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October 2015
Falling for her Reluctant Sheikh – Amalie Berlin
Father for her Newborn Baby – Lynne Marshall
Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad – Lynne Marshall
His Little Christmas Miracle – Emily Forbes
Safe in the Surgeon’s Arms – Molly Evans
The Baby of Their Dreams – Carol Marinelli

September 2015
Daredevil, Doctor… Husband – Alison Roberts
Falling at the Surgeon’s Feet – Lucy Ryder *New York City Docs
French Fling to Forever – Karin Baine *Debut Medical Romance
One Night in New York – Amy Ruttan *New York City Docs
Reunited… in Paris! – Sue Mackay
The Doctor She’d Never Forget – Annie Claydon

August 2015
Hot Doc from her Past – Tina Beckett *New York City Docs
Surgeons, Rivals… Lovers – Amalie Berlin *New York City Docs
Best Friend to Perfect Bride – Jennifer Taylor
Resisting Her Rebel Doc – Joanna Neil
A Baby to Bind Them – Susanne Hampton
Doctor… To Duchess? – Annie O’Neil

July 2015
Unlocking Her Surgeon’s Heart – Fiona Lowe *Midwives on Call
Her Playboy’s Secret – Tina Beckett *Midwives on Call
The Doctor She Left Behind – Scarlet Wilson
Taming Her Navy Doc – Amy Ruttan
A Promise … to a Proposal -Kate Hardy
Her Family for Keeps – Molly Evans

June 2015
Midwife to Mum – Sue Mackay *Midwives on Call
His Best Friend’s Baby – Susan Carlisle *Midwives on Call
Italian Surgeon to the Stars – Melanie Milburne
Her Greek Doctor’s Proposal – Robin Gianna
New York Doc to Blushing Bride – Janice Lynn
Still Married to her Ex! – Lucy Clark

May 2015
Always the Midwife – Alison Roberts *Midwives on Call
Midwife’s Baby Bump – Susanne Hampton *Midwives on Call
A Kiss to Melt Her Heart – Emily Forbes
Tempted by her Italian Surgeon – Louisa George
Daring to Date her Ex – Annie Claydon
The One Man to Heal Her – Meredith Webber

April 2015
Just One Night – Carol Marinelli *Midwives on Call
Meant-To-Be Family – Marion Lennox *Midwives on Call
The Soldier She Could Never Forget – Tina Beckett
The Doctor’s Redemption – Susan Carlisle
Wanted! Parents for a Baby – Laura Iding
His Perfect Bride? – Louisa Heaton

March 2015
Baby Twins to Bind Them – Carol Marinelli
The Firefighter to Heal Her Heart – Annie O’Neil
Tortured by Her Touch – Dianne Drake
It Happened in Vegas – Amy Ruttan
A Father for Poppy – Abigail Gordon
The Family She Needs – Sue MacKay

February 2015
The Surgeon’s Baby Secret – Amber McKenzie
Temptation in Paradise – Joanna Neil
The Sheikh Doctor’s Bride – Meredith Webber
A Date with Her Valentine Doc – Melanie Milburne
It Happened in Paris… – Robin Gianna
A Baby to Heal Their Hearts – Kate Hardy

January 2015
How to Find a Man in Five Dates – Tina Beckett
A Child to Bind Them – Lucy Clark
The Baby That Changed her Life – Louisa Heaton *Debut Medical Romance
Tamed by her Army Doc’s Touch – Lucy Ryder
Breaking her No-Dating Rule – Amalie Berlin
It Happened One Night Shift – Amy Andrews

December 2014
Midwife’s Christmas Proposal – Fiona McArthur
Midwife’s Mistletoe Baby – Fiona McArthur
Snowbound with the Surgeon – Annie Claydon
A Family This Christmas – Sue Mackay
A Baby on Her Christmas List –  Louisa George
Falling for Dr December – Susanne Hampton

November 2014
Playing the Playboy’s Sweetheart – Carol Marinelli
Unwrapping her Italian Doc – Carol Marinelli
A Doctor by Day… – Emily Forbes
Tamed by the Renegade – Emily Forbes
A Little Christmas Magic – Alison Roberts
Christmas with the Maverick Millionaire – Scarlet Wilson

October 2014
It Started with No Strings – Kate Hardy
Flirting with Dr Off-Limits – Robin Gianna
Dare She Date Again? – Amy Ruttan
The Surgeon’s Christmas Wish – Annie O’Neil *Debut Medical Romance
One More Night with Her Desert Prince – Jennifer Taylor
From Fling to Forever – Avril Tremayne *Debut Medical Romance

September 2014
A Secret Shared… – Marion Lennox
Flirting with the Doc of Her Dreams – Janice Lynn
The Doctor Who Made her Love Again – Susan Carlisle
The Maverick Who Ruled her Heart – Susan Carlisle
After One Forbidden Night – Amber McKenzie
Dr Perfect on Her Doorstep – Lucy Clark

August 2014
Tempted by her Boss – Scarlet Wilson
His Girl from Nowhere – Tina Beckett
Falling for Dr Dimitriou – Anne Fraser
Return of Dr Irresistible – Amalie Berlin
Daring to Date her Boss – Joanna Neil
A Doctor to Heal her Heart – Annie Claydon

July 2014
The Shameless Maverick – Louisa George *200 Harley Street
The Tortured Hero – Amy Andrews *200 Harley Street
A Home for the Hot-Shot Doc – Dianne Drake
A Doctor’s Confession – Dianne Drake
The Accidental Daddy – Meredith Webber
Pregnant with the Soldier’s Son – Amy Ruttan

June 2014
The Soldier Prince – Kate Hardy *200 Harley Street
The Enigmatic Surgeon – Annie Claydon *200 Harley Street
A Father for her Baby – Sue Mackay
The Midwife’s Son – Sue Mackay
Back in her Husband’s Arms – Susanne Hampton
Wedding at Sunday Creek – Leah Martyn

May 2014
The Proud Italian – Alison Roberts *200 Harley Street
American Surgeon in London – Lynne Marshall *200 Harley Street
A Mother’s Secret – Scarlet Wilson
Return of Dr Maguire – Judy Campbell
Heatherdale’s Shy Nurse – Abigail Gordon
Saving His Little Miracle – Jennifer Taylor

April 2014
Surgeon in a Tux – Carol Marinelli *200 Harley Street
Girl from the Red Carpet – Scarlet Wilson *200 Harley Street
Flirting with the Socialite Doc – Melanie Milburne
His Diamond Like No Other – Lucy Clark
The Last Temptation of Dr Dalton – Robin Gianna
Resisting her Rebel Hero – Lucy Ryder *Debut Medical Romance

March 2014
Waves of Temptation – Marion Lennox
Risk of a Lifetime – Caroline Anderson
To Play with Fire – Tina Beckett
The Dangers of Dating Dr Carvalho – Tina Beckett
Uncovering her Secrets – Amalie Berlin
Unlocking the Doctor’s Heart – Susanne Hampton *Debut Medical Romance

February 2014
Melting the Ice Queen’s Heart – Amy Ruttan
Resisting her Ex’s Touch – Amber McKenzie
A Doctor to Remember – Joanna Neil
Tempted by Dr Morales – Carol Marinelli
The Accidental Romeo – Carol Marinelli
The Honourable Army Doc – Emily Forbes

January 2014
From Duty to Daddy – Sue Mackay
Changed by his Son’s Smile – Robin Gianna *Debut Medical Romance
Her Hard to Resist Husband – Tina Beckett
The Rebel Doc Who Stole Her Heart – Susan Carlisle
Mr Right All Along – Jennifer Taylor *Book of the Month
Her Miracle Twins – Margaret Barker

December 2013
Date with a Surgeon Prince – Meredith Webber
Once Upon a Christmas Night… – Annie Claydon
After the Christmas Party – Janice Lynn
Christmas With her Ex – Fiona Mcarthur
From Venice with Love – Alison Roberts
Her Mistletoe Wish – Lucy Clark

November 2013
Her Real Family Christmas – Kate Hardy
Gold Coast Angels: Bundle of Trouble – Fiona Lowe *Gold Coast Angels
Gold Coast Angels: How to Resist Temptation – Amy Andrews *Gold Coast Angels
Her Firefighter Under The Mistletoe – Scarlet Wilson
Snowbound with Dr Delectable – Susan Carlisle
Christmas Eve Delivery – Connie Cox

October 2013
Christmas Magic in Heatherdale – Abigail Gordon
Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc – Amalie Berlin *Debut Medical Romance
Gold Coast Angels: A Doctor’s Redemption – Marion Lennox
Gold Coast Angels: Two Tiny Heartbeats – Fiona McArthur
The Motherhood Mix-Up – Jennifer Taylor
The Secret Between Them – Lucy Clark

September 2013
A Child to Heal Their Hearts – Dianne Drake
Re-Awakening His Shy Nurse – Annie Claydon
Safe In His Hands – Amy Ruttan *Debut Medical Romance 
Sheltered By Her Top-Notch Boss – Joanna Neil
The Lone Wolf’s Craving – Tina Beckett
The Wife He Never Forgot – Ann Fraser

August 2013
Daring To Date Dr Celebrity – Emily Forbes
Resisting The New Doc in Town – Lucy Clark
About That Night – Scarlet Wilson
Always the Hero – Alison Roberts
Miracle on Kaimotu Island – Marion Lennox
The Maverick Doctor and Miss Prim – Scarlet Wilson