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Writing Romance Is My Dream and I’m Living It

For me, writing romance stories is such an integral part of my day to day life I’d be lost without it. Not that I write every single day, but when I’m not writing the mind is still ticking over in the background about characters and their motivations. Some authors believe in writing every day to keep the flow going. I prefer to take weekends off and if I’m away on holiday the laptop stays behind.

I spent a lot of years dreaming of becoming an author and since it became a reality the dream has not dimmed.

Life throws up challenges at us all, and we all have different ways of dealing with those. Writing is my go to place, though sometimes even that doesn’t help, and then I’ll get the mixing bowl out and start baking, or ring a friend and suggest a glass of wine. Our home is in the Marlborough Sounds and I do a lot of walking in the hills and spend time out on the water, but writing is my zone.

Yes, I do switch off often because I have a hero of my own to spend time with, and friends and family I adore. Nothing gets in the way of them. Except those pesky characters who just have to nag from the back of my mind! Thank goodness for a patient husband. Who happens to be out fishing right now, hopefully bringing home the dinner.

Do you live your dream? And what is it?


Out now: A Fling to Steal Her Heart (Book 3 in the London Hospital midwives series)

In this London Hospital midwives story, following her painful divorce, nomadic midwife Isabella Nicholson is determined to put down roots. And where better than in London, with best friend obstetrician Raphael Dubois? However, temporarily living together leads them to an unexpected yet powerful attraction …And when Izzy discovers Rafe has been hiding his own attraction, the temptation suddenly becomes hard to resist.

A Fling to Steal Her Heart

Book 1 – Cinderella and the Surgeon, Scarlet Wilson

Book 2 – Miracle Baby for the Midwife, Tina Beckett

Book 3 -Reunited By Their Secret Daughter, Emily Forbes

Book 4 – A Fling to Steal her Heart, Sue Mackay

P1030250 At my daughter’s wedding. Yes, I did stop thinking writing, but it was so romantic who knows what might come from the day.

4 thoughts on “Writing Romance Is My Dream and I’m Living It”

  1. Yes, I live my dream. I realized I could work from home once I had kids if I was a typist/secretary, so I trained and became one in other offices until my son was born. I have had my own typing/editing business now for 35 years and love the flexibility (somewhat like authors do). I am available most times for weddings and funerals, I now can often babysit my grandson, etc. My business has slowed down in recent years and I’ve considered closing it, but I feel compelled to keep it simply for monetary reasons – my taxes are MUCH cheaper!

    1. LOL Now there’s a good reason to keep going. Isn’t it great being able to work from home, life’s far more flexible, though sometimes too much and everything catches up.

      1. Yes, there’s been many a time that I’ve worked through the night (and days on end) on deadline. As with many things in life, I try to remember the glass is half full, though (especially during these trying times)….

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