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You’re Never Too Old to Try Something New!

Last week in an attempt to avoid edits, (waves to editors!) I did something I NEVER thought I would do. Not only that, I horrified the Gen Z sons, so that’s kinda cool! Yes, I joined TikTok.

WHAAAAAT? you say. Well TikTok has an entire bookloving, bookreading community so I thought perhaps I should be there. And so started a massive learning curve–new things are good for the brain, right? I just LOVE that ‘Tech Boomer’ on You Tube (even if I’m not technically a Boomer) is my go to for ‘How do they insert those pictures?’ ‘And why the hell won’t the Cinderella Effect work?’

I’m having a lot of fun laughing at myself and I decided to go all in. Sometimes I have hair and make up and sometimes I don’t so if I end up in the horror section, it’s on me. Most importantly, I’m having fun and sometimes I’m serious and sometimes I’m fun and sometimes it’s a total disaster. They say laughing at oneself is healthy so fingers crossed !

I thought I could upload a video here but it appears that’s not possible…but here I am below telling you the secret to writing a good book !

Are you on TikTok? Pleaase come follow me @Fionaloweauthor and have a giggle with me. Meanwhile, what’s something new to you that you are trying ? Skydiving? Crocheting? Growing veggies? Tell me!

Meanwhile on the book front, edits are happening for A FAMILY OF STRANGERS, my 2022 novel out in March in Australia and June in the rest of the world.

For my world readers, we currently have a great sale on the eBook of A HOME LIKE OURS. It’s currently $3.99 USD (equivalency in other countries ex AUS/NA), if you want to grab a copy from the ebook store of your choice you will save $3. That goes a long way towards your next cup of coffee AND you get a fab book to read with it.


Down here, we are struggling with the Delta variant of COVID-19 and I’m in and out of lockdown like a yo-yo. Please take care and happy reading. Fiona xxxx

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