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The Romance of June

I always think of June as the month of romance. Statistics show that it is the most popular month for weddings. It’s the month I got married myself. And this June my oldest son was married in a sweet beach ceremony. Surprisingly, it was also fun.

To say I was nervous, is an understatement. My daughter-in-law’s family is originally from Venezuela and spread across the states. The only person who had met them was my son and I knew that some members did not speak a lot of English. First meetings with language barrier could be awkward.

But it wasn’t. These strangers had come to this wedding because they loved my daughter-in-law. And as my family love her too, that was all that was needed for us to come together.

By the end of the reception, the whole crowd had joined into one big laughing conga line and my DIL’s aunts had my granddaughters learning salsa steps.

And that my friend is the secret of romance and love. It can bring two people, and their families, together and make the world a better place for them all.

Right now I’m writing my third book set in the Florida Keys, and I am definitely seeing a beach wedding and a family reunion in the future for my couple Jo and Casey.

Oh, and since there can never be too much romance, my youngest son got engaged in June. It looks like we’ll be headed to the Smoky mountains for our next wedding. I can’t wait.

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