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Stuff Making Me Happy by Amy Andrews

It’s been a while since I’ve done a things making me happy blog and with the whole world sometimes seeming like its on fire, I think its good every now and then to realise its not all doom and gloom. So here goes….

Aussie Bush! The wattle trees are out in my street and I feel like my mum is out there too. They were her favourite trees and I’ll always think of her when I see one.


Cover Love! Two new covers for old books – not medicals but I love them so much I just had to boast ūüôā And yes, they are available to buy right now. Just sayin’


Plane tickets! We’re off to the UK/Europe in 3 months and I picked up my tickets this weekend! We’re calling in to see our daughter in Ireland and our son in Austria and I’ll be dropping in on the Harlequin offices and even attending a Mills and Boon party. So excited!


A brand new sparkly website! So fresh and zesty! If you click on the image below it’ll take you straight there!

16-9 header home page

Okay – that’s my little list. What’s making you happy?



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How important is setting?

DSCF1252Of course as readers and writers of medical romance one thing is crucial- it has to have a medical setting. But the variety within that is enormous- from small GP practices to urban hospitals to cruise ships, medical romances have them all. My latest romance, Cinderella of Harley Street, starts on a Mercy Ship somewhere in Africa, moves to Harley Street in London and even takes in Skye. (One of the most beautiful places in Scotland The picture is taken from a house I rented there for a few days and where I imagined my characters staying !)

As you can gather it’s not just the medical setting that’s important to me. I like to the characters in countries I love – Spain, South Africa, Italy, Scotland to name just a few. In fact the idea for my second book, Her Very Special Boss came to me long before I wrote anything, while I was in rural Africa. I had this image of a woman walking down a dusty road, her feet stained with red clay, and feeling a little sorry for herself.At that time I had no idea why she was there but knew it had to have something to do with the hospital where we were working and living at the time. Similarly with Spanish Doctor Pregnant Midwife, I saw my character in a church and knew she was at a low point in her life. When I realised the hero was Spanish I knew they would meet in Spain. I like to make my settings as authentic as possible so I phoned a friend and we went to Andalucia in Spain and I found my church in the beautiful white-roofed village of Rhonda.

Are settings important to you? Do you have a favourite? How many can we list between us that have been used in medical romances?

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!!!

Agh! I’m late getting this posted!

Why, you may ask?

Because I’ve been working on a new book and lost track of days….

Which is the topic of my blog post today.

Writing is work. ¬†Yes, writing is also my bliss–although I’ve had to remind myself of that during the last week, but it’s also sacrifice and hours sitting on my butt wrestling my very ADHD attention span into cooperating. ¬†Because you, dear readers, expect the best from us.

(BTW, I would show you a photo of the ocean, but I didn’t bring my download cord with me when I packed, so I can’t get it off my phone. ¬†Just imagine lots of breaking waves and beautiful sand dune sunsets.)

And I honor that expectation as I honor your time and money investment in my stories.

Return of the Rebel SurgeonWhich is why I’m sitting her in a vacation house on the beach, typing away while the world plays outside my door. The story isn’t quite right. ¬†It almost says what it wants to say, but a turn of phrase, a unique perspective, a verb makes all the difference. ¬†As I revise, I am determined to make that ¬†difference, for both of us.

I love my job. ¬†I’m really proud of the work Harlequin/Mills and Boon publishes and I want to always hit that expected level of expertise.

So, here I am, while my husband strolls the beach alone (did I mention this is a group effort to get this book right).

And you know what?  The story is worth the sacrifice.  And so are you.

So, back to making sure the right word creates the right nuance.  Wish me luck!

Click for more info on Return of the Rebel SurgeonOh—-Return of the Rebel Surgeon, my Aug/Sept/Oct release (yes, it has 3 release dates) is now available for Kindle and Nook. ¬†If you want it in paperback, you better hurry and order it straight from Harlequin or Mills and Boon because they don’t keep the paperbacks in stock forever. (Available in the US, UK, AUS and France so far.)

Here’s an excerpt of Return of the Rebel Surgeon¬†to see if it’s your cup of tea.

Connie Cox–who did take a nice long walk along the shore while holding hands with her hubby this morning before I hit the edits.