2019 in Ottawa, I’ll see you there too. ❤















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Summer in Australia & a new release by Fiona Lowe

IMG_0749It’s the first week of January and we’re in the middle of the summer holidays/vacation 🙂

Next week, I’m off camping at the beach for two weeks of doing nothing more than reading, sleeping, surfing, sailing, canoeing and bike riding. Bliss!  I love this easy time when I get to recharge for the new school year and routine.  The biggest decision is what’s for dinner?

Mind you, I do get a bit grumpy P1020497now and then about the ice and the Esky (cooler). It seems I am the only one who can pack it so things don’t float in the melting ice. Thank goodness for Tupperware!

Do you have a holiday/vacation planned somewhere this January? Are you escaping the cold? If not, tell me where you’d like to go if you could. I love learning about new holiday/vacation destinations!

plusThis January I also have two books out. A Daddy for Baby Zoe? is a Harlequin medical romance. It’s set in summer on a coastal island so perfect reading for those of you enjoying summer and those of you dreaming about it from a frosty winter 🙂

I have longed to write this book for many years after reading a news item. that sparked an idea. The situation was so traumatic that I wondered how the woman would cope. But like so many women, there is a inner strength that surfaces when it needs too and I enjoyed writing Meredith’s story,  giving her hope during a very dark time.

Meredith and Raf are both dealing with loss, families who interfere with the best of, but misguided, intentions and lives that are far removed from the way they’d envisaged. It’s a book about taking chances and not letting the past rule your future. Books & Spoons  say,

A story full of life, the good, the bad, and the unbearable. It pulls you into the web of  sorrow, and brings you out, filled with the joy of new possibilities, new life, and a large family of the heart.
~ Four Spoons and a teaspoon on the side

The blurb says, Weeks away from giving birth, Dr. Meredith Dennison finds herself with no husband and few funds. Retreating to Shearwater Island, she just wants to hide from the world…until she meets her gorgeous, caring neighbor, multimillionaire Raf Camilleri. Meredith is the last woman Raf should fall for. He’s no more ready for her and newborn baby Zoe than Meredith is for him! But they so need his support, and their tender pull makes it impossible for Raf to stay away…

If that grabs your interest, please read an excerpt here. See photos that IMG_1049inspired the story of the setting here and for all the buy links, click here.

It’s available as an eBook at your favourite eBook store as well as in print where Harlequin books are sold. I hope you enjoy this uplifting read.photos that inspired the story of the setting here and for all the buy links, click here. It’s available as an eBook at your favourite eBook store as well as in print where Harlequin books are sold. I hope you enjoy this uplifting read.

Down Dustykelly

For something completely different, I have written a sexy outback short story as part of the Secret Confessions Down & Dusty series published by Escape Publishing. Set in outback Queensland, my story is titled KELLY and is the third in the series. It features a marriage struggling under the enslaught of the drought. Read an excerpt here.

There are nine stand alone short stories in the series and all are set in the same town. The first one, Casey by Rachael Johns is released on January 3rd, followed by Lucky by Cate Ellink on January 10th and mine, Kelly on January 17th. Retailing at $1.20, it’s a quick, fun read. All are up for preorder now.

Of course, all my other 27 novels are still available as eBooks. For a printable copy of my complete backlist, click here.

Wishing you a pleasant January that gives you plenty of time for reading.

Fiona x

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

God’s Summer Bounty

By Susan Carlisle


In my part of the world it’s the dog days of summer which means that the gardens are producing at full force. I don’t have a garden but myy son-in-law plants one for me. He plants, I pick. A pretty good deal for both of us. He eats very little of what he grows and I eat it all.

This is just what I harvested yesterday. Nothing is better than fresh tomatoes. A slice on a BLT, salsa, or a slice on a piece of cheese toast. My personal favorite and I have it almost every morning in the summertime. This year my son-in-law grew a German variety of tomato that is as smooth as silk when cut. They are the best tomatoes I’ve ever eaten. I’ve already requested them for next year.

veg3The okra I cut and freeze to pull out in the cold of winter to remember the warm days.

There are few things as pretty as a bowl of peppers or as hot when eaten. I use these in fresh salsa and freeze the rest to use later.veg

My son-in-law also has a huge grape vine. I was late getting grapes off it this year. I won’t be next year. The vine has the sweetest grapes I’ve eaten. I made what I could into jelly. There is something satisfying about seeing the beautiful rose colored juice in jars. The jelly is not bad on a buttered biscuit either. It’s also a good gift to have on hand for unexpected guest.veg2

Do you put up anything from the garden? Like fresh vegetables?

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

The Drive-In

411 Dive-in Centre, AL
411 Dive-in Centre, AL

By Susan Carlisle

In the smFAST AND FURIOUSall town  where  my mother’s  lake house is located there is one of those old timey movie drive –ins. The charge is per car. So if your family is circus clowns that can pack a car with ten people you can get in for a great price. IF you fill a SUV or a pick-up truck the price isn’t ad either.

We carry our yard chairs to sit in or sleeping bags to lay out on the ground. The sound comes in by tuning into a radio station. Customs are free  to bring  their own eats but there’s also a concession stand. It’s a great place to take small children because if you get there early enough  you can park up front. The kids can run,  play ball or tag under the large screen without fear of them being hit.

We went to the drive-in this past weekend to see Fast and Furious 6. I’m a huge fan of the movie series. Got to love Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Paul’s eyes are really blue on the big, big screen.  But I digress. My daughter, a friend of hers and her husband, my son and my six month old grandchildren all went. The babies slept through the movie. One in the front seat of the car and the other in her mother’s  arms. It was a great three generation family outing.

When the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out we all dressed-up (including my mother) as pirates and sang the pirates song—Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a pirates life for me—before the movie started. Can you say fun, fun, fun. We received a lot of looks.  The outdoors is freeing because it wasn’t something I would do in a theater.

I invited a group of ladies out to the lake for a writing weekend and I took them to the drive-in. It was a nice break from writing all the time. They seem to really enjoy eating the popcorn, drinking the drinks we brought and a good romance movie to boot. All this for under twenty dollars.

I know summer time has truly arrived when I go to the drive-in.

What does your family do to signal the beginning of a season?